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Leading Powers to Double Renewable Energy Supply by 2030


Leading Powers to Double Renewable Energy Supply by 2030

Diego Arguedas Ortiz, IPS News

Eight of the world’s leading economies will double their renewable energy supply by 2030 if they live up to their pledges to contribute to curbing global warming, which will be included in the new climate treaty.


And the war will be over in six moths at the most.


Only six moths?


Sorry six months. We will be greeted as heroes and Iraqi oil will pay for it and we know where the WMD are stored.


This is a baby step but not nearly enough, especially if consumption continues to increase.
Surely we can do better and the first step is always REDUCE - ie reduce energy consumption to begin with. The biggest unchallenged cause of Oil Addiction is Auto Addiction which for the US is directly responsible for 70% of US oil usage. To reduce that we need serious buildout NOW of
Green Transit Rail, LightRail, bicycles and walkable communities. While we could easily double Green Transit usage in a matter of a few yearss by reinstating the operating subsidies that existed before Reagan, it will take years to replace our Auto Addicted transit with Green transit Rail on existing Rail rights of way and highway medians. For example, finally the Feds have agreed to pay for 50% of desperately needed new Rail tunnels from New Jersey to New York and NY and NJ have each agreed to 25% ( Rail tunnel Funding Proposed it will take 10 years to finish. It took decades to build our current Auto Addiction infrastructure disaster. It will take years to rebuild our Rail network and build key tunnels and bridges as well as electrify it.
On the other hand the potential for Green Transit replacing fossil fuels is enormous- the Dutch already use renewable electricity for 50% of their Rail with concrete plans to power their whole Rail network 100% with renewable electricity by 2018.