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Leaked Documents Show Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Grave Plans for Amazon Rainforest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/22/leaked-documents-show-brazils-bolsonaro-has-grave-plans-amazon-rainforest

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Burning down the Amazon would be the nail in the climate coffin, were it not already sealed tight. This is what omnicide looks like. In the long view, it’s but an amplification of the indigenous genocide prosecuted in this hemisphere for centuries by white supremacists. That’s us, historically. This is our manifest destiny, so it’s narratively symmetrical that USAmerica just helped depose a last hope, by inflicting such a tyrant on the people of Brazil, and on the whole Earth.

If you look up what Lula has to say, this is his impression: he blames USAmerican meddling.


Bolsonaro and his supporters and enablers are killing the world. He and they need to be stopped and soon.


I was reading this article when this song by John Trudell came on my music stream. I hadn’t heard it in quite a while, and it seemed apt.


Good to see the documents and the article, but Bolsonario’s very public positions show this as well.

This is why American and European interests colluded with a certain class of Brazilians to put him in office. And, of course, we see similar actions in Venezuela.

Resistance to this sort of thing will not come from the American ruling class


What is happening to the RAIN FOREST should be front page news around the world----WE MUST PROTECT THE COMMONS------Can the US military do something beside killing brown people-----PROTECT THE RAIN FORESTS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE.


Bolsonaro’s “globalist” conspiracy is a projection of his own crock of $#!t. His ilk have be “globalizing” the Amazon with transnational corporations that literally lie, steal and cheat their nefarious exclusions of ALL but their own interests. In their imagination, anything they are unable to see beyond the nose on their face it doesn’t exist. To them the Amazon is so vast that none of their manipulating has any consequence. To them regulations to protect against unethical and illegal practices have never had any meaning. These are mentalities of school yard bullies - dense as effing dildos with labels on them saying “narcissist here - nothing else exists” .The conquistador machismo has internalized the victim whine of the neoteny they have been cultivating.

The colonizer system ALWAYS blames consequences on whomever it chooses to make the victim of the moment. Never forget that these are dangerous and frightened people because they cannot help but sense their entire premise is now down the tubes.


Fires and baleful brimstone

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Considering the U.S.'s history, Lula is likely right.


Hi Aleph_Null:

USAmerican meddling—well that makes sense as “Meddling R US.”

If there were no wars with fires and bombs imploding the Middle East since 2003—I winder what the air quality would be. And too, what island nations are going to disappear as Greenland melts, and what humans will do when there is no food to eat------Interesting headline too------“Bolsonaro has GRAVE plans for the Amazon…” yes, Earth as one big graveyard----- and this grave plans will make the planet into one big cemetery! : (


Some rare good news from South America, Alberto Fernández has won the Argentine election outright with 47% to 32% of the vote, meaning a run off will not be required. The current president, Mauricio Macri, was a favorite of Trump, Wall St and the IMF. His austerity programs and “opening up of markets” has led to double-digit unemployment and inflation of over 50%.


We are witnessing the global results of inequality and overpopulation. Moving to Mars is not an option. Anything done to preserve what is left will clash with those two paradigms.

ALL US CITIZENS WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA …THIS IS YOUR " BABY" BURNING…The judicial coup that empowered right wing beast Bolsonaro started right after Miss Suicide Hillary visited brasil’s Petrobras …what a coincidence.
All of us were made aware by journalist GLEN GREENWALD, from THE INTERCEPT that Obama’s administration wired tapped ex-president Dilma Roussef