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Leading House Dems Demand 'Full Accounting' on Trump Order Allowing Purge of Federal Workforce

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/26/leading-house-dems-demand-full-accounting-trump-order-allowing-purge-federal

And so we keep going backwards… The Civil Service was set up after the Civil War to stop as much of the corruption going on in the federal departments, to bring in trained career employees who could pass on what they knew about complex procedures to new hires. The Fifth Risk shows how the Trump bunch came in without any plans, rhymes, or desire for information. And now we’re in a fifth risk-high probability, high fatality rate.
This also has the smell of neocons-Kochs, DeVos, the rest of the U of Chicago bunch, who have eviscerated the vestiges of unions at state/local levels with “right to work” rulings. Goodbye to scientists in CDC, USGS, Park Service, National Weather Service, et cet. But look for a bunch of Christians “educated” at schools like Oral Roberts University, Bob Jones University, Patrick Henry, Liberty University, to work there. Global warming-a hoax. The Earth will be only 6000 years old. Mankind rode and tamed dinosaurs. Creationism will be taught in all public schools. And…a biggie-only Caucasians are fully human. All other races are animals and not as intelligent.


Constitutional scholars here is one for you. Can Biden simply undo a trump EO, or does it take an act of congress?


Thomas Franks’ (2008) The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule is an excellent read on exactly what is going on here. The hiring of incompetents such as Perry, DeVos, Carson, etc. was by design. Let government fail. The bigger the fail the better. It is a twisted and sick mentality. I too get wrapped up in the duopoly narrative, but realize that competence matters. Uncle Joe was not my pick, but I have his back now that he is going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And by having his back I mean I hope to be among the forces helping to push him toward progress. With Bernie, Liz, The Squad, and so many others who will have access and need to use it. Progress takes involvement, it is not a spectator sport.


Indeed and has looked that way, most likely, to many of us. They want anything public to fail so the corporatists can swoop in and privatize everything.


Perfect Revenge:
Use the Expedited Firing part of the order to fire all the Trumplethinskin parasites who have burrowed their way into the Civil Service.

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Time for a show down with CHURCH – which also means Rahm Emmanuel who’s
been defunding public schools and replacing them with Charter schools/95% religious
due to loop-holes in the legislation.

Rahm is obviously part of the Koch/DeVos team –

Unions also under attack here –

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