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Lead Poisoned Kids in Flint Will Need More Than Apologies, Declarations


Lead Poisoned Kids in Flint Will Need More Than Apologies, Declarations

Matt Gillard

The children of Flint will need more than new declarations of emergency, state-level resignations and public apologies to help reverse the damage that has been done to their young bodies and developing brains. And now is the time for the state to step in with a proven strategy to help the most vulnerable citizens among us.


From the article:
"While attention has certainly focused on Flint due to the uptick in cases of lead poisoned children after the City's water switch, elevated lead levels continue to plague young children across our state, particularly those who lack appropriate nutrition to counteract its absorption and whose families live in areas with older infrastructure... As the state continues to figure out how to reduce lead levels in Flint's drinking water, we must step up to ensure that children who have been exposed to high levels of lead across the state are receiving the services they need for optimal development."

This is important to see! Lots of us and our children are being poisoned on an ongoing basis by conscienceless profiteers and their enablers in the political power structure.

The horror in Flint MI deserves condemnation and action, not just against Snyder and his officials, but against the entire ideological coterie in the USA that forcibly rammed the "emergency manager" legislation down the throats of Michigan voters on behalf of the looting class.

We need to educate ourselves and our communities about the people and intent behind such horribly regressive political machinations.

The outrage in Flint MI can serve as an opening to build outrage against the true "intellectual authors" of such crimes: The looting class of conscienceless billionaires, and the think-tanks and media and politicians that the looters own and fund.


The faux and ever so costly War on Terror, Neoliberal priorities, and the Shock Doctrine have reduced available funds for things that matter.

Had funds not been at issue from the onset, the decision (on the part of Detroit's bankrupt leaders) to feed filthy water into public homes would never have happened.

It's now widely understood that a few inordinately wealthy families profoundly expanded their wealth since the Recession of 2008. It's equally known that Big banks, given massive taxpayer bailouts, handed their own employees ridiculously inflated bonuses.

Also known is that lots of mega corporations use quasi-legal offshore addresses in order to hide their tax obligations.

Beneficiaries of all of these undue advantages should now be called on to contribute to a fund devised to UNDO some of the damage that these individuals, either by direct means, lobbyist efforts, or stealth played a direct role in creating.

I'd market this fund as an investment in Good Karma--proven means of reversing the habit of its antithesis (and that which constitutes today's business norm, and preferred modus operandi on Wall Street).

Instead of taking crumbs from a tight pie to set up a fund by robbing Peter to pay Paul, it's time for the 21st century robber barons to GENEROUSLY contribute to the Good Works = Good Karma Fund Pool.

I can envision a T.V. Telethon that speaks of each adversity and then opens the floor to BIDDING from all potential parties interested in paying down their karmic debts through these specific investments. Starting with this:

"That is why Michigan's Children calls on the state to step in – without delay – to increase funding to Early On services, a proven and existing program that helps families with infants and toddlers birth to age three who have a developmental delay or a diagnosed health condition that could lead to such delay."
Of course, if Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, the Walton Family, Steve Forbes, Sheldon Adelson, Pete Petersen, and/or the Koch Brothers want to do away with the telethon and just FORK IT UP; that's fine with me! And it would help those kids AND, as mentioned, chip away at the odious karmic toll these persons no doubt have run up.


This story has been almost totally ignored. A little credit to Rachel Maddow, when the "emergency manager" system was put into place, she did do a few segments about it on her program. It's an outrage, even the Mayor of Detroit expressed little outrage, and of course the Democratic Senators went along. Pathetic.


Gov. Snyder is the former CEO of Gateway. He & his family live very comfortably in a mansion in
Ann Arbor. The contaminated Flint water will never touch his lips. And his attitude about the poor in Michigan, including Detroit, is something like .... I don't care.


I hope the State of Michigan is prepared to care for some of these intentionally poisoned children for their entire adult lives for the ravages of lead poisoning has been well documented for well over half a century. Republican't cost cutters are disgusting maggots.


Bucketloads of contaminated water should be delivered for consumption to all involved in the orchestration of this decision, as well as to those who denied it happened. They need Erin Brockovich on the job!
All people involved in this heinous crime against humanity in Flint need to be prosecuted for child endangerment at the very least. If I fed my kid lead, I'd be in prison in no time, but the same rules don't apply to those who choose to poison kids on a grand scale. Rick Snyder and his cronies should be given lead boots and thrown into the Flint River.


yes, those children will be cared for . . . . like the vets. the myriad systemic issues our society faces though, are not just the fault of one group/party, in my humble opinion.


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Roughly 90,000 people poisoned, all entitled to a fair and reasonable civil suit penalty of around a million each, that is 90 billion dollars, a class action suit nightmare for that state, privatisation that is the yield it provides, cheap ass short cuts and skip town with the profits and leave the taxpayer to foot the bill.


Each Flint resident needs to be gifted with a BERKEY WATER FILTER ASAP! Berkey filters get the lead out, so at the very least, resident can have clean drinking water! The National Guard needs to deliver one or two of these water filters to each Flint resident. They should be paid for out of Rick Snyder's pocket. Sell that fancy house of his before he goes to prison for mass child endangerment/neglect.

BERKEY WATER FILTERS!!! http://www.bigberkeywaterfilters.com/blog/category/lead


I don't know about any particular brand being better than another but surely they gave out some kind of filter to everyone in Flint? I can't imagine that putting in filters wouldn't be a demand by everyone on this topic, if that hadn't been done. Where I live, the government is giving everyone a filter in those locations where lead has been found and they are now checking in more places. Here the lead came from tainted solder, or so they claim.


I don't know about other brands of water filters. I do know that the Berkey brand filters out lead, among many other unwanted substances. (You can get add-on filters specifically designed to filter out fluoride, a known neurotoxin, but that's a whole other can of worms regarding the government's deliberate poisoning of the population!)


Solder is made from lead and tin. There is nothing "tainted" here except the story being told about this completely avoidable disaster.


And yet, from what i hear, Maddow is still supporting HRC, who is right in line with privatization and general cutting of benefits, including social security.


Yes, I just thought it right to note she did address the mess in Detroit. You're correct she is unapologetically a Hillary backer.