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Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order to 'Censor the Internet' Denounced as Dangerous, Unconstitutional Edict

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/11/leaked-draft-trump-executive-order-censor-internet-denounced-dangerous

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Private media companies already doing it. the one advantage of having a clod like Trump do it is that, once again, the mask drops completely.

Did anyone not see this coming eventually? Neither party wants the internet to be free and open. Democrats have put immense pressure on social media to censor, for example, "russia everything.

Power doesn’t want an open internet. They’ll probably get their way. But this is far from a Trump exclusive.


We need more free speech, not less. Maybe we have to make our own free speech like this hero…


CNN is a warmongering site>Hiding behind those who kneel


The Democrats will have no problem with this. They are already doing it. Plus they are slowly murdering a journalist because he exposed their corruption and none of the news is carrying it. Julian Assange is being ‘medicated’ and is in terrible conditions in the British prison where he languishes and no ‘reporters’ are reporting on it. This is voluntary self-censorship. When that doesn’t work, they’ll have it codified now.


Here are 20 serious points of comparison between the early Hitler and Trump.

Neither was elected by a majority

Both found direct communication channels to their base .

Their attacks on truth include science .

They relentlessly attack mainstream media


Just stopping President Hitler isn’t enough. The Neoliberal “Democrat” leadership, and many in the party, are just as ‘captured’ and corrupt and the Richtwing. Just voting ‘Blue No Matter Who’ is not going to correct these problems. As many here understand, the push to the Right since the DLC in the 80’s, has continued under the Presidencies of both parties. Unless we take a hard LEFT turn we are screwed - permanently. We are on one of our last chances (maybe our last chance) to turn this around.

Let’s not forget that the Art of the Con-job is to make the Mark think that they juuuust missed it. “Hey, you almost had it. You only missed it by a tiny bit. Put down your “money” and try it again. You’ll get it THIS time”


Most corporate (war profit) media is - just highlighting a story.


Exactly so.
The Duopoly has a desperate requirement to control the narrative. That’s how you control People and everything else.

  • It’s why MSNBC fired Ed Schultz for simply reporting on Bernie.
  • It’s why MSNBC fired Phil Donahue, Keith Olbermann, Melissa Harris-Perry

Sites like CD are in the cross-hairs.


I am not blowing my own horn, but I predicted this censorship of the net a long time ago because of too much hidden truth being exposed to the American public. The Amerikan Fascists and the Amerikan war mongers have controlled the narrative through first the newspapers; then the radio; and then the T.V. news; so like I posted before… after 9/11, it was inevitable and just a matter of not if…but when they will want to control the net.


To the very fiber of my being I thank the founders for providing me with the LIBERTY to call those who would TRY to fill their mighty footprints “FUCKTARDS”.


And from my perspective, Democracy Now! is and has been in the cross-hairs ever since they stopped reporting on alternative 9/11 theories.


Dear Jon,
Your most mind boggling omission is not to even the fate of Julian Assange, in
your otherwise good piece about Trump’s atrocious censorship
on internet speech and thereby genuine journalism.
Algorithms are less much less threatening to freedom’s love of truth than torture;
wouldn’t you think?


Good post! And what that means to me is if Trump continues to be copying Hitler’s ways, Trump will steal the election in 2020 and if he does that and millions of Americans protest and surround Washington Deceit and the White, Nationalist, House…Trump will declare Martial Law!


Under the Unitary Executive Theory he is within his right to do just such a thing and seeing as how Barr and a good number on the Supreme Court endorse/embrace this “Theory” we are screwed if enacted. So no matter how you slice this pie it still becomes “the best chocolate cake you ever had”.


So much for the neofascist followers of Trump insisting that all they are doing is calling for free speech…

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Censoring "Russia everything? Yes, Vladimir Putin and his neofascist friends are such a defenders of free speech…

You are definitely transmorgifying into a Rhinocerous…(look it up)

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You missed drone 1066’s point. He did use the word “russia,” as synonym for diversion, not for emulation.

Representative democracies and dictatorships both represent capital and its growth to infinity on a finite planet. That current political spectrum is racing into the abyss of human extinction and works to counter the laws of physics with propaganda. That’s partly why Iran’s defense minister warns against sending B team checker players to play chess with masters.


Look what happened to FDL.

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well, you’re a dick. look that up?


thanks, but yunzer’s just trollin’ for power. it’s like arguing with drywall, but with worse results.