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Leaked Memo Reveals Trump Administration's "Immoral" Plan to "Traumatize" Migrant Children

Leaked Memo Reveals Trump Administration's "Immoral" Plan to "Traumatize" Migrant Children

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Following reports on Thursday that federal officials forcibly separated thousands more migrant children from their families than previously reported, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D.-Ore.) released a document to NBC News revealing the Trump administration intended to "traumatize children and intentionally create a humanitarian crisis at the border."


I think this latest example of a leak of Government policy should show how important it to have an informed Public. Those railing against Wikileaks for having leaked inside stuff of the DNC should take note. If they feel it ok to prosecute Wikileaks for leaking the DNC stuff then they should be fully on board with prosecuting whoever leaked this.

Governments built around secrecy are by nature Authoritarian and fundamentally un-democratic.

“National Security” is a codename for Fascism.


Truer words have never been spoken. It is vitally important to know that the people you trust are, in fact, untrustworthy however distressing it may be to find that out. Wikileaks was doing the work our own newspapers and agencies should have been doing. The truth is better than ignorance always.


In this week’s most unsurprising news, it turns out that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is as big a bald-faced liar as her boss. So the administration could claim there was a crisis at the border, they created one. Fuckin A.


Lock up his kids give him a taste of his own medicine


The carnage in Central America was helped by the Iran-Contra Reagan deal to fund the arming of the Contras and the genocide of native peoples in the area. Barr protected Reagan as Attorney General then. Those surviving native peoples are bringing their children to the border partly to save them from the on-going genocide and partly as a political statement. Trump/Barr/McConnell are doing what their cult has always done which is use torture and terror for their personal power. That is how the KKK functioned and Trump’s family Nazi’s too. Same for Putin and all the Dictators.


PDF form…clearly states rescind 2013 memo…what are looking at?


Every day that the government is shutdown another migrant child lives.

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And in many cases, so is patriotism, flag waving and terms like: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”; THEY HAVE A BRUTAL DICTATOR; WE ARE BRINGING THEM FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. When we hear National Security that term is total BS! It has nothing to do with the average Americans security and everything to do with the security of the Amerikan oligarchs and the security of the 1%.


Is it even a leak if they say in document that they want it reported? Because that’s what it says in the document:

“Because of the large number at violators,
not all parents could be criminally prosecuted. However. the increase in prosecutions would be
reported by the media and it would have substantial deterrent effect. A public announcement of
the policy could be made before implementation.”


I guess it gets down to what the motivation is for wanting it reported. The leak would apply to the reasoning behind the desire to see this reported.

Yes, but the fact that Reagan, North, and the rest of the fascists involved in the Iran-Contra crimes were never indicted is proof to me that America is a military dictatorship. False patriotism is the last refuge of Amerikan, fascism.


The “Christian” Mike Pence was in tight with this plan, let’s not forget.


It is also very angering to hear in a news report that a reporter had called a government official or politician and the official refuses to comment or just doesn’t respond. I believe they have a duty - an obligation - to respond to questions. In some ways, the media represents or should represent the public as much as the government official and/or politician.


We use double speak. Our terrorists are “freedom fighers” etc, etc. We may act like fascists, look like fascists and actually be fascists but that is not what our constitution says. Put a happy face on the most horrific acts and people will come around. After all, its a show and a game. Donald Trump was very good at showmanship and playing the game. Entertaining and diverting.


Trump and Session are serial child abusers hiding behind some ridiculous legal jargon. Time they pay for their crimes.


Very true, and Reagan proved he was great actor at putting on a happy face, because he did a great job as an American fascist pretending to be a leader of American, democracy. And the fact that Reagan is idolized by the Republican Party should tell us what Reagan really was, was just another fascist.


The motivation seems clear, they want it reported how bad it is for migration here(you know, if the migrants are not rich), so they scare people into not migrating here.


Leaks are a main mechanism for trial balloons used by the people who pretend not to want leaks or a way of getting after someone by using the “media.” I remember back in the mid 1970’s I was covering a county legislature session in upstate New York for a fellow reporter who was on vacation that week. The country attorney, who didn’t care for what I’d written about him, spotted me and managed to publicly excoriate me in front of the members of the legislature. It kind of flowed over me and I forgot about it until the start of the next week when the county attorney’s secretary called me.
She asked me to come to his office because she had something for me. I wondered whether he was going to hit me with some motion but I got a thick package in a manila envelope. It was dirt on one of his political opponents. He had taken the opportunity of my sitting in at the legislature to make a public show to everyone how much he didn’t like me (actually true) to feed information to the press (I worked for a newspaper) so that no one would imagine this would have come from him.
So when you hear “leaks” just be cynical when the leaks get denounced by a bunch of “shocked and angered” officials. They are often just putting on a show.
I don’t remember what happened with the information. As this was another reporter’s beat I took it back to my editor and they would have checked it out before considering how to handle it.