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Lawsuits Launched to Target Missouri 'Debtors' Prisons' Scheme


Lawsuits Launched to Target Missouri 'Debtors' Prisons' Scheme

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A group of civil rights advocates is suing the cities of Ferguson and Jennings, Missouri for unconstitutional incarceration and policing practices that they say have helped turn the city's jails into "debtors' prisons."


a time ago it was the rare case where a judge would not allow an argument for the violation of our constitutional rights. today we have a supreme court that prefers to justify the violation of our rights in favor of corporate rights. all packaged and very nice!!! these events are the nature of a police state and when they come for you there will be no one to defend you. the revolution will not be televised!! i certainly hope it will be greater than all of us, and no matter what its nature it is a political necessity.


Texas and likely other states have similar problems but little effort to address the abuse.

In Texas the folk that operate the toll roads have a system that under state law is the envy of pay day lenders.

Even when state law is not complicit the collection agencies still hammer folk, often with treats of arrest. In large part , at least in Texas the DA and the courts act, knowingly, as agents of the abuse.