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Leaked Doc Shows 'Toxic Trade Deal' Putting Environmental Safeguards on the Chopping Block


Leaked Doc Shows 'Toxic Trade Deal' Putting Environmental Safeguards on the Chopping Block

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A leaked of draft of negotiating text from a pending EU-U.S. trade deal shows that the bloc is ready to empower corporate polluters while going back on its promise to uphold environmental protections, groups on both sides of the Atlantic warn.


The (University of) Chicago mafia pounds harder and harder. Rockefeller, Friedman, Obama...


No surprise here, the Obama administration has arguably been the worst for environmental, animal welfare/protection, habitat preservation, and related detrimental policies of any in recent memory, his push for the TPP scam will be no different. A Chicago city-boy with little or no real understanding of the natural world or The Wild, focuses on empowering the MICC, corporate greed and exploitation, not preservation. Sometime in the future perhaps whenever the complete transcripts of the TTP and TTIP "free trade" scam deals are revealed will we see how far his collusion has gone - so far only leaks have exposed some of the chapters in the TPP "negotiated" by corporate lobbyists while many public advocates were excluded.






""The United States cannot afford to join trade deals—Trans-Pacific,
Trans-Atlantic, or otherwise—that set us back on environmental progress
and climate action.""
As if the US were just along for the ride instead of being the driver.


The New Yorker article concludes by questioning why Obama is going to bat for corporations when he doesn't need corporate funding for another campaign. The New Yorker conveniently ignores the eight figure annual ($17 million in 2013 alone) corporate speaking fee income Bill Clinton has enjoyed since 2001 for his zealous promotion of NAFTA, killing Glass Steagall and other actions that net billions of dollars each year for corporations at the expense of the 99%.

Campaign contributions go to the Party. Post white house paybacks are the real gravy train for politicians.
With the ACA and few "trade deals" delivered to his corporate paymasters, the Obamas will have a sweet retirement.


I hate to say it ( :smiling_imp: ), but our "Dear Leader" is a maggot-mouthed, muck-bellied, lick-spittle, pox-breathed, jabber-now poltroon of a purveyor of neither HOPE nor CHANGE!

There's no excuse for this kind of anti-"human person" BS.


I remember back in the day when there were stories of what were called "stealth candidates." This was in the field of education, where hard-core right wing nuts would pass themselves off as moderates to gain control of local school boards and then push their agenda. I wonder if the republican party has been running such stealth candidates for political offices across the country. Just one more dirty trick, but, with some notable exceptions, the democratic party now closely resembles the republican party. Obama talks progressive but acts as if he has an (R) after his name. The sad truth is that both parties (republican, meta-republican) are literally selling us to the highest bidders. One day soon, as we exit our domiciles into a never-ending chemical smog, we will have to pay a toll just to walk on privately owned sidewalks.


I definitely oppose it. I hope we can soon be rid of Tom Vilsack, Scty of Ag. We need new ideas, ethical people making policies that are bent on good healthy practices around all areas he covers. He's over a number agencies and needs to be held accountable. NO ONE Is holding him accountable. A good buddy of Clintons, we need to replace him now. OBAMA seems to owe a lot of people favors.


We know the upper class promotes corporatism and destroys democracy to do it. Forget the upper class and begin work on a more perfect union.


Obama is a typical corrupt president working to line up $5,000/minute luncheon speeches. Those payola luncheon speeches mean many people must be bombed and many others made poor in the TTIP & TTP pirate scheme that is fake US democracy.


Yup, on the money Ray! Future gains via the revolving-door and pay-back for legislation and profitable policy decisions have been, and are increasingly, subverting our supposed "democratic" representation, "Of, By and For the People" - "the people" have been whittled-down to a very few who profit while the 99% struggles!


Yeah, I was pretty mellow after that second beer - I'll try to do better next time. :wink:


Yes on all counts....the "change we can believe-in" prez sold a flaming bag on the porch we cannot put out. He is a dispicable betrayer of so many who had great hope at first only to realize they had been deceived by his forked-tongue.....


I simply call it bribery.


To be fair, it's not just the Unites States where we find the payola destruction of democracy by smiling traitors to Earth and Humanity. Look what happened in Greece, for example. Now hold your nose and look at the barbarians in charge of Saudi Arabia. Think of Hosni Mubarak who stole 70 billion dollars from his country and was called "family" by Hillary. And president Reagan's buddy, Samosa; he denied the children of Nicaragua polio vaccine during a polio epidemic. When the parents found out El Salvador somehow scraped up 50¢ per child for vaccine they started hunting soldiers for their boots and guns. When Ronald Reagan's political friend fled, the irate "communist" parents tracked him down and killed the slimy creep.


Yes indeed - and if you refuse to pay or carry a critical placard you will be incarcerated for a decade or more.


The fact that undemocratic and anti-democratic trade deals have become the norm shows just how far right politics has moved. When the extreme right is presented as center, confused citizens actually think the emperor is wearing clothes. When everyone says the naked man is dressed beautifully, we see just how psychotic our society has become. This also applies to the politics that enables gun ownership involving the guns that actually kill innocent people (the NRA mantra is also "beautifully dressed"!) Insist conversations are about issues with supporting evidence - its the only way to circumvent public discussion based on false premises, partisanship, and moneyed manipulation. Thanks Common dreams.