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Leaked Doc: Netanyahu's Claims About Iran Nuclear Program Denied By His Own Spy Agency


Leaked Doc: Netanyahu's Claims About Iran Nuclear Program Denied By His Own Spy Agency

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim three years ago that Iran was within close reach of possessing a nuclear bomb was denied by his government's own spy agency, Mossad, a top secret document obtained by Al Jazeera and the Guardian reveals.


I’m infinitely grateful to all the whistle blowers, and more generally to all the insiders of the machinery of empire that leak information to the public, thus becoming traitors of the empire and heroes of the people. Personally I haven’t learned anything, as I always assume that all of Netanyahu’s official pronouncements are lies, but these revelations are helpful in that it becomes a little harder for US mainstream media and politicians to justify granting this man a platform from which he can continue spouting his dangerous nonsense.


Bibi knows Iran has no potential and most likely no intention in developing nuclear weapons and it is why he is pushing for war much as the US did in claiming that Iraq had WMDs.


Giving the usual Beltway response to any news which reveals Israel’s lies, we must conclude that Mossad is completely biased in its coverage of Israel and is staffed by anti-Semites and self-hating Jews.



The picture looks like the bomb Wile e Coyote set for the road runner. It always blows up in his face. If it wasn’t that Netanyahu can’t wait to start a world war, it would be funny. But it is tragically surreal.


As an opponent of nuclear weapons (and, equally, of theocratic states) I have come to believe that Iran should have the right to own such a weapon in order to be able to defend themselves against rogue states like Israel, UK and the USA. Hasn’t Iran been one of the most stable, predictable and reasonable agents in the Middle East over the recent decades? They have stayed reasonable, calm and predictable despite the ongoing provocative politics of intrusions, assassinations, sabotage, border violations and false flag operations. The USA hasn’t had the honesty and balls to confess to the terrorist shooting down of Iran Air flight 655 in 1988 even to this day. All this happened while the whole world was watching, the UN silenced - disinformed by US and Israeli media. No, Iran has a right to arm and protect themselves, since noone else is doing it.
If Iraque had had the weapon, the US would never have ben able to attack and wipe out that the country. Sure Saddam Hussein was a criminal - but compared to those criminals to come and ruin his country he was a tame carpet tiger. Putin is lucky because he is able to draw a definite Red Line against all illegal and rogue interventions of the US and the EU. He is the only one left to respond to the juvenile, testosterone laden talk of Obama and consorts - and he has adapted well. And let’s be honest, Americans, can you think of a more horrific dystopia than that of a sole and unchallenged US hegemony in this world?


I have no idea what a world with only one empire would be like. Having demolished holdouts like Iran and then destroying Russia, and finally China, there would be no one to wage war against, or even a cold war. Is there any chance that the USA would give the rest of the world a vote in the empire and begin acting in a completely sane way? Far flung regions of the Roman empire did manage to thrive, but maybe corporations like Monsanto didnt exist back then.


I agree with your assessment of Iran, but will qualify that belief by saying I have limited knowledge. Insofar as Arab on Arab violence cleaves along Sunni/Shia lines and that Iran is predominantly (and officially) Shia, the continued vilification and conflict mongering against Iran by US, Israel, and assorted lapdogs effectively sidelines “our” greatest potential ally in the “fight against ISIS.” The quotation marks should reveal that I take none of the official lies as truth. In fact it is ISIS that are the allies of the forces of empire of this corrupt nation.


Nut-in-yahoo is a lying whore and psychotic. Which explains why Bonehead invited him to speak to the Kongress he leads. He fits right in and could easily be a leader of the Oligarch-owned GOtP. Are the Israelis really going to re-elect this Nut?


Seeing the high tech image used to bolster the case in that UN photo op of Bibi’s, I feel the security agency is no doubt relieved that they have been publicly distanced from that drawing. It must have been eating them alive to think someone out there might have thought they were responsible for it.


But dear braithwa842, how can you hope to still be the same self after “Having demolished holdouts like Iran and then destroying Russia, and finally China, …”? - You’d be never the same again! After killing a thousand billion people? So why should you want to do that? Is it pure game theory that you are playing?
I know there are many sick and depraved people in the US who are doing exactly that - game theory - to find new scenarios in which your country could come out as the sole and last survivor of a thermonuclear attack. Isn’t it completely sick and insane to think that way? I don’t think the Russians have done that with the same eager intent and perseverance as you guys. Gorbatchev would never have given up all the satellite states if he had. He gave up the former German Democratic Republic - if you remember. Simply let them go - No single Russian solder left behind. An extremely rare moment of generosity in history - after all the Germans had done to the Russians. In the USA this was seen as a weakness, a unique chance to finally conquer Russia. Today the people in East Germany are again “occupied” - by the Americans who took their chance - and will never let go, even 100 years after WW II


Netinyahoo and Boehner are two peas in the same pod.


Whatever we find out about Netanyahu’s plans to scuttle a settlement with Iran, it will not stop the standing ovations when the Israeli prime minister speaks to the Congress. Nor will they stop their applause when he openly or not so openly criticizes the President of the United States. Given the amount of negative publicity, deservedly so, that Netanyahu has received, I suspect this will his most statesmanlike, least bombastic speech ever to the American public. As one of the admiring pundits will undoubtedly say, he was at his best and you saw the real Netanyahu.


The “real” Netanyahu should be in a rubber room playing with soft toys, not posturing in front of the world. The same goes for the whole Likud.

  • I fear that Israel has been poisoned by its government, just as we have been, here in the US Fourth Reich.


The Times of Israel website has a story making a convincing case that the Mossad report doesn’t seriously contradict what Netanyahu said at the UN. Unfortunately, I can’t link to it.


If you Google “Hans M. Kristensen,” “Robert S. Norris,” and “Israeli nuclear weapons, 2014,” you should find a report that makes a convincing case that Israel has about 80 nuclear weapons, contrary to all of the higher figures floating around the web. That Jimmy Carter said 150 in 2008 doesn’t convince me, since I doubt he’s gotten a classified briefing on the subject since 1981.

Since Israel has never signed the NPT and has never been a party to it, its possession of nuclear weapons isn’t illegal. Plus, since there’s reason to believe that they could have detonated nuclear explosive device before January 1, 1967 if they chose to, it’s quite possible that Israel qualifies for nuclear weapon state status under the NPT along with the US, USSR, UK, France, and China.


It’s true that Israel, like India and Pakistan, has never signed the NPT. Unlike India, Pakistan, and North Korea, it became a nuclear weapons state before the NPT went into effect.

It’s also true that Israel has shown little enthusiasm for “the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament of nuclear weapons which is part of the NPT goal.” Neither have any of the NPT nuclear states. The US, Russia, China, the UK, and France have never shown any real interest in complete nuclear disarmament, despite whatever pious noises they make in UN forums.

The idea that the Israeli possession of nuclear weapons is causing other states not to give up theirs is absurd. Nor did Israeli development of nuclear weapons cause India, Pakistan, South Africa, or North Korea to develop their nuclear weapons programs. It’s also likely that the Israeli nuclear arsenal isn’t the sole reason the Iranians are pursuing a nuclear capability.