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Leaked Audio of Payday Loan Executive Bragging About White House Access Reveals 'Quid Pro Quo' Top Trump Donors Enjoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/29/leaked-audio-payday-loan-executive-bragging-about-white-house-access-reveals-quid


Not that I expect anything to come from this, but it reminds us once again that the Constitution gives as reasons for impeachment “treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors…”

Of course, to successfully pursue this line would require that the investigators have clean hands. (sigh)


This has been standard operating procedure for generations.
America’s wealthy have never “donated” a dime to political candidates. They think of it as an “investment”. And of course, every investment must pay dividends.


Is anything as consistent as government in the hands of monied interests?
And is there a better reason to support Bernie?


i’m stunned this could possibly be “news”.

Has anyone in the “independent media” ever taken a poli sci 101 course? What’s the dominant explanation by political science about the effects of campaign spending again? Oh, yeah…access?

This is the most fundamental “quid pro quo” of ALL campaign bloody finance at every single level of politics! And now it’s something unique to Trump?

This is that part of the notorious Happy Days episode where you’re the Fonz, halfway over the shark in your sleek, leather jacket, and the freeze frame hits. Do you rewind and reconsider the stunt? Or do you finish the landing and guarantee the end of your series?


Only one of the “smoking guns” associated with this president detailing the corruption and crimes of this utterly bought and paid-for regime and its rotting fish-head leader; der trumpenfuhrer…

The very long prison term awaits, and hopefully a place in the dock at The Hague as well; it should be the gallows for this odious excuse for a human being who has destroyed so much, and used so many, harming countless lives in his greed-driven depravity and indifference, even if the playbook was written long ago, the orange chancre has enlarged the crimes and corruption to make it his own. The only positive aspect/outcome has been to show all with eyes to see the enormity of our corrupted government mechanisms and the corrupting influence of big-money and powerful people allowed to infest representative government to secure access, representation, elections, and legislation from those they buy - or rent cheap!


Why don’t we change to White House to The Trump House and put billboards on the white house lawn? We knew this guy was no good from day 1 and he has done a great job of proving us right.


The predatory class, which imagines itself simply as knights for the taking capitalism to its richeous (as opposed to righteous) epitomy - oh, what joy, what enervation, I mean energized squandering…

Hillary must be right up there with saint ron. He gutted the government and left it a shell to be manipulated and WJC and HRC respectively brought us front and center to Citizens United.

Funny to think of money as speech when those who were once claimants to stewards of the economy have rendered the concept of currency increasingly moot given the printing spree and derivatives of derivatives of derivatives of derivatives …ad infinitum. Apparently too much of the funny powders for too many decades makes sharks into 'the MEG’ !


Once Trump is gone, we’ll surly put an end to this quip pro quo stuff. LOL.


Maybe no “better” reasons but there are too many reasons to count.


There can never be too many reasons to vote for a progressive. There are too many detractors afraid of change. The Party of Fear and Loathing is alive and as sick as ever.


Nope. There is no evidence of any misuse of the Clinton Foundation. Fake news from international fascist trolls.


Once Adam Schif gets done with them alligators, they’ll make nice shoes and belts.

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The famous ‘Princeton Study’ shows that this has been the operative political process for at least 30 years.

If you’re familiar with your local State Legislature, you know why. The bills are written by ALEC (not your Representative). The halls are filled with fully time lobbyists paid 6 figures who advocate for only one corporate group ‘entity’. The overarching Chamber of Commerce always has a very powerful lobbyist trying to coordinate the attack. The few ‘big money’ environmental fronts usually have only part-time paid lobbyists. The voice of the People is nowhere.

In that environment, a legislator (let’s say they start off honest) only hears corporate propaganda 24/7 (or 12/5). That legislator is often dependent upon getting information from lobbyists, since they have limited access to ‘staff’ to help them with any independent analysis. The corporate lobbyists use fancy jargon and reinforce each other, so the legislator begins to think they are the ‘experts’. And, …

There is no ‘People’s presence’ in the Legislature, and, thus, we see no People’s influence, whatsoever, on legislation that passes out of our ‘democratic institutions’.


Hi Yunzer:
However, it was amazing that the Hillary did so well with fund raising when she was SOS.
But many of us are still mystified-----what exactly did the Clinton Foundation do? Can you explain what that foundation did?


Russian hands with Roamin fingers…

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Maybe we’ll some of their toothy heads on guerneys before the body bags are zipped up…

Hi drone: I think it’s news because now we know that Donald Trump speaks ancient Latin----even if it’s just 3 words! : )

Trump caters to loan stores ripping off the poor in Chicago and then calls Chicago a terrible city.

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Easy to understand why Mr. Johnson points out the corruption of Trump, after all that is one huge target. But to be credible he, Jake Johnson, should be pointing out the utter corruption of this seriously flawed system as a whole. Both corporate parties and major candidates live by ‘Quid Pro Quo’. Just exactly what how do you expect to nail Trump with any degree of validity when you are doing exactly the same thing only with a greater degree of subtly which, frankly, is much more corrupt and dangerous than the in your face Trump method. It is the system! Let’s fix it!! Voter Bernie!!