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Leading Field Among People of Color and Younger Voters, Sanders Right Behind Biden in New 2020 National Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/leading-field-among-people-color-and-younger-voters-sanders-right-behind-biden-new


All national polls including corporate owned pbs/npr are unreliable and probably fake. Bernie is probably leading and they will never let him win even if it means cheating state by state .


It will be quite interesting to watch and see how the party bosses once again rig the nomination in order to steal it from Sanders.


Bernie’s got this.


Perhaps the most interesting fact in that poll is that Sanders is leading in “non-white”. Yet the media narrative is that Sanders can’t get the minority vote. A clear case of false reporting.


2020 is our last chance to turn things around and to defeat ecocidal corporate dictatorship while it still matters.

Bernie or Bust.


“Mr. Sanders has reached the typically invisible, downwardly mobile working class with his language of ‘class warfare,’” Taylor wrote. “He has tapped into the anger and bitterness coursing through the lives of regular people.”

Adding up the number of really angry people ‘stirred up‘ by Sanders, and also by Trump, the government boys need to refit those old fallout shelters, the guillotines are being sharpened. The Trump crazies are willing to destroy the institutions, Sander’s forces are constructive and want to rebuild a more equitable system for all, except those darn billionaires, be damn.

Bernie 2020 and us.


I have to give the Sander’s campaign a lot of credit. Unlike 2016 where they were surprised by their popularity, in 2020 they are a well oiled machine. They have their messaging down, they know their audience and they know how they will be attacked. As to the latter, they have responded with honesty, bluntness and a subtle sense of humor.

The campaign has also been good at presenting Bernie as three things: 1) a lead candidate; 2) an outsider with new ideas; and 3) an underdog. Great combination as it appeals to the American belief in meritocracy, equality of opportunity, and that “anyone can be president”. Of course, what makes this whole campaign stick together is Bernie’s integrity and his sense of moral decency.

The timing of this surge is pitch perfect. Approximately, 45 days to go to the primaries and the campaign is shifting into a new gear deploying its ground forces. If the under 50 crowd shows up at the polls and Bernie can spread his message to that gaggle of “no-information democratic voters” that strangely like Joe Biden, I think Bernie could stream roll the field.

Time to go Bernie crazy and push the oligarchy out of the way.


These constant polls corporate media keeps trotting out every week are pure propaganda.
Their intent is to make it look like a close race with Bernie lagging slightly behind, so that people will not question them when they inevitably steal the nomination yet again.
Bernie is the most popular politician America has had since JFK, where as Biden has never managed to get more than 1.4% of the vote in his many attempts at the presidency and vice presidency.
Infact he only got above 0. % that one time, making him one of the least popular presidential candidates alive.
The chances of him even being close to Bernie are slim, to say the least.


If he wins the first 2 states and comes within a point or two of Biden in South Carolina, then let the steamrolling begin.


Actually, it will be more equitable for them, as they become more equal to the rest.


Margin of error + / - 5.4%
N= 704 democrats and democrat leaning persons

el cheapo poll.

But the important are the high quality state by state polls because you can ‘feel the Bern’ electoral votes which is how we actually roll. Not by poll


Has anyone seen any hints of the following scenario? No one has a majority of delegates going to the convention. Then, preferably on the first ballot, the deeply blue states that have Bernie at the top gives ALL their delegates to Bernie and gives him the nomination, thus, hopefully, negating any influence of the supers by the need for a second ballot. Don’t know if that is something the states can even do.


I hate to be optimistic (I know, a weird thing to say) but I just have a feeling that Bernie’s ground game in Iowa and NH are waaaaay stronger than ANYONE believes.


If the polls are accurate, it shows that a large percentage of Americans are dumb enough to back Biden, despite him being senile, anti-progressive, pro-war, corporate, and basically, a hack.
Let’s hope that enough of the dummies are enlightened and become Bernie supporters.
The Obama/Biden mythology persists.


And if Biden loses the first 2 states he will say they weren’t important anyway.


Going to correct: MSM narrative is Biden leading among Blacks… a misleading narrative because no mention of other minorities eg. latinos. (in logic “error by omission”)


I don’t see evidence of Biden’s senility. He does have a speech impediment (stuttering https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/01/joe-biden-stutter-profile/602401/
Like Greta Thunberg, I give him a lot of credit for working through a disability (much like in the movie, The King’s Speech). Of course, Trump will continue to ridicule Biden…“sleepy Joe”, etc.; Sanders in debate appears to treat Biden with respect.

I don’t have tv and I may have missed it but haven’t heard any mention of this poll on npr , nor hardly a mention of his name in the morning, as a 70ish oldster my peers are Bernie supporters , go Bernie. Dump trump


A request to the national media:

Please keep the “Bernie Blackout” in place. It’s working perfectly.