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Leaked UN Draft Report Warns Rising, Warming Oceans 'Poised to Unleash Misery' Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/29/leaked-un-draft-report-warns-rising-warming-oceans-poised-unleash-misery-worldwide


I have seen elsewhere we are already at 1.8 degrees above. We may very well have a Blue Ocean Event this fall and winter and be above 2.0 by next summer. I know I preach to the choir but does anyone you know have their hands on the controls? Tell them to pull them to Full Stop. Thanks

Couple of weeks ago one of the local “news” shows here in Chicago showed footage of a pier on Lake Michigan a foot under water. And yes the lake level fluctuates, but not like this.

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NOVA this week has a great show on what the warming ocean is doing to the 'mentality" of reef creatures

Watch it online here

Lethal Seas

A unique coral garden in Papua New Guinea shows what the future may hold as oceans acidify.

Also next weeks NOVA is about Super Storms

Rise of the Superstorms

Witness the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in 2017.


Please read my “Climate Emergency” pages


From thea rticle:

“There is no effective legal instrument that allows the creation of ocean sanctuaries—areas off-limits to harmful human activities—on international waters.”

Where’s Captain Nemo and the Nautilus when we need them? Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd can only do so much.


Memo to the spineless jellyfish coalition, aka the DNC: climate change shouldn’t only be a topic, it should be the ONLY topic.


One of the major causes of our dilemma is the military. They won’t help because trump is a denier. The MIC can’t kill global warming with it’s weapons, although trump would like to nuke hurricanes.
The republican Moscow Mitch won’t bring helpful legislation up for a vote.
One thing that MIGHT help: Require proof that you don’t own a fossil fuel run mode of transportation in order to own or purchase a smart phone.
Stop next generation brain cancer as an extra benefit.
Just rambling.


Bookmarked, and I will.

If you think you’re too small to make a difference
…try sleeping with a mosquito in the room

Ya gotta Luv the Lama


The Chinese really know how to pull off a hoax.


previous dire warnings have been mostly ignored, not just by corporations and their politicians but also by people continuing to drive and fly everywhere, turn up the AC, demand all kinds of meat, add to skyrocketing population growth… what might be different this time??


I see no mention of ocean acidification ?

I can hardly believe its not in the report itself ??


The oligarchy’s plans to kill us off are now in full effect.

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That video is not available in my region due to rights restrictions!!!

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Lethal Seas is on the tube now and Rise of the Superstorms is on the tube next week.


They die too …

LIke this misery:


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I dont have a tube and i am in spain.

This is undoubtedly another report that understates the problem and misses the mark on how soon the situation is going to become dire. That’s the pattern: Make a prediction that isn’t too alarmist, then sound the alarms when the worst case scenario plays out.

Here’s how you keep it real:
Despite some progress toward renewables, carbon emissions are at all-time highs and still going up.
The “system” is huge, global, and extremely resistant to change – profits matter more than people.
The average person cannot/willnot wrap their mind around the coming dystopia.
It’s already too effin late to prevent utter catastrophe.


Aren’t we already past 1.5 c above average? I thought I read recently read it was at 1.7. Alaska was 5.4 f above average this last July, which is over 3c. Articles from research groups have come out stating how the IPCC greatly underestimate s these things because they have so many different parties involved that the info gets minimized and watered down too much and isn’t accurately representative of the severity of run-away climate chaos. A must read:
This is a life or death situation and needs to be understood and dealt with as such. The human race won’t be here at all by 2100. Maybe even 2050.
The permafrost has been melting for more than the last 15 years, probably already well past 30 percent melted. Ronald Rump is 100 times more of a genocidal psycho than Hitler because he is spearheading a Holocaust of the entire human race.
Everyone has a right to defend their own life with whatever means necessary. The %1 , wall Street, fossil fuel executives are killing everyone, everything, if they don’t stop what they are doing we have no choice but to delete them. This is why we are given the right to bear arms in the Constitution, to stop tyranny from the powerful above us, to defend ourselves.

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