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Lawyers Can't Reunite 666 Seized Migrant Children With Parents—121 More Than Previously Believed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/lawyers-cant-reunite-666-seized-migrant-children-parents-121-more-previously


Seems like a fitting number for the Trump administration.


A war crime, by any other measure. The perpetrators should be treated as such.


Law and order America - right ~

Lots of lawyers though !! Nice suits - fancy cars -

Cynical - or dead accurate ?


Contact your members of Congress and demand that they admonish the Biden Administration launch a Nuremberg style trial on January 21 to rapidly bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice.
Attorney General Barf, propaganda minister Kaley McNinny, GSA rustler Murphy, and CFPB dismantler Kraninger need to be marched before the judges right behind Trump.

Remind your electeds that it was Obama’s look forward/ignore widespread high crimes action that enabled Trump’s presidency and that approach is unacceptable in 2021 and will result in them losing your vote in the next election.


Biden people should represent these people and they should be able to sue
the ass off of Trump, personally – and whomever else helped him run this
attack on parents and children.

Meanwhile, does Trump have any understanding that it was “brown” people
who once occupied this land from East Coast to West Coast?

In late June 2018, as public outrage mounted in the face of stories like a breastfeeding baby being [torn away] from her mother and a father [driven to suicide] after being separated from his wife and child, the administration reluctantly rolled back the policy—which along with [forced surgical removal] of reproductive organs of migrant women has been called the Trump administration’s worst domestic human rights violation.

President-elect Joe Biden [vowed] last month that he will form a task force to reunite all of the separated children with their families. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, continues to defend the separation policy while [falsely claiming] that the seized children were brought into the country by human traffickers. Biden has [called]family separation “criminal,” but has not said whether or not he would seek to punish Trump or any of the administration officials who planned and executed the policy.


At Nuremburg some were put to death for less. Not that the average American NAZI is educated enough to know what Nuremburg is.


I don’t want the death penalty, I want little Stevie “shit stain” Miller to think about the damage he’s done to these families, for the rest of his life in prison.


The only people who get treated like war criminals are people who expose war criminals. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, John Kiriakou, Reality Winner, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Elsberg, etc., etc., etc. Biden called Julian Assange a “hi-tech terrorist.” There are still 37 men imprisoned at Gitmo without trial, one serving sentence, and two awaiting sentences from conviction by secret military tribunal.

While the ICC would probably never be able to actually put US citizens on trial, the issuance of subpoenas and arrest warrants would limit their overseas travel activity and open their off-shore accounts to be frozen or seized.


The democrats actually fear having an American reconciliation commission, our own little Nuremberg. They are afraid they will drive a wedge through the nation.
I don’t know where they’ve been for 40 years, but there’s not just a wedge dividing America. There’s a wall (isn’t it ironic that, as the Germans were tearing down their wall in Berlin the American right was building there own right here in the USA?)
If the democrats don’t chase down Republican criminals and various Trump enablers like the Mossad chasing nazis in post WWII, they face becoming irrelevant as a party. Who would vote for them if they choose to “look forward”? Not me.
There is no half way, no point of compromise with the Koch brothers party. They must be crushed into dust and scattered to the winds. I don’t think Biden has the stones. And Chuck and Nancy are lousy wartime councilAires
If the democrats don’t go big, they will suffer ignominious defeat in 2022, and will be crushed into dust themselves in 2024.
(BTW, it now doesn’t matter if they win both seats from Georgia or not. Manchin has already said he will all but caucus with the republicans. And fucking Dick Durbin has said that waiving the filibuster is off the table. You can’t make this shit up)


Obscene beyond belief. I hope the number gets the Christian folks thinking – and acting!

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Separate Baron from the criminal element, his crooked daddy, and send him to the cages to make a point.
I would have him released before the kind of damage to the 666 happens.

Obama executed American citizens by drone strike without trial. Slick Willie was responsible for civilian airstrikes in Bosnia and Serbia. It would be impossible for the Democrats to put the Republicans on trial without putting their own on the dock.


For this crime alone, there can be no forgiveness - ever.


Every single person involved in this mass kidnapping should do at least 25 years in prison, from the bus driver, to the cook, to the launderer, to the arresting officer, and every single one of their superiors. Anyone capable of following such orders is a least as much a danger to society as the people already in prison, and in fact more so. Where do they find these people? I mean what’s next…Mass Graves?


Fortunately, there’s DNA testing – but how long will that take –
and what damage is done to the children by then – and to the parents?
How is that ever made up?

Trump makes me which there actually was a HELL for him to go to.


While I agree with you on one hand, as your examples all are full on war crimes - even the targeted murder of US citizens, but the operative term here is War. While arguably war itself is a crime, legally speaking there’s a lot of “wiggle room” there.

And War Crimes they are deserving justice.

What ICE has done domestically is Crimes against Humanity.

I know it’s a quibble, but there is a difference.

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Totally makes sense – in a nonsensical context, that is. Hard to think of what to do about people intent on destroying themselves. We’re watching the political equivalent of ignoring all the social distance guidelines from reckless, feckless gerontocrats in charge of sabotaging the Dims from within.

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And like Hitler, in their own land they made these crimes legal –


We will find ourselves “looking forward” soon, when Biden finally gets the keys to the jalopy. If anything happens to the Mango Mangler, it will be on a state level where a pardon won’t help him.

Daddy will still think he’s a loser, however. That’s permanent.

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