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Lawyer for Lisa Montgomery Condemns 'Craven Bloodlust' of Trump Administration as DOJ Executes Mentally Ill Woman

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/lawyer-lisa-montgomery-condemns-craven-bloodlust-trump-administration-doj-executes

Another page in the big book of “kill kill kill” from those who would call themselves “pro-life”!
LIsa Montgomery, RIP.



Part of trump’s legacy will be the number of gallons of blood on his hands. Just like most others sadly.
We have to admit, trump has no compassion for anyone or anything. It’s probably not personal.


The “pro-life” party has spoken again with authority–the authority of death. Swearing one’s allegiance on the Bible seems to damn one to choose the worst verses in that book.


I have always believed that to kill another human being solely for personal gain is the very definition of mental illness.


Our Constitution provides the low bar that we must not go under as a civil society, without penalties. The members of the SC that voted for this execution to continue, have ducked under that bar. They are unfit to serve on the court, and must be removed. That they ignored long term precedent in this area of law concerning death, means our country will not be safe until they are gone.


Melania could be the “next” Lisa Montgomery.

No one involved in the execution system is capable of feeling shame, remorse, or any other human emotion. They can quote any source they can, but it will by rote. And the source will be bent to fit the need of the executioner.


I’m gonna gave to go back on antidepressants.

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Pro-life before you are born; PRO-DEATH AND PRO- MURDER AFTER YOU ARE BORN!


And Trump is not mentally ill?


No doubt, but what should worry Progressives, is over 70 million of his racist, white supremacists, acolytes are also mentally ill!

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I guess it is legal to rape kids in Kansas! I read her story yesderday—Her step sister was raped and taken out of the home but they left lisa??? The step father never faced any penalities for gang rape???

They talk about how prisons are a reflection of a culture-----I would also say how we treat children is a real reflection of our culture.

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Tragedy. Criminal. She endured a lifetime of mental illness and sexual abuse.
Sounds like a POTUS I know of.

I don’t support the actions of the right wing mob that laid siege to the Capitol, but I do think their is a kernel of validity to some of their sentiments that the US government is fundamentally anti-democratic and unrepresentative. I reject the violence and threats of the Capitol siege, but I am not so sure if we should condemn all mass action that disruptions the State power structures, particularly when the mass action is aimed and furthering social justice and democracy. I don’t reject that mass action that led to the overthrow of governance (and abolition of slavery) in Haiti, the mass action that led to the overthrow of governance in Czarist Russia, and the mass action that led to the Cuban revolution. If a mob were to have laid siege to the Idaho federal killing center and rendered the state killing machines inoperable, I would have applauded them.