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Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Ripped as Thinly-Veiled 'Assault on the Environment'


Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Ripped as Thinly-Veiled 'Assault on the Environment'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Environmentalists reacted with alarm on Friday to a leaked Trump administration infrastructure draft that proposes a drastic rollback of environmental regulations in an attempt to expedite the construction of water-threatening oil pipelines, roads, bridges—and, of course, "the wall."


Unions are going to have to get with the program and resist the self-interested temptation to simply go for the jobs (if there are really going to be any available to them) at the public’s and the environment’s expense.

Hold fimr!
Hold together!

There are plenty of opportunities for unions in a sustainable and regenerative economy.


The US as any kind of “leader” or moral guide is finished. I know a lot of people are waiting & hoping for the 2018 “wave”, but what is really going to change? Going back a few years we had the Obama “hope & change” election and look what good that did. And, don’t be so quick to blame the Republicans for blocking EVERYTHING he tried to do. He offered up a POS healthcare “reform” and advocated not a lot more of any substance. So far in this century we have elected two fucking ass holes (both Republicans, by the way) and one intentional misleader with Obama. You really think we are going to do any better going forward?


You’re kidding? Union membership is at its lowest since like forever. Ask me. I am a Teamster that retired almost 20 yrs ago on a modest pension. Does anyone here even know what a pension is? We’re done, it’s over. All the marches and people in the street NOW is too fucking late. My advice, for what it’s worth, is if you are educated and/or have some skills, get outa Dodge now and don’t look back. No country is perfect, but there are other countries in the world that are a hell of a lot better than the US.


I read something like this and all you have to do is look back to Citizens United (not!) and realize the SCOTUS sanctioned the sale of government to the highest bidder - which is another way of saying that it is not balanced overview, scientific insight, educated enquiry or any other beneficial premise directing the ship of state.

It is the premise that absolutely MUST be understood as a construct that can only survive by the “externalization” (that means that YOU PAY) of any and all costs - across the spectrum of living. There is no other way to describe late stage predatory capitalism than a deaf dumb and blind death wish. Ain’t no ‘there’ there.


Here is just one small example of how one industry is opposing this assault on the environment. Governors–take heed if you support Hair Fuhrer. (Most Coloradans now classify themselves as conservationists.)


I can understand your being cynical having seen the huge decline in unions. Believe me, I have given thought to emigrating out of the US. But I’m here for awhile at least. Unfortunately, the union decline will simply continue if they don’t change their game plan. Signing on to a Trumpiblican imfrastructure plan might have some short-term jobs contracts for them, but is a loser in the long run. Unions could have a revival if they transformed their strategies to side with the larger community. If they don’t then you are probably right, they are done. If they do, they are likely to gain far more support and ability to organize.


But there is no “plan” as such that involves professionals like civil engineers. There never was. Trump made it sound like he actually had people of knowledge on an organized team working on this “plan.” As the son of an underground contractor in postwar LA, I can say this was not even to the level of b.s. the construction industry typically runs on. This was a casino wimp who likes to be pissed on by hookers talking his sociopath mouth about stuff he knows nothing about. He still owes millions to sub contractors on projects he never paid them for. Many of those projects were flops. The only infrastructure he can deal with is sex toys in outhouses.


Funny how these sociopathic monsters never learned how life is dependent upon a healthy ecosystem. And so they continue on their merry fucking way enabling policies guaranteed to destroy the very environment life is dependent upon. But of course such common sense science is nothing but a hoax to them. The only reality they have is chasing after abstract wealth which is nothing but a fantasy that will kill us all off in the future (likely near term the way things are heading). And at this point, we are all complicit if we don’t “take to the streets” and begin massive boycotts and general strikes. The capitalism machine must be brought to a halt now. Commodifying the very environment upon which we depend is nothing but suicide. Personally I believe it is too late and we are now circling the drain so to speak. We simply can’t get off the merry go round that we now accept as reality as we are all too dependent on a way of life that is unsustainable. Adios folks.


It sounds every bit as bad as I would expect it to. These guys don’t play and have no morality whatsoever that might limit their greed. Worse, most of you think you can stop this all by getting rid of Trump. You think you can vote your way through a corrupted democratic party and into a position a position of power despite everything that has happened. The left remains totally broken, half of it still enthralled to the Democrats that have betrayed them at every turn for the last forty years. As bad as you think things have gotten, they are actually quite worse.


I think they believe that overpopulation is going to doom us no matter what they do, so they figure on using Climate Change as a tool to shed a few billion people. They think they can live under domes or something while they let the proles suffer and die.

It is the only reason that make sense to me.


I agree with you. If I could I would consider trying to move to Norway or France or one of those countries. I do love my country, the USA; but I love it for what it once promised, not for what it has become in so many ways. It’s like watching a dear old friend die a slow death. So you’re right-get out while the gettin’ is good…


Silly me. I thought that an “infrastructure plan” would have included:

  1. Clean, safe drinking water to ever USAn.

  2. Safe stare-of-the-art treatment and disposal or re-use of every USAns wastewater - including addressing the huge combined raw-sewage/stormwater overflow discharge problem - still unaddressed in most US cities, including almost every city on the US’s major rivers.

