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Leading Civil Rights Lawyer Shows 20 Ways Trump Is Copying Hitler’s Early Rhetoric and Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/leading-civil-rights-lawyer-shows-20-ways-trump-copying-hitlers-early-rhetoric-and


Thanks to the author for his truth. The depravity and racism and indifference for truth and justice are beyond the pale from the trump regime - everything it touches is a crime against life - there IS a definite similarity and perhaps a similar end.

“Why does an ignorant, narcissistic buffoon like Trump trigger such anxiety? Why do so many Americans feel it existentially (not just politically) important to resist our forty-fifth president?” he writes. “Partly it’s just aesthetics. Trump is such a coarse and appalling man that it’s hard to stomach his presence in Abraham Lincoln’s house. But that’s not enough to explain the intensity of my dread. LBJ was coarse. Gerald Ford and George W. Bush were dumb as rocks. Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite. Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women dishonored his office. Ronald Reagan was a dangerous ideologue. I opposed each of them when they appeared to exceed their constitutional powers. But I never felt a sense of existential dread. I never sensed that the very existence of a tolerant democracy was in play.” - Burt Neuborne - How very true!

https://anightatthegarden.com/ - Very disturbing documentary from 1939 film - nazi rally at Madison Square Garden NYC
thanks for the link to Harry_Pjotr

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulCw7RJ5eE8 how they should be treated


This is the very reason why I push the slogan “all of our shadows are the same” and why I have researched hate as a disease. I have contacted Senators, Representatives, faith leaders, civil rights leaders and many more and can get nowhere, WHY? It must be demonstrated to the general public that it for the common good that we share our lives together and not shield away our hopes and dreams for a better us. It is in our self interest to grow together as we are being pushed apart by forces that hate. I don’t know who is left to contact anymore. I have tried everyone it seems and I have no voice, no validation of the truths I tell. I am failing. All I get is crickets. This is a great work this guy has done, he’ll make a ton of money with his best seller and I’ll have a broken heart and you will have trump. So be it.


This very much represents my own thoughts about Trump, his attack on our democracy & the possibility that he’ll get away with it.


Hi Emphyrio:

Wow scary and creepy and I can see how easily Hitler sold his plan. “A Night at the Garden,” is a very teachable moment film. How easily people can see how congress has failed them, and how like moths a flame, Hitler seemed like a savior.

The Blue Brothers film clip of the 20th century was a amusing when they raced their car at the Nazis in the bridge------- but -all I could think of was , OMG, in reality it was Heather Heyer’s fate in the 21st century!!! : 0.


As long as Neuborne and others frame this as a Trump problem, the chances of changing direction will continue to diminish.

The GOP has been employing these tactics for at least four decades and the Democrats have been enabling them for at least three. The GOP realized early on that coming on too strong during the 70s would derail their efforts so they used a boiling frog strategy softening us up with Ronny Raygun. Trump is just their most recent front man to lead the GOP cult as the GOP becomes more of an organized crime syndicate than a political party.


Ivana did tell us months and months ago that Trump keeps a volume of Hitler’s speeches on his bedside table, but he denied it. And certain critics started hyperventilating about “comparing Trump to Hitler.” But that’s a big difference from pointing out that Hitler speeches taught Trump how to win over, first and foremost all those American neonazis and other white supremacist, and if he was really good at copying Hitler’s rhetoric, quite a lot of other right-wingers. But one of the things about Hitler’s speeches that Trump can’t duplicate is Hitler’s style.

I speak German and am a student of the Third Reich, so I am super conscious of how he appealed to Germans who weren’t necessarily far to the right. It’s one thing to communicate Hitler’s fascist ideas, but quite another to tap into his delivery. He knew he had talent as a speaker to large audiences, and he worked at perfecting it throughout the early years of the formation of the NSDAP. It’s blood-curdling.

Trump will continue to appeal to his neonazi and white supremacist base, but there are millions and millions of Americans who just aren’t gonna be mesmerized by his speeches the way too many Germans were mesmerized by Hitler. Unfortunately, with the exception of the young progressive wing of the Dem party, there is really not a decent alternative to the GOP. Those old school Dems have committed suicide with their stupid and totally fraudulent Russiagate narrative. Presently, they constitute a zombie House majority, and even if they win the House again, they won’t improve.


