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Leader of Honduran Campesino Movement Assassinated


Leader of Honduran Campesino Movement Assassinated

Nika Knight, staff writer

A prominent Honduran leader of a rural land rights movement was killed on Monday night in what supporters claim was an assassination organized by wealthy landowners.


Thanks to Killary for keeping MIC profits rolling in.


Thank you, Hillary Clinton. May you and your "private positions" burn in Hell.


Which fascist hit squad trained at the School of the Americas in Georgia, USA carried out this assassination?


More Blood On Lady McClinton's Hands


Yes, chalk up another victory for imperialism behind the fake-smile identity-politics masque of pseudo-progressivism.


This is the beginning. I would assume this will soon be the order of the day on a global scale, the blighted united states included. I now see that the "progressive leftists" will in fact be the death squad that rounds up our neighbors. Prepare for the worst, war, repression, economic depression. It will begin when Obomber becomes a lame duck.


Neoliberalism has no where to go other than rent seeking policies, environmental exploitation and slavery. It's the only game left for the soulless devouring machine that is killing its host--the earth.


Yeah, but this is probably worth it according to the moral calculus of Clintonistas. After all, we have a chance to have a female president! These wacky peasants can always find someone else to be target practice, right? /s