  3. Building a comprehensive high-speed passenger rail syatem like the rest of the world, including China, has.

  4. Fund massive expansions of public transit in all cities, including small cities - so US cities once again have the kind of public transit the rest of the industrial world’s cities have.

  5. Provide funds to address the huge backlog of needed repairs in the existing highways and bridges and city streets, but avoid funding of any new highway projects unless the justification is very strong from a social benefit/public safety standpoint.

  6. Address the backlog of needed inland navigation repairs and improvements and provide incentives to transport more types of goods by river/lake/canal (the most efficient form of transportation from an energy usage standpoint) than just bulk commodities.

  7. End federal and local funding for any kind of airport expansions except safety improvements. Airports will decline in importance as more passengers use high speed rail. Let the airlines fund all the airport upkeep through the landing fees not citizens taxes.

  8. Upgrading the electric power transmission syatem to include smart load allocation and long distance HVDC, so that the enormous wind energy resources of the plains states and solar resources of the southwest, can be used to convert the USA to 100% renewable electric power.

  9. Pipelines? Ban all new pipelines. Make sure the owners rigorously maintain the old ones until they are abandoned due to declining oil/gas usage.

  10. The US is unique in the world in not considering healthcare part of the public infrastructure that serves everyone. Make it part of our infrastructure by passing comprehensive and improved Medicare for all.

  11. Public education is infrastructure too. Re-invest in public education with a strong neighborhood-centered focus. Kick out the privaizers. That the quality of public education a USAn child gets required that the child be born rich in a rich neighborhood is a travesty. Fix it now!

  12. Greatly expand public funding to public universities with the focus on making it free to all students who qualify for higher education.

  13. Related to infrastructure needs, a bit of a personal plug… As the term “engineer” has increasingly come to mean computer geek, the state of civil engineering and the competency of civil engineers in the USA has declined to practically third-world levels (I’m not exaggerating - and the white non-immigrant ones are the most incompetent). Aside from a handful of good schools, the civil engineering programs in most US universities are mediocre to awful. Some of the stuff the engineers routinely design and build in Europe could not even be built by most US civil engineers without going back to school. As a civil engineer myself, it’s embarrassing. Raise the competency standards in US universities and provide incentives for the smartest students (I wasn’t one) to take up civil engineering.

This can all be funded through deep cuts in military expenditures and a steeply graduated progressive income tax that goes where the money is - the wealthy. The good, union jobs provided by this multi-decade project will replace all of the jobs lost from the military cuts.


Yunz, the best infrastructure plans are just new and obvious forms of graft, didn’t you know? Silly you.


My nephew moved to New Zealand right after Bush ordered the shocking and awful attack on Iraq that murdered so many Iraqi’s and tells me it was the best move he could have ever made. But like he says, not perfect by any means, but perfect compared to the " greatest purveyor of violence in the world".


Yes, it is a massive challenge to not only live here in the u.s.( surrounded by violence/mass shootings, attacks on the natural world etc.) but also being forced to fund this killing machine via taxes and the extortion that is “health care”.

I wish I could move but not sure where to go and how to do it ----unless you have a specific skill or are very wealthy it is very difficult to emigrate (or so I’ve read)

Paul Beckwith on moving to New Zealand (and other places):


A primary characteristic of the 21st century is the increasing power of global capital with each passing day.

With unprecedented return on investment (ROI) from buying the US Congress, the boost global capital got from December’s Inequality Exacerbation Act (IEA) disguised as tax reform enables the purchase of politicians in all nations of consequence. That movement is already underway in the EU, Brexit being one example of pushback against politicians in the pocket of global capital.

Although I thought about relocating to New Zealand when I visited there in 2002, global capital’s influence was already apparent to the extent that I concluded that I could run but I couldn’t hide.

Staying in Murka to fight the fight.


Thank you for the video by Paul Beckwith. Excellent!


It has been known and feared for a long time that if the Idiot’s Wall is ever built it will be a catsasstrophe for people and wildlife including endangered species on both sides - of course wildlife migrate and share/spread gene pools, and to end that critical reality many will be destroyed.

Of course the ignorance and extreme narrow and shallow life experience and education of the child-moron has not given him even a limited understanding of life on Earth - or caring - he is utterly devoid of conscience and empathy for anything except his own malignant pathetic mind. Miserable scum! I would far-more prefer the extinction of trump than just one of the at-risk creatures affected by his racist wall!

https://blogs.umass.edu/natsci397a-eross/wildlife-and-the-trump-border-wall/ - “WILDLIFE AND THE TRUMP BORDER WALL” - Umass Amherst


Traveling through Europe and Asia more than four decades ago, I recall the Greek/Turkish and Pakistan/India border areas being no mans land where minefields and assorted barriers that no sane person would venture into.

Trump’s border wall will create a similar environment along the US/ Mexiico border.

Considering that it has been a decade since more migrants were heading north than south across the US/Mexico border, the wall will accomplish nothing more than making Trump’s voters feel good, although I wonder if they even have any ability to feel good ?