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Leaked Email Suggests Trump Admin Pressuring UN Agency to Self-Censor on 'Political Sensitivities' Like Climate Crisis or Risk Defunding

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/leaked-email-suggests-trump-admin-pressuring-un-agency-self-censor-political

“If you don’t let me win, I’m taking my ball and bat and going home!”
–Little Donnie J


They’ll just cover it up with more lies.

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In a leaked email obtained by the newspaper, a U.S.-based official at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) informed colleagues last month that any activities funded by U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) must not conflict with “anything that seems at odds with the administration’s take on U.S. domestic/foreign issues.” Sensitivities included the climate crisis, sustainable development goals, and global compact for migration.

The U.S. provides about a quarter of the Geneva-based IOM’s $2 billion annual budget; $18 million of it comes from PRM, The Guardian noted. In the email, the unidentified IOM official warned that “PRM is very willing to cut funding in areas that it deems are not in line with U.S. foreign policy objectives.”

Because our corrupt Trump Administration continues to lie about Global Warming
he is going to get to control the United Nation’s agenda?

What Trump actually deserves is Impeachment and this cannot go on any longer.
More and more right wing efforts are being made to control the vote and destroy
democracy. Very soon, it will be too late for non-violent uprisings.

The US threat is Funding – and as we can see over and over and over again –
we need to move $$$ itself out of existence because it can and will be used as power
over all of us.

Already, Trump has destroyed the United Nations population program which supplied
birth control info and actual contraceptives to women in other nations by forcing GAG
RULES on them.

THAT gives the lie to Elite reasoning behind overturning Roe – which is actually to
destroy access to birth control in the US and other nations and of course access to
abortion . . .


Along the way, it conveniently also destroys the march to empowerment of women
we’ve seen all over the world.

This immense attack on the empowerment of females is, of course, also an attack
on men who cannot prevail alone.


I haven’t read the email but I trust the Guardian and I trust Commondreams with truth telling. That being said this can only have one name, Blackmail. International Blackmail.

I so patiently await push-back./s


“Stuff up the cracks, turn on the gas, I’m gonna take my life, stuff it.” Frank Zappa “Cruising with Ruben and the Jets.”
Depressing overview Greenwich, but a sad reality. Something is going to pop one of these days.


Someone knows where the cyanide tablets are hidden –


Let’s hope it’s not you before your next anniversary! Happy anniversary gandolf.

They ask me every time I see a VA doctor. I tell them I’m not hurting enough to do that, yet.

Anniversary: It’s been that long? Nice group of people to banter with. Keep up the good work CD and participants.