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Lawsuits Rack Up Against Monsanto Over Cancer-Linked Herbicide



I'll take my GMO soybeans slathered in Bernays sauce.


Greed will bring the devil down! The flat tire on the way to the bank is happening. It' only a matter of time now, the lies have come home to ROT!


From your mouth to the Goddesses ears! May it be so......and right quick!


Tell it like it is! All you write is so. Trying to get the ignorant (teacher neighbor) to believe that half of everything they eat and breath and drink is poison is a real task...just gotta keep pluggin away and trying to inform the uninformed idiots! Good work!


This corporate monster, Monsatan, has poisoned and polluted farmlands, water and air, spread carcinogens, and destroyed farmers with lawsuits! Now this hideous entity hopefully will pay with its life for their crimes - I wish it were so, but our "justice" system and court system, along with our politicians who support and profit from Monsatan's crimes, are so corrupted aand truly evil that the corporation may get off with only a "deal" costing them money, and the individuals of Monsatan that actually committed the policy crimes, who created the crimes and carried them out, will likely never be identified or charged, much less face a jury! Corporate "personhood" has given the actual criminals the way to evade justice and the people and make a mockery of justice!


Monsanto has consistently denied that its products are unsafe.

Monsanto has also consistently denied that:

:black_medium_small_square: Changing the DNA of an organism changes the organism (at the FDA and USDA, anyway)

:black_medium_small_square:Changing the DNA of an organism does NOT change it (for patent purposes)

:black_medium_small_square:Human persons have any right to know if they're eating said GMOs

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with seeding the FDA with a Monsanto attorney to write the GMO foods guidelines

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with buying-off half of Congress

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with corrupting half of all bioscience academia

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with conducting control-group-free feeding experiments on vast numbers of human persons (preferably all of them)

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with skewing markets so that consumers pay more NOT to buy their "products"

:black_medium_small_square:There's anything wrong with Monsanto OWNING ALL THE FOOD IN THE WORLD

It's a good day, seeing a possible crack in the edifice.


Lawsuits against global corporate giants such as Monsanto! This is may be fertile ground for Investor-state Dispute Settlement under TTIP. I shudder to think of the ramifications. Such trade deals usurp the power of the people, judiciary and legislature. It seems that resistance is futile, as the corporations have such a trump card. The elite are ever so slowly—but surely—--dismantling democratic mechanisms in a piece-meal fashion worldwide!


My husband was exposed to agent orange in both Korea and Vietnam when Dow and Monsanto used the troops as guinea pigs to see how effective their poison was. Our first child was born 10 months after he came home and died 2 days later of cancer; our second child is severely retarded, and my husband is in end stage kidney failure. Glyphosate/agent orange: the curse that keeps on killing ...


You beat me to the punch on this one-

They are so devious in their master game plan and like rust, never sleep-


And I thought I had problems- These are very sad words- Monsanto needs to be erased from existence....


While it is good news to see the redress upon glyphosate, I do miss the miss on this. Check the known lethality of the Roundup cocktail, including its adjuvants, and other ingredients. The cocktail is actually quite a bit worse, and this has been documented. (The only hangup being that the other ingredients are listed as inert)


My heart goes out to you and your family. May your sorrow fail to crowd out your joy.

When I hear stories like yours, I wish that I could believe in divine retribution. (What would happen to Monsanto would have to be especially dramatic!) Though I am not a recipient of that particular comfort, I do believe in human beings fighting for justice - unceasingly. And I do believe human beings (human "persons" in our current corporate dystopia) can win it.

Until that time, I wish you an abundance of whatever gives you solace.


Add some Rand spices to it


One thing ive noticed about a few corporations with tort lawsuits, that have in common: Those that sell someting (Monsanto) vs those that get something (Halliburton), there are, what ive seen to be, character aspects of products by the ones that sell something. There is always a big push to sell something that is about to be deemed illegal such as, more commercials/advertisement. What made me start to research this idea was the Daily Show with Mr. Stewart. He had caught a certain situation where all the money news stations and Fox had played an abnormal or disproportionate number of commercials for failing or economiclly damaging companies. In this instance, Monsanto pushed what may seem to be its favorite pesticide included in Roundup if im not mistaken. If Monsanto knew, which obviously it would know what is being challenged and what isnt in terms of their products in courts, then they would have had to make a big push in the market to sell as much of it until it is deemed illegal. Monsanto had a considerable amount of this product in storage waiting to be put together in Monsanto products that use it. So, if a corporation survives off making money, therefore it will sell until it cant.


If we look a bit closer at our city and state governments we will find individual public officials who have been bribed handsomely by Monsanto to push the dumping of this deadly agent on our natural environment. Road side spraying kills billions of insects like bees, butterflies, lady bugs, and dragon flies and by extension birds, fish, frogs destroying life on earth. Road side spraying also makes many people very sick every spring from allergies.


I too have noticed this phenomenon, notice how in California plastic barriers are used by road workers and construction companies to separate dirt from other dirt? A completely useless practice with the sole purpose of wasting plastic to satisfy some phony law enacted by Monsanto agents at our state legislature.
Also notice when plastic water bottles were being scrutinized much more of them appear at our parks, super market shelves, school events, 4th of July parades, cheaper by the cartons then ever before?


Or until their wholly-owned legislators prevent that...

Speaking of whom, there's the related big push going on in Congress now to make it illegal for states to label GMO foods. It's called the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act (the DARK Act) by those who think people have a right to know what's in their food. (The industry toadies moving it through Congress gave it the perfect Orwellian name: the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act.” It has already passed the House, and has started moving through the Senate.


Possibly even worse than that, it is becoming a more and more common practice for farmers to spray crops with Roundup a week or so before harvest. This is done to non-Roundup-ready crops so the plants will die, dry up, and go through the combines/pickers/harvesters more readily. (I don't know if this usage works for Roundup-ready plants.)


Monsanto recently announced some 2600 people will be laid off. In order to prop up share prices they have also engaged in a stock buyback scheme.

Under provisions of the TPP Corporations can sue individuals who post information that can be embarassing to a Corporation or cause a loss of profits. So as example if Monsanto scientists do studies that show a herbicide harmful to public health , that information will be deemed protected by copyright. If an individual learns of these studies and posts them they will be sued for copyright violation.

Corrupt Governments the world over are acting to prop up the corrupt Corporate state. Even as advocates of this thing called "The Free market" preach the gospel of the "free market" they pass laws and legislation to ensure it not in the least bit "free".