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Leaked Docs Show How DNC Undermined Sanders' Campaign


Leaked Docs Show How DNC Undermined Sanders' Campaign

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

WikiLeaks on Friday published roughly 20,000 leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


If true, these "leaked emails" prove conclusively that Queen (it's my turn now!) Hillary is a reckless and unreliable liar whose word cannot and should not be trusted on any matter and especially with secret material in her possession.
If true, these "leaked emails" will make a mockery of Bernie's speech endorsing Queen Hillary for presidency at the Philadelphia convention. Bernie's "revolution" has about as much chance of success around the Democratic party as a Communist cell on the trading floor of Wall Street. Not a bad day's work for Julian Assange and the wiki leaks crowd!


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz was never fired for this historic breach of duty. She is still the DNC chair. Hillary has given her duties to Brandon Davis, but the presumptive nominee always takes over the DNC at this stage of the election process. So Schultz will go unpunished and Bernie will go back to the Senate. Cheating works!


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC, called two press conferences to attack Sanders. The first was to attack him for data theft when his computer team was investigating why the firewalls were dropped on the DNC controlled servers where Sanders and Clinton's data was stored. The second was to reprimand Bernie for not responding strongly enough to the non-existent violence by Sanders supporters at the Nevada convention. Add in the money laundering scheme to funnel money to Clinton, and the six scheduled debates and you've already got conclusive proof of DNC bias.


The Manchurian Candidate Deleted Scene - How's Business? (2004) Meryl Streep Movie HD - YouTube

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These will bolster the already filed and served DNC fraud lawsuit against the DNC proving collusion with HRC and the media. Find it at www.jampac.us/DNClawsuit
on facebook at DNC fraud lawsuit.
God bless Wikilieaks and Guccifer for setting the record straight. No more conspiracy nut comments now that it's proven fact.
If you paid money to the Sanders campaign you can sign on to it as a plaintiff, I did.
I just hope it goes to court before November, we could have Bernie for President again and he can beat Trump handily.


These revelations are an exercise in belaboring the obvious, except to Clinton partisans who will never, ever admit what the rest of us can see.
Now we have some insight into why right-wing crazies can deny climate change.


Hill: "I'm shocked, shocked! ... "

Debbie: "Your nomination, Madame Secretary."


He did know it and said so. But the DNC fraud lawsuit will bring all this out and the extra emails will bolster their clam. You can find it on face book at DNC fraud lawsuit or email them at www.jampac.us. or find documents at www.jampac.us/DNClawsuit.
The lawsuit comes from Sanders supporters and has been filed and served on the DNC. Finally, some justice.


He didn't fight about it because a lawsuit was filed against the DNC, Shultz, HRC and the media for collusion.


I'd like to agree with you, but at this point I'm suspecting that Bernie is damaged goods. If, in light of this e-mail dump, Bernie still supports Hillary in his speech at the convention, we'll know for sure that he was neck-deep in the collusion. Then anyone who contributed to Bernie's campaign can file another law suit, this time naming his campaign as the defendant.

Jill 2016!


I am now going to hold off until I see what happens at the convention.
Ralph Nader claims Bernie is setting Hillary up for Betrayal.

Ralph Nader: Bernie Sanders' Endorsement Set Clinton Up for "Political Betrayal" - YouTube


Drop more shoes! Bigger ones! More more more!


We Berners suspected that the DNC was undermining Bernie's campaign, but didn't have proof. Now there's proof.

We also saw what seemed to be election fraud on a large scale, and we saw that the corporate media was uninterested in asking questions such as why the exit polling was discontinued right after a team of lawyers pointed out that the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote totals might indicate fraud.

Now we see that the Hillary campaign is calling for UNITY because TRUMP! They expect us not only to vote for a candidate who has a history of lying, influence-peddling, and war mongering, but also to ignore the fact that HiLIARy has stolen, not won, the nomination.

We'll be unified as we exit the Democratic Party. #NeverHillary #StillSanders #DemExit #JillNotHill


They are not asking for money. And I agree it won't automatically replace her but it could force the DNC to announce it was fixed and they may have to do a do over when the DOJ gets proof of the fraud of 13 million voters.
Everyone should sign on.


Slow breaking newzzz: democracy dead in imperialist amerika...for decades! Anyone who is truly surprised has been doing the ostrich thing-head in the ground, or livin along that river..de nial...


NEVER vote for a war criminal! Vote Green, stein!!!


Obviously Bernie fans suspected the DNC was doing this stuff early on as well as some highly likely creative voting manipulation in at least a few states. That's on record. Numerous complaints about voting irregularities were reported. Wasserman-Schulz was blatant in her favoritism of HRC. She made a mockery of her own position. Then there's the whole role of the Clinton Foundation question.
Problem is that most Dems have no idea how corrupt the DNC and its leadership really are, or how low they'll stoop to get the result they want. Many Dems wouldn't believe it if you proved it to them. The upshot is that we truly do need a 3rd and maybe a 4th party. The Sanders run has opened a lot of people's eyes, which was one of his goals, and his movement will live on in various forms whether or not he is forced to support Hillary at the convention.


Sorry, talk of anarchy (or libertarianism, it's more acceptable name) is devoid of any practical use. Who builds the water & wastewater treatment faciliities, the transportation systems, keeps the predator from the most direct assaults, protects the commons from the ravages of the rapacious?

Yes, we know such things are done imperfectly now. But it isn't because democracy is at fault; it's because like all human-designed systems, they are imperfect / need tweaking. Capitalism is also not inherently bad; though its worst tendencies must be controlled for by..yes, democracy. i.e. gov't of, by and for the people. The steady creep of concentrated $ into political process (reaching perhaps its apotheosis in Citizens United v FEC) has meant that capital now drives policy ... not the public whose interests were the intended beneficiary of "public service" and indeed all governance.