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Leaked 'John Doe' Docs Offer Stark Look at Post-Citizens United Landscape


Leaked 'John Doe' Docs Offer Stark Look at Post-Citizens United Landscape

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"Corporations. Go heavy after them to give."

Such was the advice given to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—conservative darling and failed Republican presidential candidate—by a top fundraiser in September 2011, as he faced a recall effort after pushing controversial anti-union legislation. The counsel, which Walker seemingly followed (to lucrative ends), was uncovered in a batch of 1,500 pages of leaked documents obtained by the Guardian and published in their entirety for the first time on Wednesday.


Every Republican should be arrested.
Every one of them must have broken some law at some point in their miserable little lives.


It's important to remember that Citizens United blew the lid off an already corrupted campaign finance system. The We the People Amendment overturns Citizens United and all the other personhood rights corporations maintain and use against We the People. See POCLAD's Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights for more detail.

Kudos to the anonymous whistleblower who stepped forward; thank you. And of course the story breaks in the foreign press. The only things stopping this story from becoming a blockbuster film is nudity and a chase scene. Although I have to admit that the masses are finally beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes.