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Leaked DHS Analysis Puts "Stake in the Heart" of Trump's Travel Ban 2.0


Leaked DHS Analysis Puts "Stake in the Heart" of Trump's Travel Ban 2.0

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a major scoop said to put a "stake in the heart of the Muslim ban," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Thursday evening on a new leaked Department of Homeland Security (DHS) analysis which essentially shreds the Trump administration's rationale for banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations.


As this new administration develops we are left wondering when they are going to actually do a bit of constructive administering. So far we have two sullied cabinet members and an unconstitutional travel ban. We have the threat of a budget that will move us back to the pre Nixon era regarding worker safety and environmental regulation with little to no regard to how our health care, which definitely will subsequently decline. will be paid for. There also is the promise to deregulate the banks and insurance sector to facilitate their bottom lines while assuring another Wall Street collapse.
Mr. Trump was absolutely correct, I most assuredly do not believe what I am seeing nor what is beginning to appear through the fog of bad grammar and obfuscation.


With respect to fake news and rigged elections, "Trump WAS absolutely correct", except he forgot to mention that he and the GOP are second to none at rigging elections, creating and spreading fake news.


Not saying we wouldn't all be happier if Bernie were president, but if you gotta have a fascist for POTUS, it seems this is the kind to have--bizarrely, quirkily insane, utterly incompetent, quick to anger and alienate, radically disorganized, obsessed with tangential nonsense and his own image, with no patience and no idea how to get things done in a bureaucracy...


I think this story points out just how effing stupid Rachel Maddow is. In case some of you haven't noticed, those that are leading us down to the path to tyranny, fascism, etc. do not play by the rules that many believe are fair or universal.

Rather than driving a stake into the heart of Trump's Islamic immigration agenda this report will likely be the crowning keystone to his eventual ban. Don't you get it? If it can't be determined through vetting, investigation, Vulcan mind probe, whatever, which Muslims will become radicalized after rubbing elbows with racist, intolerant, and historically vacuous Americans then the only thing for it is to ban all of them, regardless of country of origin.

Think about it. It reeks of the simplicity that will instantly become dogma to his base.


Yeppers, our idiot-in-chief thinks he's quite a brainiac but there's Not. Much, There.


THAT is absolutely the crux of the problem!