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Leader of Clinton’s Dark Money Alliance Files Ethics Complaints Against Sanders


Leader of Clinton’s Dark Money Alliance Files Ethics Complaints Against Sanders

Kevin Gosztola

A group known to be a “dark money ally” of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has filed ethics complaints with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against her opponent, Bernie Sanders.


Proves that both teams pitch for the same owners:

“Stunningly, this is an attack on a labor union for its role in boosting a progressive politician’s campaign. It is the kind of attack one might expect from a right-wing group like Crossroads GPS, founded by Karl Rove.”

Christ instructed his true followers to work on the basis of the SPIRIT rather than the LETTER of the law.

Devious minds with legal training can turn ANY premise on itself by focusing on the letter of the law. That’s how right wing groups sought to undermine Affirmative Action–by arguing that it privileged persons of color over eligible white males when it came to things like college enrollment numbers.

Someone like George Zimmerman can shoot a Black kid in cold blood due to the idiot Florida “Stand Your Ground” law, but a woman who already HAS a restraining order against an abusive Ex-husband shoots a WARNING shot and is imprisoned for years!

The Clinton team will play down and dirty every which way. Unfortunately, our nation is under the control of like-minded scoundrels who will use the APPEARANCE of law to turn genuine legal principles and protections on their asses.

I just hope the crowds that turn out for Bernie make it impossible for the Usual Suspects to insist they won the election.


Just when you thought she couldn’t sink any lower, she pulls it off big time: The Queen of Chaos deploys the Sultan of Sleaze.

Brock’s history as a low-blow Machiavelli is nefarious. (Just ask Anita Hill.) It will behoove Bernie and his supporters to be well aware of it and to make sure it sticks to Hillary like the slime that it is.


Well if that doesn’t take the cake. A dark money group calling the kettle black.
This is exactly why I won’t vote for Hillary for any reason. She’s underhanded and her attacks have been low and untrue. She’s getting desperate so of course she goes to a trumped up charge to try to tarnish his excellent record.
Her and her machine are old, tired, and obvious. These tricks she’s tried have mostly backfired and Bernie gets more money from donors. They don’t work anymore cause we all know how she operates. The media black out hasn’t worked either. Just makes her look worse. They are in denial.


For someone who has claimed in the last two weeks that the race is over, her surrogates have certainly made a concentrated and organized effort to demonize all things Bernie Sanders. The bullet point of that strategy is that internally, Hillary’s campaign is at least a little worried. She has lost the last few primaries by literal landslides, and the polls in the next few states, where she once held seemingly insurmountable leads is shrinking.
There is however, a darker side to this latest media blitz by the Clinton machine. What they have been doing in the smoke filled rooms is threatening every single democratic incumbent. Their message is clear. If Hillary wins, and you did not kiss her ring and pledge unflinching support, you will politically neutered by the Clinton run DLC crowd. Just like at the end of the “Godfather” the 2016 Clinton campaign will be when all political debts are paid. After her nomination, there will be a democratic re enactment of “the night of the long knives”
A good example of this coming slaughter was Bernies campaign rally yesterday in Pittsburgh. He played before a packed house at the convention center. They had to turn people away. But more telling were the ones they didn’t have to turn away. The democratic mayor, city council, allegheny county excecutive, and all local congressmen and women, were conspicuously absent. The only local democratic politico that made an appearance was Braddock mayor John Fetterman, who is running for senate.
I look at it this way. The only way the Democratic Party can remain a serious entity in the national political scene is if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination. A Hillary victory will tear the party apart.


Folks, in a way this Hillary sleeze is good news. It shows me she is in a panic mode about all her super pac $ among other contributions like the fossil fuel industry. She has been told that a good offense is the best antidote for her Wall Street, corruption.

And Hillary’s latest attack? She claims Bernie has also taken $50,000.00 from the fossil fuel industry. I do not know what she is talking about and where she got that information but anecdotally, I wonder if it could be that could be that 2,000 people that work for the fossil fuel industry gave $27.00 each!


