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Leaked Docs From Inside 'Omnicidal' ExxonMobil Reveal Plan to Increase Climate-Killing Emissions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/leaked-docs-inside-omnicidal-exxonmobil-reveal-plan-increase-climate-killing

We gave these publicly traded corporate entities ‘carte blanche’ thru their charters, their standing in court, and the abandonment of any pretense at responsible control by our politicians and governments.

No - not everybody - in a democracy you never get everybody on side.

But responsible leadership - that’s a prerequisite in a representative democracy, something that’s been missing for a very long time, until now - we sit staring into the abyss.

Well - the advantage there is that it concentrates the mind - the fear of death.


this is a criminal corporation engaged in the worst crime in the history of the world–the crime that makes genocide seem like a picnic–their crime is the death —in a few short decades-- of every living thing on this planet for the cash they can acquire to pad their wealth now

the crime is called ECOCIDE–

their corporation should be dismembered-their administrators sent to jail and their assets used to start the mitigation of the harm they have already caused

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Dear Exxon:
YOU never did even attempt to clean up the Exxon/Valdez disaster. That was so long ago—I guess you feel that Time heals all WOUNDS? No it doesn’t heal anything. You raped nature and now you want to finish off the Arctic. I think not.



Prepare to rumble as never before, more than we did in the 60’s.

To get an idea of this rumble read the upcoming book, On The Ropes, from the former Black Panther, Neil J. Smith. Release on October 30. Also this:

For Black Panthers, Radicalization Entailed Self-Transformation



Exxon should have suffered a corporate death penalty from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and also from revelations that it knew years ago that its products when used as directed poison the world and warm it.

I wonder if it is a possibility that those willing to destroy the planet for profit aren’t taking the REALLY LONG view.
The world along with our sun will end in a few million years, and right-wingers think we are already in the process of a fire sale. Get what you can while you can and tell all of your friends to do the same.


I think your last sentence has it nailed gandolf. Their ‘community’ is a den of thieves - and contrary to the saying, there is no honor there - none.

It’s not just “right wingers”, there’s plenty of left wing professional climate activists that are all in on the “fire sale” of our environment too. Bill McKibben is one of the phony “greenwashing” activists, there are many more.