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Lead Discovery Forces Water Ban in Newark Public Schools

Lead Discovery Forces Water Ban in Newark Public Schools

Nika Knight, staff writer

Public schools in Newark, New Jersey, were forced to shut off water fountains on Wednesday after test results showed high levels of lead in the water supply.

"Officials say they do not know how long students at nearly half of the Newark's schools may have been drinking water with elevated levels of lead," reported Dan Ivers at NJ.com.

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In a sane, democratic country, the aftermath of the Flint poisoning would lead to a nationwide assessment of lead (and other key toxins) in water systems, followed by a trillion-dollar infrastructure program to ensure safe clean water for ALL.

Actually in a sane and democratic country, this national assessment and infrastructure program would have taken place over the past few decades, since information about problems with lead in water systems have been available to policy makers for a long time.

Too bad we do not live in a sane, democratic country. It’s up to us to organize and fight for a sane, democratic country, so that assessments and investments are made on behalf of humans and the ecology, not on behalf of militarists and privatizing profiteers.


It estimated some 3 trillion needed in Infrastructure spending in the USA over the next few decades.

Joseph Stiglitz claimed the Iraq war alone cost the USA 3 trillion dollars. Even as it claimed there no money to upgrade all of that infrastructure calls for even more military spending are made to “keep Americans safe from foreign enemies”


I Trillion is the price tag for 10 yrs of health care for all Americans


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Really good point. Can we now acknowledge that Gov. Snyder, Gov. Christie, and all of their ilk, are “foreign enemies?”

Our dysfunctional pseudo-democracy-cum-oligarchic plutocracy is the enemy…internally and externally. Perhaps GWB and his corrupted, maleficent partners in crime should be sued for reparations and subsequently tried and convicted to life in prison for stealing from the taxpayers and the government (with the blessings of their cronies in Congress) while laying to waste the nation’s infrastructure, destroying the environment, and poisoning all life in the process. President Obama should also be taken to task for picking up where GWB left off with his penchant for employing and expanding drone warfare, playing into the hands of the extraction industries, and perpetuating the miasmas that are the TTP and Guantanamo.


Governor Christie…your silence speaks volumes. Perhaps you can place a call to Gov. Snyder for some pointers on how to approach this despicable situation wherein the lives and well-being of children/youth/adults have been placed in jeopardy as a result of your disastrous policies. Policies and legislation crafted by your corrupt state legislature that you eagerly signed onto such as giving huge tax breaks do your corporate criminals thus depleting your state coffers and leaving the most vulnerable citizens to fend for themselves (homeless, sick, starving while you gorge yourself on the Boardwalk…). It goes without saying that not only are the vulnerable adversely impacted but the state’s infrastructure continued to crumble due to inattention and lack of funding.


I’ve long felt a big problem is the expense and trouble of performing environmental quality tests. It should be a lot easier and cheaper for all of us to test air and water quality at our homes, places of work, schools, and public places; people should be doing their own tests routinely. I suspect the cost, both in money and in “learning curves” we have to go through to do this testing, is artificially inflated, like the cost of pharmaceuticals.

Seems like someone who could manufacture affordable kits to do this stuff could make a killing, and I don’t mean like Rick Snyder et al.

I’m not suggesting we let monitoring and regulatory agencies off the hook! But personal monitoring, monitoring by school classes etc would be good as well.

Officials don’t want the lead out because lower IQ’s and learning disabilities means more future Republican voters.

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