This sort of thing makes me believe Hillartly is a DINO.


I think the author is wrong and the whole point of this legal sham is that the Clinton campaign wants all the media attention as they can get on this. It isn’t about the merits it is about the perception of the issue. Hillary has been waging a preemptive campaign as much as possible. Is she expecting a court case and wanted to get in first blows? Is she looking to have something to counter being indicted with?

As patchworkcelt points out, this guy is a media hit man who went after Anita Hill in the media. That matters people, this guy isn’t about ethics or the truth but only about how it will look in the media.

The author has it backwards, the Clinton campaign wants the media to jump on this.


David Brock started his political career as the dean of dirty tricks for the Republican Party. He was the main architect of the hit piece on Anita Hill. He also was deeply involved in promoting Troopergate and White Water.

He confesses all this is his book, “The Right Wing Noise Machine.”

He also explains how later he was given the task to write a hit piece book on Hillary Clinton and instead of doing it became enamored with her. That led him to switch to working for the Democratic side.

But it wasn’t because he grew repulsed by his previous use of dirty tricks, lies, manipulations and other sleaze. He just changed his mind about who to tie his fortunes to.

For a time I thought he had dedicated himself to being an honest operative, who saw his job as to point out the dirty tricks of the Republicans because he knew what they were. But he fooled me.

It’s sickening.


It sounds like Clinton/Brock are employing Karl Rove’s tactic of attacking an opponents strength.

Bernie’s strength is his honesty/ethics. People trust him. There’s also the perception that he’s raising money from the people, not Super-PACs, while Clinton has been bought off.

So I’d expect them to start talking about Sander’s (non-existent) ethical violations in fundraising, and how he’s actually coordinating with a super-PAC even though he swore he wouldn’t.

"Very early on, Karl Rove did something that many other political operatives don’t do, and it’s really an element of why he’s a unique figure in American political life: He understands that while other people look for the weakness in an opponent and exploit that, Rove has long looked at the strength of an opponent. In the case of Ann Richards running for governor, it was that she was tolerant and appealed to many constituents, so you attack her as an advocate for the homosexuals’ agenda. In the case of John McCain, it was that he was a POW in Vietnam, and so you raise questions about his service in Vietnam through surrogate groups.

In 2004, the number one thing that John Kerry offered was his heroic service in Vietnam, and so what Rove did was attack the strength of Kerry, not his weakness. What you had to do was confront Kerry’s strength in Vietnam by raising doubts about whether or not he was a hero and whether or not his service was really all that noble. And you do that in part with a surrogate group, raising questions about whether his medals were truly warranted, and beyond that, pressing the case of John Kerry, who came back from the war as an opponent of the war."



I was going to comment to this effect --important insight into Brock-- but well said!


“I wonder if it could be that could be that 2,000 people that work for the fossil fuel industry gave $27.00 each!”

Ha! Brilliant!


Meanwhile, the DNC is ordering an extra wide chair for the presidential desk.


Yes, Brock is truly bottom-of-the-(ethics)-barrel.

The Sanders campaign should hang Brock around Clinton’s neck, non-stop.


And if the charge turns out to be true - that somehow $50K of oil money made it into the Sanders campaign chest - Sanders will return that money in a New York minute, and challenge Clinton to return her $4.5M.


Here’s Jimmy!

Hi there, campers. :smiling_imp:


Bernie’s campaign should do the same–attack Hillary’s strengths. What are they, besides being part of the plutocracy?



Hmmm, so HRC, champion of women and African Americans, allows this once right wing would-be destroyer of Anita Hill to act on her behalf. Even though he’s apparently no longer a vicious tool for the vicious right, he does seem to have transferred that ethically challenged talent to HRC’s camp. Is she really that tone deaf?


I thought the same thing. Remember reading his book.