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Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials


Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials

Jon Queally, staff writer

A newly-leaked audio recording reveals that oil and gas executives in a private meeting were "giddy" with laughter in the summer of 2017 as they rejoiced over the "unprecedented access" they were being given to the highest levels of the Trump administration, boasting about their ability to have closed-door meetings with top officials and the ascendance of their own industry colleagues to some of the most powerful seats of government.

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Add $1 of tax, to the Gas and Oil companies, not the consumers, for each and every gallon of gas sold. A tax they can greatly afford seeing as they are recording record profits.

It can be reported as the “Oil Industry’s Contribution to the American People,” and the tax collected can be used for environmental cleanup and incentives for new company startups in the field of Sustainable Energy Sources.



These are the gang of thugs that actually believe there is such a thing as CLEAN COAL.

America is becoming a Third World Country where our leader is a corrupt charlatan enriching himself, his family and his billionaire donors by destroying our beautiful protected National Park-lands and gorgeous scenery, which we worked so hard to protect.

These profit mongering fascists are also destroying our health with pollution from the fossil fuels they promote.

They are stifling the movement toward Renewable Energy and the NEW GREEN DEAL with their lies and attempts to ridicule this wave of the future.



They can laught their sick heads off. What’s funny about destroying thei Planet that They live on too? Money is a powerful drug and All big corporation heads are addicts who need rehab ASAP.



Looks like it’s going to take an extinction event just to get rid of these a**holes. Oh, well. Whatever it takes.



Just shows that the Oligarchy couldn’t care less which party is ‘in power’. They own both.
Does is get any Sicker than this:



An August, 2000 Newsweek story on Joe Liebermn, The Soul And The Steel [1] reveals that some of the early funding came from ARCO, Chevron, Merck, Du Pont, Microsoft, Philip Morris and Koch Industries:

His selection may also complicate Gore’s efforts to depict Bush as a patsy for big business. Since 1995 Lieberman has chaired the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the centrist think tank that eschews liberal dogma and promotes market-oriented approaches to policy. Like many similar groups, the DLC (of which Gore is a founding member) has never disclosed its funding sources. But last week, in response to requests from NEWSWEEK, it turned over a list of top donors. If Gore still hopes to score populist points by bashing Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies that oppose his plan to add a prescription-drug entitlement to Medicare, he may have some explaining to do. Among the DLC’s biggest benefactors last year (contributions of between $50,000 and $100,000) were ARCO, Chevron and the drug giant Merck. Other big underwriters include Du Pont, Microsoft and Philip Morris (which has kicked in $500,000 since Lieberman became DLC chairman). There is no evidence that the DLC has trimmed policies to accommodate its patrons, but some contributors say the money has helped ensure an open door to Lieberman. “We’ve been able to have a dialogue with the senator and his staff,” said Jay Rosser, spokesman for another DLC benefactor, Koch Industries, an oil-pipeline firm that is also a big GOP donor.


“The DLC characterizes itself as the ‘founding organization of the New Democratic movement,’ the goal of which is to ‘modernize the progressive tradition in American politics.’ The DLC further highlights its commitment to a ‘Third Way’ agenda that includes some apparently conservative as well as leftwing guiding principles.”



hahaha, we’re insane hehehe, we’re killing the planet hohoho we’re killing each other hahaha I just killed my family hehehe we are sick f*ucks that don’t know better hohoho

gitmo is there for a reason!



The “Extinction Level Event” could be us, “We the People” if we chose it to be.

It would only take organization Ed.



Sorry. You’re right. I’m just depressed.



I backed the Green Party in 2016 and ask: how could so many millions of people vote for Trump? The modern day Benedict Arnold? Are there that many politically, ignorant voters in America? Just imagine if we had Dr. Jill Stein in the oval office!



60+ million Americans chose Greed, Hate, and Entitlement over, Peace, Planet, and People.

Their choice has reshaped America, and all honest people’s chances at real Democracy.

For the foreseeable future.



I must be in a different universe, 60 million Americans!



This has all of earmarks of a cult and is deep in a silent scream for a public intervention. Time for a Granny D. Maybe starting from all points of the country and headed to whever the public support is needed



One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Jung

I know he was right - but busting through the traps is not going to be answered by a single response. Seems the response must be in as broad a variety of perspectives - recognizing each other - as there are perspectives.

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That is a great idea, PonyBoy, but…It ain’t gonna happen!!!
Learning about this audio proves beyond anyone’s doubt that this administration is utterly corrupt and those in power just DON"T give a fuck. They are enriching themselves at the people’s expense and they are not about to make changes. At least not until we vote them out of the office (or put their asses in the calaboose).



I think it may also REQUIRE educating a good many folks who just don’t pay attention to the world around them. I don’t think they will organize until they come to an understanding of WHY they need to organize and then get out and VOTE!



Yes, me too! I just want to scream and keep on screaming myself hoarse!

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Obviously they must hate their grand kids to clean up the mess they’ll create.

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“We refuse to recognize that we are a species that perfectly fits the definition of a disease, freeing itself (very temporarily) from the constraints of natural selection and the limitations of natural resources only to wreak havoc on ourselves and our fellow species in a massive assault on the host that we parasitize - the planet.” –John Glad



I sounded to me that these dudes were overjoyed about Trump Administration putty in the hand officials. Which would indicate relief of the Obama Administration. Don’t make it about democrats, it’s too muck like trolling.