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Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/leaked-audio-shows-oil-lobbyist-bragging-about-success-criminalizing-pipeline

If the author is shocked by the practice of lobbyists providing template legislation, he is incredibly naive. All lobbyists do this, liberal and conservative. The provided language rarely makes it to the floor unscathed, as legislative aides edit the language to get more support. But I’d be willing to bet a case of good beer that progressive organizations opposed to oil and gas distribution are doing the very same thing.

This is what a failed state looks like. Come to think of it, this is what a failed social contract looks like. While we’re at it, this is what a corrupt economic theory looks like. And not to mince words, this is what a briefing for a descent into chaos looks like. Exponential function dynamics, anyone? The system is founded on a premise, shared by theologies, economic theory, political theory and practice of ‘if you can, then do it’.

There was the thread some centuries ago of long-term balance thinking, but that’s been spat out on a regular basis. Whats left is venial, narcissistic mooning of reality beyond the institutional blinkering system.

Ironically - or not - the institutions need to be ‘institutionalized’.


Makes you feel like a boxer who keeps getting knocked down. They hope that eventually we simply say, “No mas.”


Lobbyists hide behind fake associations, which are actually an organization of corrupt executives bribing corrupt politicians. In my southern home state, ALEC boiler plate legislation was passed (another issue). The corrupt politicians failed to remove the names of the previous state’s lackeys
from the bill.

American Democracy = Money. He who has the money gets the politicians, the other 99% gets the shaft.


Just give them what they want. They will be paid for what they are worth.

It is far more organized and profligate on the right. See “ALEC” or American Legislative Exchange Council, bankrolled primarily by the Koch Brothers.


False. Whataboutism. False equivalency. Ludicrous. Stupidity = your comment.
This article is about industries that destroy the environment, steal land, bribe politicians, and harm people’s health who are paying off lawmakers to criminalize First Amendment activities on behalf of the destructive industries.
People who are opposed to industries that destroy the biosphere and act like feudal kings aren’t doing the same thing as those industry lobbyists, nor are their motivations sinister and greed-driven as the industry’s motivations are.


Oil and plastic’s have killed governance around the globe. The are micro-plastic’s in our air, our rain, our food and our brains. The amount of carbon in the air is increasing the vapor pressure to the degree it is slowing down the process of photosynthesis. Any gains from the the increase of carbon assistance to plant growth we starting loosing in 1990 according to new studies. They have killed the planet, our governments and us.


This is what Fascism Is.


I’d like to say that outright executing any and all fossil fuel industry workers you come across is not only self defence, but heroic defence of all life everywhere, but the truth is that it would probably only be pointless revenge.
In all likelyhood it is already too late to save anyone.

Hello Derek, putting people in jail for protesting the destruction of the environment is profoundly wrong. We need to wean ourselves from fossil fuels and these pipelines are counter to that concept.
This might be a good brew for you however …


As long as the rule of money and profits above all else control the direction our planet takes rather than ideas, truth, and justice, we will continue the slide into destruction and an unlivable planet. Fossil fuel exploitation and the infrastructure that moves it are a threat to the clean water all life depends on.

Vulture capitalism welcomes anything that can make a buck regardless how destructive, deadly, or polluting; lead kids toys, “care” products filled with deadly chemicals, human and pet foods containing poisons/carcinogens, petroleum based plastics rather than biodegradable hemp-based, forests and all the wildlife they are home to, destroyed to grow palm oil, the list is endless, all government ostensibly for the people is now entirely corrupted by big-money and those that control it, and unless that equation is radically changed, and pursuit of wealth as the end-all and be-all is destroyed we are done.



So peaceful protest can be criminalized –

but somehow Americans don’t have the intelligence to make clear the
criminal nature of Capitalism and its exploitation of all of nature – animal life –
and humans … according to various myths of “inferiority”???

Thought the “Robber Barons” by FDR had a nice touch to it –
we can demonize ideas and blood sucking money makers with just as much
effect as GOP propaganda is able to do so regularly.

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I second that emotion!

It’s been us against them with the law, moral judgements, and particularly oil drilling and transport for a long, long time.
Shocked? No way.
But your post said it, we idly watch our own destruction.

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What are progressive organizations supposed to do? Nothing? Which side is in it for the profit and which side is in it for the people and the common good? Governments are elected to act on behalf of the common good. They should never give away or sell away what belongs collectively to the people.

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Australia is making similar moves. They have passed draconian penalties for direct action, in order to protect coal mining.