Easier to point out the ways Trump isn’t copying Hitler, like he’s not putting Hispanic immigrants in gas chambers (just yet). One way Hitler was different than Trump: he served in the military and actually saw combat.


A quarter century ago I could see clear signs of Republicans turning into a Nazi Party. I figured all they needed was a charismatic demagogue leading their party & they could become just as dangerous. I would never guessed it could be Trump, since he was already notorious as a narcissistic con man & I found (& still find) nothing charismatic about him, but here we are…


The New York State May file charges if they ever get a copy of his nyc taxes
It may show his collusion with Russian banks


I certainly hope they do. I know they’ve been trying, but Benedict Donald is doing everything he can to keep those tax returns from being exposed, & as his power over law enforcement becomes more & more entrenched, it becomes less & less likely that the truth will be revealed.


Go to YouTube and take a look a Mussolini speeches. He may be copying Hitler’s political style but for speaking style, it is Mussolini who he emulates.

I don’t speak Italian so I don’t know what Mussolini is saying but Trump’s facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, crowd interface, timing, and the crowd’s reactions are a carbon copy. Even in still photos with the two side by side, they can be mistaken for siblings.


As usual, I must recommend Nancy McLean’s ‘Democracy In Chains’. Most people think that the GOP takeover began with the Powell memo, but McLean’s book explains the deeper roots. Please excuse the cliche, but the book really is a ‘must read’.


Anyone who believes reincarnation is possible must see the uncanny similarities between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.


Dan Froomkin recently wrote a similar article that concentrated more on comparing Hitler’s and Shitler’s rhetoric. The similarities are uncanny, as Mr. Rosenfeld states.

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As I wrote in a post yesterday, the comparison to Hitler is strongest in the way Trump and his followers encourage each other and validate one another. The sense of dread comes from a slowly growing recognition that we may be able to elect a different person for President but what do we do about the sizeable percent of Americans who have shown us in broad daylight their ugly side, as haters and malcontents? Are we now doomed to daily reports of mass shootings by those who won’t accept it if Trump is nor re-elected? It is not Trump who poses the greatest danger. He is merely a symbol of the dark side of so many Americans.


As I commented on-line in the N.Y. “Times” regarding an opinion column by Michelle Goldberg, (and which NYT published) regarding this ‘deadly’ accurate comparison of the time frame of Hitler’s insane rise to the Nazi EMPIRE, and the exact analogy to Emperor Trump’s rise to EMPIRE:

“Excellent, serious, and essentially ‘broader insight’ column for these times and the “Times”, Michelle.

Yes, Michelle, as I commented elsewhere:

“As our founding fathers knew — you can’t have a democracy without an informed citizenry — to which I would only add, that you are on the path to EMPIRE if a country has an ill-informed and lied-to violent lumpenproletariat that has been deluded, propagandized, ‘divided’, and turned to hate against each other by a faux-Emperor like Trump.


“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

The ‘existence proof’ of this is the downfall of the German Republic into the Nazi Empire in the 1930s, as fast as 1933 to 1939 (when Hitler launched the Second World War of Empires) which would comport with Hitler’s Nazi Empire schedule of Nuremberg ‘Rally Speech in 1936 the “Rally of Honour” matching Emperor Trump now in the 3rd year of his first term, and Hitler’s 1939 Nuremberg “Rally for Peace” (which was cancelled because it would have occurred at the same time as the Nazi Empire invaded Poland to begin WW II and (which would comport with Emperor Trump’s early second term.)”

I don’t seriously expect any CD readers to seriously consider this historical analogy on rise to Empire, in fact I’m not holding out much hope that they’ll even read my comment.

