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Leak Confirms DNC Aimed to Squash Questions Over Clinton Fundraising Scheme


Leak Confirms DNC Aimed to Squash Questions Over Clinton Fundraising Scheme

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) tried to hide the fact that Hillary Clinton's campaign allegedly benefited from a controversial joint fundraising project her team claimed was helping down-ticket candidates, according to leaked emails.


Bernie the Cowardly Lion finally completes his Judas Goat mission tonight by symbolically nominating the woman who embodies everything his campaign was purportedly opposed to.

Run away, America, run away from the Democratic Party abbatoir. If you do as the Cowardly Lion suggests and step inside, you lose your soul, and you roast.


I'm going to repeat this until I'm blue in the face.

The Common Dreamers here need to face reality. With all due respect to Jeff Weaver, he fought the battle against the indomitably corrupt DNFC ( the Democratic National Fooking Committee), and seemed to have won with the reopening of the computerized "D" voter list, only to loose the war. It's time to move on.

I just got a note from the Green Party. Jill says they need to get on the Kansas voter list. My question is WTF, why aren't you already on the Kansas voter list. It all cost money and takes money. Sanders made that abundantly clear. Jill has a real problem collecting money. I think that the party is afraid to bring up the matter. Sanders wasn't afraid to emphasize that fact of politics.

They should be telling us, the voters, which states are on the list, and who still has to be brought on. To you Green folks, you really need to get your asses in gear. To the rest of you Common Dreamers, send them the fooking money rather than promising that you will vote on a candidate that cant even get on the ballot.

Holy shit, this isn't rocket science.

And I keep giving money to the Greens. They have one of the most pathetic money grabbers on the internet. For christ's sake, get some competent IT personnel on board. I cant help, I'm an expat, and over 70, I don't live in the US, and I don't want to do this shit!


Does this mean we get a do over?


This is also significant because one of Clinton's campaign talking points throughout emphasized that she was aiding down-ballot Democrats, while Sanders was not.



I think they call this money-laundering. Thankfully, a class action lawsuit just filed name this as one of six courses of action. So more details will come out, some might even have criminal liability implications.


Mocking Sanders will get you nowhere. Sanders fought a good fight, but is now history. Find somewhere where you can have an effect and do something about it. Stop your belly-aching about the contender list! . Give money. Give time. Help the Greens, as incompetent as they seem. Jill Stein is a goddess compared to all this other shit out there.


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Matt Taibbi asks at the end of this piece:

"What does it all mean?"

and he answers that question:

"If you're a Clinton fan, probably nothing."

If this is the case, then we have some serious issues with too many people----- Clinton fans----- who are devoid of consciences. I mean really, DeflateGate was taken more seriously than this!


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Now we can add "Money Laundering" to HRC/DNC's list of crimes!

Bernie....PLEASE STOP!! What have they done to you to make you betray us like this!? You can't spend all that time speaking truth to power and then simply pretend everything is okie-dokey and we're all on the same team! I don't give a flying fart how scary Trump is! There is nothing worse than a man or woman who betrays their principles and/or their brethren just for a couple of meaningless lines on a non-binding document (or a few pieces of silver) . Was it worth your soul and the souls of the people who believed in you or was this what you were planning all along? Did you string us along so you could build us up and then cut us down like the dogs you think we are?

All I can say is that you'd better not run for re-election in Vermont. You - are - done - here!


The propaganda being used by the mainstream media in the USA to try and deflect attention away from the absolute corruption of the US Political system and make it about Russia is so obvious it pathetic.

This article has an ominous picture of Putin then lays out a bunch of BS is to why Putin would want to meddle in the politics of "the free world".


Can't wait for November to see which of the two evils win. A 40+ year Democrat, I've got popcorn and a brewskie at the ready. FDR, JFK, LBJ, RFK and MLK are rolling in their graves. Here's hoping the corrupt Clinton is unmercifully crushed.


A General Strike might work in Europe, but not here. That's because we've got this crazy indoctrinated view that government can be "fixed" only through the electoral process. It's etched into our brains from the time we take our first Civics class and it's repeated over and over again by every media outlet.

"If you don't like the way things are run, VOTE!"

The problem with that is that people either don't vote because they've been disenfranchised or they're feeling generally hopeless or they simply vote for whoever the idiot box tells them to vote for.

I'd LOVE to see a General Strike happen, but the people who have jobs would be too afraid of losing their crappy jobs if they tried that, and if you can't get at least a 60% participation in a General Strike, there'd too many people who'd be willing to scab your job away from you and since most families are only one or two paychecks away from homelessness, you'd have a very hard time getting enough people to participate.


I'd like this to be a scandal, but it sounds like business as usual.
Would've preferred an e-mail dump from the RNC, especially as the other D'ump will use this.


"There is nothing worse than a man or woman who betrays their principles and/or their brethren just for a couple of meaningless lines on a non-binding document (or a few pieces of silver)."

What just might be worse than that, is Mike Pence running the show for a man who could not care less.


Better than a comb-over (Trump)


Respectfully, I disagree.

Yes, Mike Pence running the White House while Trump is off "playing President" would be a bad thing. But at least in that case we'll be getting what we paid for. Both he and Trump may be soulless bastards, but at least they're not pretending to be anything else.

If Sanders "pretended" to be the champion for the 99% of this country while being complacent in our destruction, then there's a special place in hell for that sort of betrayal. If we go along with that betrayal, then we all deserve a Trump/Pence White House.


You are correct.

Countries where general strikes happen typically have strong socialist systems in place such that those participating need not worry about losing everything, and ending up on the streets, unlike here in the good ole USA.

And even if things get so bad that masses are jobless anyway, such strikes will be met with brute force, including a more militarized police using sound cannons, microwave crowd control, mass surveillance coordinated through HS like what was happening to OWS, and all the rest.


Pence would be doing a tad more than "running the White House..."
I too am disappointed that Bernie's out, but he chose (wisely or not) to run as a Democrat, so is obliged to consider the future of that party (such as it is).