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Le Pen Accused of Exploiting Paris Shooting Days Before Election


Le Pen Accused of Exploiting Paris Shooting Days Before Election

Nika Knight, staff writer

Right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was accused Friday of exploiting the fatal shooting of a Paris police officer that occurred Thursday, as the anti-immigrant candidate seeks to bolster turnout before Sunday's presidential election.


Strategy of tension, anyone? These kinds of events always benefit the right.


In spite of that, one hopes Fr. citizens are awake enough to put their wt. behind Mélenchon.


Of course Orange Preznit wants the crypto-fascist to win.


one can only hope. he's charging as hard as anyone coming into the stretch.
My dislike for LePen is fairly strong, but honestly, the only candidate who would be an unmitigated disaster for France is Macron. Even Fillon speaks of France as if it is a discreet entity. Not Macron. For him, only Brussels is worthy of allegiance.


Clearly a false flag to influence the election. They are going viral it seems. Operation Gladio returns, gone global even. Maybe the French are smart enough to see through it, but I fear MSM everywhere is pretty much controlled so its doubtful the majority will be aware, much like here.


No, the French are not smart enough to see through it. In fact, it's almost illegal to be a "conspiracy theorist" in France. They have fallen very far since the days of Debord, Deleuze, Guattari, Sartre, Camus, Breton, Fourier, Bourdieu, Weil, Aragon, and so on. Critical thought is moribund, if not dead, in the land of critical thought. Still, we hope and pray for Melenchon to pull it out.


As does Obama want for Macron...with his recorded phone call to him, made public!!!???


It would indeed be good news.


Le Pen owes Vlad Big Time! How convenient for this shooting in Paris to take place a couple days before the election and Le Pen, like her orange male American twin separated at birth stoops very low to take advantage of it. Both she and DJT are social predators who fire up the ignorant masses by offering false promises, grand schemes, and rancid rhetoric laced with hate-mongering, fear, xenophobia, and Nazi-ism. They both have places in the deep recesses of Haedes where even those denizens are sure to be repulsed by them.

I pray that the caring, compassionate side of the French comes to light with loving-kindness to combat the evil embodied in LePen and all others who seek only to serve up themselves power while sating their greed with total disregard for their nation and their people. Vive Mélenchon!


Exactly, just darn convenient a situation for these two peas in a pod to fully and cynically exploit.


There you go.Putin picks off another one. Putin picked off the Brits, who pride themselves on cold logic and the U.S, by appealing to nationally acclaimed idiots, now France, and the EU falls apart, clearing the way for his world empire. This guy is sharp, playing five card stud while we all play Chines checkers. Thanks to the sheer greed and avarice of the globalist, who bought their own laws and left us to economic slavery and starvation.


"Le Pen Accused of Exploiting Paris Shooting Days Before Election" Why wouldn't she? Couldn't have been better if she had planned it, and Putin picks off another one.


It is a common phrase here in Europe - and specifically in Germany: Don't report on what's happening - the populists may take advantage of it! - The result: Killings, beat-ups, rapes, sexual harrassments, stabbings, robberies are either not reported any longer, or they appear in very short messages on the margines of the papers - without any reference to the identity of the offender. Official police statistics keep certifying that overall criminal acts are declining and that immigrants are by no means any more offensive than "those who happen to live somewhat longer here in Germany" (this is the new euphemism of the press and of government officials who are desperately trying to avoid the term "Deutsche", i.e. Germans, No, I'm not kidding! The press keeps iterating narratives with the intention to educate the public that "fear" is the absolutely wrong emotion, completely inappropriate to the friendly climate in our streets and cities. Only these educational treatises do not seem to be convincing to the public who actually live in those streets and cities. In fact, what comes across by the tabloids who defy the moralistic journalistic ban is extremely alarming. Just recently the renowned leftish-liberal DIE ZEIT analyzed police reports and finally concluded that specifically severe criminal offences have been increasing drastically since Merkel's opening of our borders. At least Mme Merkel admitted at last that Germany will be very different from what it used to be two years ago. However, not a single voter "of those who happen to live somewhat longer here" had been ever asked whether he or she wanted out country to be changed drastically. Nor had our parliament ever been asked about that. This was the sole decision of Kaiserin Angela I. Meanwhile, borders are still as open and not only more immigrants but also relatives of those early immigrants are flowing in in significant numbers. Again, actual numbers are kept secret. Aready, people who can afford it are leaving Germany. However, those who cannnot will have to stick it out together with their children and grand-children. Fear is growing in Germany - at a similar speed as it is being suppressed. Very scary! Over a period of no more than two years Germany has turned into a real nut-house. Nobody would have thought this to be possible before. It is. Insane.


I have been folloing this. It is indeed insane. The globalists live in their gated high security neighborhoods while telling the rest of the public they are racists for not accepting the immigrants with open arms. It is astonishing.


The German secretary of state, de Maizière, published finally today that in 2016 within the German citizenship the rate of homicide offences increased by 14.3 % and of rapes and sexual offences increased by 12.8 %. He claimes that this is a drastic brutalization within the German society. This is fake-news: The German citizens are meekly accepting what is happening to them on our streets and public places. It is the masses of young muslim immigrants - about 80 % are young, male and between 15 and 35 - who are responsible for this frightful increase, which has been inflicted on our society basically overnight. De Maizière is trying to blur this little fact because he has been responsible together with chancelor Merkel for what has happended. At least, from now on it should be impossible to vilify and denigrade those who try to express their growing fear in face of the severe collapse of public security in Germany. And we can be sure: De Maizières police statistics is definitely on the "conservative" side.