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Leaders in Lebanon Resign Over 200 Tragic Deaths, But Trump Refuses Accountability for 163,505 Covid-19 Fatalities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/11/leaders-lebanon-resign-over-200-tragic-deaths-trump-refuses-accountability-163505


“It’s not MY fault.”–Toddler Trump

Leadership Matters


Q: How does one know that the possibility exists that the blast was the result of state sponsored terrorism?

A: Because immediately following, there were calls for regime change and it happened.


I don’t see that one follows the other beyond doubt.

Which state sponsored the “terrorism” ?

How was immediate calls for regime-change not the consequence of an actual criminal negligence by those that allowed the storage, rather than state-sponsored terrorism?

This thesis doesn’t seem to hold water or be relevant in any real sense given the tragedy, regardless the cause.

Have you seen what has happened in the Mid East in the past 20 years? Do you remember Wesley Clark stating that he heard from Pentagon officials shortly after 9/11 stating that the plan was to take out 7 countries in 5 years, one of them being Lebanon? How about the constant belligerence aimed at Iran for the sole purpose of regime change? Have you also happened to miss Israel bombing Syria on a regular basis?

Yeah, I guess you are right, only a fool would suggest the possibility it might be state sponsored terrorism.

I don’t mean to berate you in any way, or call you a fool. There were thoughts along those lines I thought at first, aimed at the Mossad
Yes, I remember very well the intent and plan to destroy the states of the ME/NA, many of which have already been so destroyed, as well as Iran’s infrastructure being attacked by likely Israeli agents.
The enormity of the act seemed somehow more than even the most depraved might contemplate - and I should have perhaps known better, or the storage of flammable stuffs, and fireworks in the proximity to the 2700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate stored so criminally. .

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The CDC reports on excess deaths suggests 200000 deaths due to COVID over the period of march to the end of July. These deaths over and above what would normally would have been experienced in the USA. This is over a 5 month period so if one extrapolates to a year there would be just under 500k deaths due to COVID in a single year.

Trump insists he does a great job and has saved millions of more lives through his actions. His supporters still insist it is all a Hoax.

500000 dead through negligence and incompetence would be seen by Western Nations as enough reason to topple the Government responsible in a coup so as to protect “Human rights”. They would do as they did in Venezuela and refuse to accept the Government as legitimate and rush to recognize some other as the leader of the USA. It would be used against a China or a Russia as “proof” that their systems of Government do not work and only Capitalist governments that embrace the “free market” can protect its Citizens.


“Fool” was a poor choice of words on my part. Obviously you did not imply that.

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You may appreciate this piece pasted below by Umair Haque----some interesting, valid points (imo) though as we’ve discussed here (and as Hedges points out), even if trump were to resign we would still be left with a pathological, cruel, destined to collapse system. (it’s been called so many things I don’t know what to call it anymore).


And of course trump won’t resign, malignant narcissists never take responsibility. That is one of the defining traits of the disorder!

Disordered personalities like trump shift blame, gaslight etc. etc. which then further exacerbates chaos, anxiety and insecurity about our surroundings leaving people to feel unsafe, mistrusting, and hypervigilant.

And of course now we are most definitely not safe. We never have been actually---- but with AGW induced/enhanced diseases and weather catastrophes we are at (or have passed) a breaking point on all levels. This is where it gets very scary . . . and this is fear based in reality. Some simply choose not to see it.

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Thanks for that link. I read it and can only nod in agreement.

People in Lebanon aren’t as stupid. Nobody is as stupid as the average U.S. voter. But nobody.