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Leaked Emails Show Big Oil Execs Oversaw 'Vast Bribery Scheme' in Nigeria


Leaked Emails Show Big Oil Execs Oversaw 'Vast Bribery Scheme' in Nigeria

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a damning development in one of the oil industry's biggest global corruption scandals, leaked emails reveal that Big Oil executives knowingly took part in "a vast bribery scheme that robbed the Nigerian people of over a billion dollars," a new exposé has revealed.


This piece should have mentioned and focused-on the activism and murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa with Shell's collusion, as well as the ongoing environmental catastrophe in the Ogoni region/Niger Delta!

Never forget how Shell and their crony dictator in Nigeria murdered/executed Nigerian hero activist Ken Saro-Wiwa on trumped-up charges! He fought for the Ogoni people's rights and against massive pollution of the Niger Delta where Shell stole oil with the collusion of the then Nigerian dictator and government - murder by conspiracy for RDS corporate theft and profits!

Shell agreed to pay over $15 million for their culpability/collusion in Ken's killing but no Shell executives (as usual) ever stood in the dock on murder conspiracy charges! Beside now facing international corruption chatges those responsible should be facing murder-conspiracy as well!


Yes Emphyrio, this is the even BIGGER story-
Thanks for the links- I have been following this story on and off for years- Ken Saoo-Wiwa and the Ogoni 9 is one heart breaking story...
Just as in the Texaco spills in the Equatorial Rain Forest of Ecuador , which has been bounced throughout courts in the Western Hemisphere, it seems that Justice with the ruthless Oil Companies is an illusion...
From Prince William Sound in Alaska to the Kalamazoo River here in Michigan you can not get away from the slime of Big Oil- The 60+ year old Line-5 which goes under the Mackinaw straits is of great concern to us here in Michigan- That line is an accident just waiting to happen, but these stories pale in comparison to Nigeria and Ecuador...


No consciences, no caring, no compassion...just a blood lust for money...greed overpowers human kindness...that is SOP for oil/energy companies. Yet their criminal activities are swept under the rug with payoffs, bribes, and baksheesh. Will any one of the executives at Shell or Eni be brought to trial? Certainly not. But the ones pulling the triggers for money paid by the companies will be the scapegoats (they will target anyone they choose because to the white man, all Nigerians look the same).

SOS, different day.


This Fuck in government of ours is worthless. Why do we keep paying them? I too have been following the god damned slaughter in Niger and the crimes perpetrated on the indigenous people in Ecuador. I am cussing to help throw off some anger. Here is what I wrote when posting this article to FB.

Please read this article. It is a perfect example of why there are 2,000 billionaires in the world; why there are a few more thousand multi-million millionaires. These few people control the world in which we live and our resources. These oligarchs think nothing of killing the populations who live near the extraction of our resources and murdering people around the world through control of our governments. Notice the use of "our resources" and "our governments." They are "ours" only if we are willing to take them back from these murderers.