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Leading By 9 in New Iowa Poll, Sanders Says His Campaign Is 'Worst Nightmare' of Trump and Billionaire Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/27/leading-9-new-iowa-poll-sanders-says-his-campaign-worst-nightmare-trump-and


“Suddenly, we have the Democratic establishment very nervous about this campaign,” Sanders declared to applause."

Yeah. This is the kicker. I’m hearing voices; they are saying, “Delegates, delegates, there must be super-delegates.”
Bloomberg and Steyer should be donating millions to the Sanders campaign. Oooops! My bad.


It was gray skies and 35 degrees in Dubuque on Saturday, but I joined the door-knockers volunteers to canvass for Bernie. Though most on my list weren’t home, I got to visit with those who were, and encouraged them to caucus for Bernie a week from today. It’s said to be worth the effort.

Volunteers also came from Madison, Wisconsin, to assist our locals. Thanks, Madison!

Next Saturday I plan to join others to canvass for Bernie again. Bernie Sanders 2020!


Re: polling Casino Capitalism game:

Another poll on 538 has the exact opposite result with Biden in the lead position. Just sayin… polls seem to be designed to create excitement (good for Sanders at the moment), but also seem contradictory, perhaps in part to keep the bets and money flowing… and the heartbeat of the stock market tickin…

I was hearing an entirely different version of reality on NPR’s “Morning Edition” this morning. In their version of reality Joe Biden was in the lead in New Hampshire.

So, which version of reality is real? NPR seems to be hunting and pecking among a large number of polls, and when they find one out of ten that says the most of what they want the headline to be, they run that baby.

To be fair to both sides and honest, CommonDreams is also hunting and pecking, but for Sanders-friendly polls.

The truth is that those Sanders-friendly polls are popping up fairly frequently these days. An impartial observer would see that Sanders has all the enthusiasm and maybe one million volunteers, plus FEC filings show that Biden is relatively low on campaign money, so this motion might be expected.


Saw a poll this morning while scanning other sites. Works like this: ‘Biden leads Trump in Florida.
Biden +3, Warren +2 Sanders +6’ …


Polls are only as accurate as they are designed to be. Note that many remove those under the age of 30 under the guise of ‘likely’ voters. Some polls this season were of only DNC members. Other polls skew to the elderly by using only or mostly land lines. Other polls are so small that the margin of error is huge. Most polls exclude Independent voters - the largest category; larger than both Democrats and Republicans.

Our saving grace in Iowa is that Independent voters can register on the day of the caucus at the door! The DNC/RNC twins don’t own EVERYTHING … yet. Sen. Sanders is changing things.


Headlines from next week’s major news stories:

Bernie Leading By A Landslide in Iowa!
Bernie Leading By A Landslide in New Hampshire!!
Bernie Will Trounce Trump In November, Polls Show
Democratic Party Officials Move to Block Sanders Campaign and Anoint Neoliberal Loser to Be Defeated By Trump in November; Clinton and Obama Reportedly “Thrilled”


Thanks for the critical/ grounded reply. Even em dialecticin dancin feet need to stay groundin’ once in-our-wiles!!
Bernie/ Us :arrow_up:2020


Polls can be poor predictors of result in Iowa since it is a caucus state. All depends on who turns out to the caucuses. So Bernie people need to show up, that especially goes for the youth.


All Bernie needs now is Obama’s anti-endorsement.

Obama - the bamboozler in chief - just needs to reschedule a few well paid speeches and a yaught party with sir Branson first.


So proud of the “Squad”, they kept their word about campaigning for Bernie during the impeachment trial, and IMO have done a bang up job. The #'s in IA. and NH. would under normal circumstances be awesome, but these aren’t normal times. To be blunt, we need more - the #'s need to be so overwhelming, so big, they make the DNC think twice about replacing him at the convention. They (the DNC), need to fear the backlash by the voters, and know their party wont survive, if they even think about putting their plan into action.


It is far more effective, campaign leaders have argued, to have friends and relatives urge those close to them to come out to caucus than to carpet bomb phone lines.

From the Bernie Campaign. Read the article at intercept.(com)


Polls are polls but answer yourself this question. If you were a campaign manager, whose campaign would you like to be running and associated with? I think the answer is pretty clear.

Bernie’s ground game is killer and he is pumped with staff and volunteers. Will people show up to caucus. Oh I think so and if they do, the establishment might take a real drubbing. The revolution is coming and it is long overdue!!!

Bernie 2020 & 2024; AOC 2028 & 2032.


Personally, if I were Bernie, I think I’d put a Salvor, or Food Taster on my staff.


A significant number of Trump voters were voting against the neoliberal plutocracy they perceive Washington to be. Trump claimed to be to rich to be bought, but he lied. Those voters may perceive Sanders as being someone who isn’t for sale to Big Money. That alone will move votes to him.


Well the NYT has done it again with a hit piece on Bernie, claiming his “internet army” is terrorizing anyone who disagrees with him. I read it in MSN this morning.

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Hi Bill, yay, great going! Phone banked for Sanders on last two Saturdays at phone bank parties myself!

It’s gotta be done, but people don’t realize just how hard canvassing and calling are…

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Fuck the poles, it’s in the air, it makes total logical sense. Sanders speaks to the hard working people who are the majority. People resonate with his 40 years of telling the truth consistently. No other candidate has similar integrity or credentials as Sanders.


The problem with the New York Times is simple. Their narratives are demonstrably false and they hate to be corrected by the twitter universe. There once was a time when a lie could make it halfway around the world before the truth could get out of bed. But no more, Bernie’s army is correcting the record in real time and they are punishing those that “Suck up and Punch down”. It’s over for these over entitled clowns and they either adapt or die.