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Leaked Draft of ACA Replacement Reveals Massive Cuts to Subsidies, Medicaid


Leaked Draft of ACA Replacement Reveals Massive Cuts to Subsidies, Medicaid

Nika Knight, staff writer

A leaked draft of a House bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was published Friday by Politico, and it reveals that Republicans are moving towards slashing subsidies and ending the Medicaid expansion—moves that are vastly out of step with the opinions of the American public.


God forbid we should see a generational legacy of people breaking free from the ravages of having grandparents, parents and children subjected to pit of live value being usurped by economic predators. You might actually have to begin to admit that human genius thrives when freed from exclusionary militarized economic tinkle down delusions. We might actually learn to see the anthropocene through eyes not jaded by a pack of holocene lies.


If they keep screwing up Republican voters will be joining the left to battle the crazies,many are at the town halls. Paul Ryan has had a hard on for the ACA for years. He just wants to do it no matter what. He could be primaried just like the rest.. I've heard from Trump supporters that "he's not going to touch SS, or M & M."
Hell, they're going after it all, like it's the last chance they'll get, and it will be of course. They are tearing the party apart with the radical attack on public good. Word is half the Repubs in congress are pulling away from all this and putting distance between themselves and Trump. Boehner said no way they'll be able to do it, just yesterday.
Even Republicans didn't expect this from Trump's administration, he was supposed to change things, clean the swamp not take away health care and retirement. The believers are suffering buyers remorse.


So if they want to take away a woman's choice on whether to carry through a pregnancy, how will many low income women have access to hospitals for the birth if Medicaid is cut back? Do the repugs expect them to give birth at home? Once born, are the repugs ready to expand CHIPS, food stamps, housing subsidies, daycare assistance, and school lunches to give these children a chance at a decent life? Or do they just want to see children homeless, sickly, and malnourished?


Unfortunately the Republicans are not going to do anything to reduce US health care costs because that would reduce the incomes of some US health care providers. There are easy, zero cost ways to reduce the cost of health care, but all of them would reduce incomes for those who exploit the economic benefits of having a government enforced legal monopoly over access to medical drugs. Same principle holds true if people are allowed to import medications for their own use from outside the US where prices are much lower.


Just giving America back to the people.


Hell, "just giving America back to the people". The people of the USA are going to have to take it back.

The intense push back that has occurred in recent weeks has only to intensify and focus. Buy only necessities and not unnecessary junk. Don't contribute to the raptor capitalists. Start voting on the basis of your interests. Stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed and start voting for those who represent your interests, not on the basis of political party. Take advantage of the momentum while it lasts.


I voted green.


I voted Green too. Ask middle America what Green is. Jill who? They're clueless.


Whqat else would you expect from Ryan and the repubs. Voters need to make them (and Dems who won't stand up) pay at the polls.


Let Paul Ryan cut his own throat along with all of the other greedy bastards.

Too strong?


I voted Green too.

I'm going to another Green Party meeting at 2pm today.

Get involved.


Don't kid yourself- Trump has been an insider for decades! His book, "The America We Deserve," named OBL and described 9/11 years before it happened. The only Rebubs who "didn't know" about Trump, are not insiders themselves. How many non-insiders do you think there are there in DC? or the so-called media?

Maybe y'all need to watch The Simpsons, which predicted President Trump bankrupting America years ago (and then a woman will be elected to deal with the aftermath...). Lots of Trump predictive programming over the years- now we've got the America we deserve for not paying attention! Sigh.


Why should a low income or no income person have kids if they cannot take care of them?


Oh common now! Let's just be proud that we live in a country that denies us the human right to healthcare.


And also, why should a wealthy, or an uber-wealthy person have kids if they cannot take care of them? Why should anyone?


I'm confused. Why are people fighting for ACA? Most people I talk to HATE it! They say it is so expensive, they can't afford it. So, I'm guessing it's the really poorer people (who get subsidies) who want to keep it? Likely because they couldn't get ANY insurance before ACA? The middle-class, average income family gets no subsidies (as I understand it)??? I'm on Medicare, so don't have to deal with ACA...hope that remains stable!

What everyone should be fighting for is Universal Coverage--that way the poor and the middle-class will benefit equally.


I do not remember who it was that posted on one of the CD threads, but they said we have gotten: " the government we deserve". WE DESERVE THIS? approximately 75% of the people in the last election did not vote for Trump.


Actually, I do watch Simpson's and I agree they are prophetic. Ask any New Yorker about him, they've hated him for many years.


Well of course we have to cut Medicaid and the ACA. The 55% we spend on national security is clearly not enough to protect us from the scary Russians and Iranians.