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Leaked Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline Executive Says "Election Night Changed Everything" and DAPL "Is Going Through"

Leaked Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline Executive Says "Election Night Changed Everything" and DAPL "Is Going Through"

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

The New York Daily News has uploaded what appears to be a recorded audio file of Energy Transfer Partners' Chief Operating Officer Matthew Ramsey saying that "election night changed everything" for the company as it relates to its embattled Dakota Access Pipeline.</body></html>

Meanwhile we can read the ND Governor’s views in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune main editorial. http://www.startribune.com/dakota-access-pipeline-mob-rule-triumphed-over-law-and-common-sense/406939436/
Governor Dalrymple ® says “mob rule” and “paid protestors” were the problem.


Yeah the Governor is right.
Energy Transfer Partners is no different than the Mob.
And the leaked audio from don Matthew Ramsey is straight out of the Godfather


Every single thing Trump & Cabinet represent are an affront and grave threat to our nation and people…a clear and present danger…
He represents the 1%, corporate interests, banker/wall st greed and tax evasions, environmental catastrophe, more Israeli subversion and expanded expansionism, racism and ME wars…to secure Israeli crimes and illegal expansionism…on and on.

This vulture capitalist sociopaths direction is the antithesis of what America ostensibly and actually (sometimes) stood for. The Dem Party establishment was not an opposition party, but a pre-meditated complicit tweedle-dum representing the same forces we will see run rampant over everything - exploitation and profits above all else will rule…and still Dem sellouts and bootlickers remain craven servants for Trumps extremist rhetoric and soon-come outrages as they refuse to even admit there is anything wrong with rightward slide, ignoring the 99% and R’Con complicity.

This is partially the result of no real debates, media allowing and braying absolute BS lies, racist hatred & exclusion, childish diversions and refusals to answer questions! HOW can the public be expected to make a choice, even between two mostly hated candidates, and have zero real on-the-record statements of what they truly stand-for and propose…like SCOTUS justices refusing to answer questions, this MO is out of all bounds!

It may be that so many differing constituencies and ordinary people who never voted for this extremism will rebel ad fight against this madness. Impeachment (regardless the risk of Pence) and/or indictment for what is surely coming or has been may slow the decent into destruction of our republic and wider world.

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The pipeline company CEO has no clue about the massive resistance coming his way. Either we move in an environmentally sustainable way or we destroy our ecosystem. Time for real Change!


Clearly the old tactic of pitting the working class against environmentalists is at play here–never mind that the oil will not be for domestic consumption, that it will create few jobs–so what is sorely needed is to emphasize relentlessly the creation of many jobs that will be based on clean and renewable energy everywhere.


Sorry, dude. I saw way more “craven servants” buying Trump’s rhetoric here at CD and other “progressive” sites than the vile center-left blogosphere. Trump was better on trade, was going to shake up the neolibs, would be better on “war,” was going to get impeached anyway–read it all here. Even read several times it’d be better bringing things to a “head” with Trump.

Personally, I am surprised there’s not more celebration here at CD and the Intercept. The vile neolibs are out of power. The hard right is in. Yay!


Yes let’s keep going on this:

Some numbers to call to inform Energy Transfers that if keeping it in the ground is what we are really after than we stand guilty (I will be mailing my open letter to them to various local media)

Energy Transfer Partners Energy Transfer Equity

Dallas Office Dallas Office

8111 Westchester Drive 8111 Westchester Drive
Dallas, TX 75225 Dallas, TX 75225

Office: 214-981-0700 Office: 214-981-0700
Fax: 214-981-0703 Fax: 214-981-0703


do these corporate ceo’s and coo’s really believe their own hype? really? the attempt to justify the über-destruction of the earth’s foundation by hydraulic fracturing by calling this infrastructure building is an insult to thinking people everywhere. maybe they believe their own talking points, but more likely they pride themselves for their ability to seduce the gullible public. they see john q public as an under-educated mob for whom they have no respect. job creators! oh, how they want us to presume that we will all soon be rolling in dough as this pipeline goes through. a few years ago a friend who worked at a job placement agency told me about a stampede of over a thousand desperate hopefuls showing up to apply for the 300 jobs in fracking. that caught my attention! i asked where in the rio grand valley would the fracking take place. randy explained that those hired would join a crew travelling to the work site. in order to earn a pay check these men must leave family and friends for months at a time. ask yourself why energy transfer partners and such prefer to bus workers in rather than hire from communities near the project. of course, these are not permanent jobs for they will disappear once the pipeline is complete. don’t believe their arrogant, lying faces for even a minute!

“Having a government that actually backs up what they say that we're going to support infrastructure, we're going to support job creation, we're going to support growth in America, and then actually does it?,” Warren told The Dallas Morning News. “My God, this is going to be refreshing.”

When faced with ‘only’ two undesirable choices: ‘vile neolib’ or ’ hard right’ always choose the third. Then get ready for some real work.


They need to have one our progressives sit down with them and explain there wasn’t any difference at all between Clinton and Trump. Silly corporate executives.


There’s a few Trumprogressives who have disappeared.

I find your comment disturbing for many reasons. The vile neolibs are not “shaken-up” only retrenching their betrayal. Sounds like you’re an apologist for Trump. I would very much have preferred bringing our destructive direction by both party’s to a “head” in a far different fashion than the sicko & company destroying damn near everything worth anything! By the time this cabal of pathological fools is done there will be little left to save…I’m NOT cheering for this method of change!


Even more interesting is to scan the comments to the ‘piece’ (an intentional choice of term). Very important point of due process for mr. dalrymple is that the rather ‘white’ suburban counterparts in North Dakota had their voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR when they said NO WAY! on routing of the pipeline.

There is a dalwrinkle in the narrative like a cartoon character with fuzzy rack.


K was reciting the pro Trump crap that was constantly spouted here. As you very well know. Calling K a Trump apologist is just more of the dishonest style of argument popular here.

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DAPL “Is Going Through”…I guess, that’s what you phkn think. Not going to happen!..and Dalrymple can suck rocks.

PHK the hard Reich asswipes and their minions. If they are ‘in’, I hope they come and pick you up first…I’ll give 'em fake news so they think…This is stupid, Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to this nation and idiots just don’t get it.

There really was a difference, one is a phkn idiot, the other one had an IQ.



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Infrastructure?!! Give me a break. This is a public taking for private profit, and only private profit. Just how does N. Dakota benefit. Some temporary jobs? At the cost of upward of $6,000,000 of taxpayer money to bully Protectors? Apparently words have lost all meaning. If Energy Partners thinks this will now be a cakewalk, they are just wrong.