Source post on the “Times”:

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This column (and book I presune) is a brilliant comparison of Trump and Hitler’s satanic use of political propaganda to divide and conquer their own respective countries. The mass murder of 22 human beings in El Paso makes it abundantly clear that Trump’s weaponization of racist hate speech against people of color and immigrants was and is deliberate, had exactly his intended effect, and will continue until he is removed from power. We are in mortal danger every day until that happens.


Exactly so Alan! That is one of the main keys to this banker/corporatist/fascist coup; rampant propaganda masquerading as “news”! Our Fourth Estate, so critical to any “democracy” or really any state dedicated to the Common Good, the citizenry MUST be truthfully and fully informed.

The charade of “telling both sides” of an issue is an especially infuriating deception! One side is the truth, and the other “side” bald-faced deception lies and fantasy from those in power - especially under the trumpenfuhrer mussolini wannabe. That is one reason the people don’t know shite form shinola about what is being done in our names by this odious regime - and the people/forces behind it!

The collection of corporate outlets and their vapid lap-dog pretty-faces delivering the daily dose of pablum, diversions, lies and propaganda are complicit to ALL the filth and destruction the trump regime has done - including his “election” circus and the billions in free air time on what should be the peoples airwaves served-up to an already ignorant/uninformed public! We must take-back those airwaves to serve the people and truth, not the oligarchy and war-machine! Peace!


This is perhaps the first comprehensive piece that looks at the whole picture of what we are currently facing in the US. No, it did not have its beginning with trump, but he has taken the reins and is driving it over the cliff. I am grateful for the mention of the dread in the beginning. I’ve been feeling this since I woke up on the morning after the election to an alternate universe I cannot escape. It is a heavy weight on my emotional and spiritual realtiy, and impacts every single moment of every day. It’s virtually impossible to escape it. Even during wonderful times, surrounded by family, I can’t shake it.

I fear that we will not be able to get rid of him in 2020. He has control of the mainstream media for one thing. For another thing, the corporate controlled wing of the democratic party is using the media to poison the citizenry against the progressive agenda that most people support but that (I fear) will vote against because they buy into the “only a middle of the road dem can win” trope. They go back through history to “prove” this, but we have moved beyond those times and what may have been true back then, is NOT true now. If a moderate is put out there as the option to trump, trump will win and if that happens we are well on the road to a Hitler type of violence, and his/their power grab will be complete and unstoppable.

I believe the dread and fear come in because we are now being forced to wake up to the fact that our system of government, and how it is structured, is not capable of correcting itself under such extreme circumstances. When two people (I’m putting McConnell in there) have total control over what happens or doesn’t happen in a country, despite the FACT that a huge majority of the citizens are opposed to the current path and are demanding change that is pro-diversity, pro-environment, pro-taking power from the power elites and corporations - yet the exact opposite continues unabated - we are done as a country and as a society.

In our current ecological reality, with climate chaos moving at a pace unforseen even 3 short years ago, when the US removes all barriers to protecting people and the planet, the end of our so-called civilization is a given. And those of us who are here now (even old folks like me) will experience it. We have literally run out of time to stem the destruction of the climate and ultimately a liveable planet. So we not only have the very real and important human rights issues but the fact of human extinction (or at least the death of most of us). And it will not be easy or pretty. It will be painful, brutal, and quick. The suffering will be unimaginable. And this is what we are giving to our children and grandchildren and all other innocent species everywhere. This is what keeps me up at night and the weight that I carry every moment of every day. This and my powerlessness to do anything to stop it.

What is the solution? What can we (as individuals) actually DO to stop this? Nothing works. The checks and balances are broken. The media is bought. The media that is not bought is marginalized and denigrated. Writing, protesting, sending money to support people and organizations on the front lines, they aren’t working either. Nothing is changing except for getting worse. I fear the only thing that might work is massive, and I mean massive - in every city and every town and hamlet - protests involving civil disobedience. But at the same time I know this will be met with violence. Heavy, killing violence, and this (I beleive) is why it hasn’t happened. We know we will be shot at or brutalized or killed. Will it have to come to this even so? Is a bloody revolution the only option left to us? Most especially if trump gets another 4 years? And we can’t get rid of McConnell? The planet doesn’t have another 4 years. This much I know.

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