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Leaders Must Act to Protect Refugees and Internally Displaced People in Africa

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/27/leaders-must-act-protect-refugees-and-internally-displaced-people-africa

The mother continent struggles for decades to cope with the onslaught of endemic AIDS, malaria, and TB – on some human level of constant suffering which is totally off our radar-screens, like the constant suffering of Palestinians. COVID-19’s threat to Africans is extreme, because of the gamut of immunological challenges involved in life on the mother continent. Africa’s resources to deal with more are manifestly insufficient already. Should humankind allow COVID-19 unfettered access to the most vulnerable continent, our very clever microbe will likely invent more ways to kill us over there, before coming back to revisit us over here. It could be humankind’s last mistake.

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Mother continent? Bungled metaphor. MF’d up continent maybe.

No, the only thing bungled here is your rejection of science and anthropology.

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Their greatest threat and danger is their own culture and their religion.
Sadism, violence, the ever present and on going human slavery/trafficking and corruption, are enshrined and practiced as the normal in their faith and culture so why should food and medical resources be wasted on a culture that worships a serial rapist and sadist responsible for hundreds of thousands of rapes, maiming and murders by way of his instructions for how to be a good muslim and how to live.
It is 2020 and the 2 thousand year old islamic slave trade is very much still active and is in fact, thriving.
This is their problem and not for Westerners,and non-Muslims to solve.
Importing and food, medicine, and the refugee camps, act to prevent nature from taking its course and correcting the over population and the violence in their culture.

Africans must solve problems their militaries create.