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Leading Demand for IG Probe, Warren Accuses Trump and New Postmaster General of 'Sabotaging' Postal Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/leading-demand-ig-probe-warren-accuses-trump-and-new-postmaster-general-sabotaging


During the late 60s the best Congress money can buy ended Postal banking, thereby launching the predatory lending industry (commonly known as “payday lenders”) and within a couple of years that Congress kicked the PMG out of the cabinet, renamed it the US Postal Service (USPS) requiring it to operate with no gubmit subsidy despite Congress retaining its authority to dictate operations.

In 2006 Slimy Pete Sessions authored legislation that requires USPS to fund its retirement plan 75 years out, something no private or public organization has ever considered, let alone done. Although Slimy was voted out of Congress in 2018 he is running in a different district (TX-17) on November 3. Send your spare change to Rick Kennedy’s campaign so he can beat Slimy.


GATS privatizes services if they become commercialized by forcing governments to end all subsidized services with the goal of privatizing the world permanently. Its already successfully privatized so very much since 1994. Imagine, without a Postal Service so many scams will be possible because the only way people will be able to send letters is by means that can be controlled which are costly. There are no rules that commercial services do what they are supposed to do besides money. Its clear that social networks, for example, which are for profit companies are paid to support commercial entities and political candidates, I’m sure they will also be in the pockets of banks and really, any corporation or entity that pays them.

The Canadian NGO Policy Alternatives NGO has a lot of stuff on the way GATS is being used to hijack the Canadian postal service (~https://policyalternatives.ca > under trade and investment research project ) I am sure the same issues apply here.

Don’t let the neoliberal project privatize the world. They want a world where there is no right to live, where money buys everything. Basicaly a return to slavery.


Slavery was too expensive…buy slaves, feed slaves, house slaves… The 1% and their corporations’ end game is neofeudalism wherein they own everything and the 99% are desperate, expendable laborers, no investment needed. They already own enough politicians in the US to get there and they are close to owning enough politicians in the rest of the world to do it.


Haven’t one of DT’s wrecking crews eliminated any bothersome remaining IGs?

So nice that we (mainly Congress and the Courts) are making ourselves helpless, and to boot, letting DT run for a second term.


This seems relevant…

18 U.S. Code § 1701. Obstruction of mails generally

Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.


That is because they were planning to privatize it ever since the 1980s. The deal goes back to as early as 1982 but the first place I have seen it (tersely) put down on paper is in the Declaration of Punta Del Este of September 20, 1986. All those kinds of jobs are supposed to go to firms from developing countries who pay their workers really low wages. We will just be lying back and living off our investments, I guess (this scheme also privatizes financial services like Social Security and Medicare) Again, they low paying high skill jobs will be used as a payoff to get leverage over developing countries we wouldnt have without them. This is the real reason why we cant have public healthcare. Also to prevent them from catching up with us, making their economies dependent on us for jobs. Also it it will destroy unions and force millions of poor Americans and later, Europeas and Australians and other people in developed countries out of decent jobs and guarantee the race to the bottom happening, They will likely have to leave, to attempt to live in poor countries, elsewhere but they likely wont be able to work. unless they become disempowered like the workers here. Its ahuge voter disenfranchisement scheme on a global scale to nulify democracy.

It also captures migration for corporations. Or “non-immigration” because it only applies to work travel which is not immigration which allows the WTO to take control of it, ipreventing the voters and legislators from controlling it Since its world trade its outside of the reach of our laws, and forever, thats what GATS did.

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Does anyone have a tally of the crimes this man is accused of?

I’m very happy to see Warren making this demand.

And thrilled that E. Jean Carroll can “continue to seek Trump’s DNA in defamation suit”!!!



If you are talking about indentured servants having a higher mortality rate than slaves, it seems that may be true. because slaves were an investment, while indentured servants were bonded for seven years… many were lucky to survive that long. But both were totally evil. Its ironic that the people who are the biggest enterpreneurs in Africa today are the descendants of the chiefs who sold so many people into slavery. Now they have all sorts of other means but it seems as if they are planning to return to a very similar kind of business. Taking advantage of desperate workers who will be sent overseas to work in a disempowered artificial state. Others taking most of their earnings, meagre as they are. But a deal is a deal, we have to help the (rich in the ) poor countries. So our people will have to give up jobs.


Oh you mean the type of slavery that replaced the old kind, after the civil war.


Slavery never really ended; the only difference is instead of iron chains the modern slave holders have people in economic chains who think they are free!


It’s worse than you all can imagine. Containers of letters are queued by the DOZENS waiting for sorting. Sorted mail sits on the docks waiting to have transportation (which is supposedly the new pmg’s specialty) containers loaded with parcels and bundles of magazines are stacked on top of each other both inbound and outbound. It’s worse than Christmas. I cannot even imagine what Christmas will look like.


Slaves were an investment that paid dividends. Every child born to a slave could be sold by the “owner” for a profit.


Debt peonage has never gone away and is likely to skyrocket in the coming years as millions of people find they no longer have any way to support themselves, no matter how little they will agree to work for it wont be low enough to compete with automation, or slavery. .

Also, traditional slavery is on the rise. There are more slaves now than there were in the mid 19th century all around the world. Please dont say that slavery has been abolished, it is still perfectly legal here, for example, if somebody is duly convicted of a crime.

just not based on race.

New kinds of slavery are based on global trade and services agreements like the GATS which we had a big part in creating. The negotiations have repeatedly collapsed due to the various parties not agreeing on terms but all indications are they will finally start moving forward. this will mean massive job losses to the allegedly “professional protectionists” here in the US. Once public services will be especuially hard hit.

. The ILO has written quite a bit on this. BAsically good jobs are under attack all around the world, with a goal of “restoring the profitability” of business by getting rid of the changes of the past 100 years or so the changes that made a middle class possible here in the US. They are to be dismantled because they allegedly discriminate against firms from elsewhere that bid lower on services. These are jobs we cannot afford to lose that anchor communities.


They clearly want people to lose their rented homes and then jobs that depend on their being housed. They are doing this because we dont realize it but 25 years ago they agreed to trade those jobs away.


The New York Times recently published an article (July 31, 2020) on that very subject. The author, Kashmir Hill, attempted “digital veganism” by blocking Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. The article is definitely worth a read.

Almost all the cities in the US had beloved electric trolley systems but unless you mean trains you could not cross the country in them. They had cars like the belover bouncy PCC cars which I really like riding in. Unfortunately there are few places left in the country where they still exist. The selling off of the public trolley system made the US addicted to cheap oil, and has been the cause of countless wars .

Now they are selling off our natural gas which is going to cause a real disaster as literally millions of affordable postwar apartments become too expensive to heat so they will most certainly be redeveloped. this will create millions of homeless people who have nowhere to go. How could they possibly survive, many dont even drive. And GATS will prevent the government from building public housing or really anythiong that most of us still think they can do. Both parties are hiding it all. Lying shamelessly so that people dont realize how insanely out of touch both of them are. But even their own people are really sick of it.

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Seems counterproductive to me, dont Republicans vote by mail also?

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Imagine the pension loot awaiting some capital vulture …


Not saying don’t believe you, but how do you know?

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