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Leaked Video Reveals Omissions in Official Account of Police Shooting


Leaked Video Reveals Omissions in Official Account of Police Shooting

Spencer Woodman, The Intercept

In the predawn hours of January 24, 2013, a police officer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, shot and killed a 22-year-old resident named Nijza Lamar Hagans, who had been pulled over for running a red light and making “several furtive driving maneuvers such as darting onto a neighborhood street and into a driveway,” according to a memo by Cumberland County’s district attorney, Billy West. The police officer, Aaron Hunt, then 24, claimed that, peering into the SUV Hagans was driving, he saw Hagans reach aggressively for a gun in his pants pocket as he opened his car door.


The fact that it seems to be happening EVERY day seems to make it more troubling! Serve and Protect WHAT!


It appears in this video the suspect punched the officer and ran for it. The cop’s body language was not that of an officer staring at the butt of a gun protruding from the pocket of a suspect. If a cop saw that, he would spread his legs into shooting stance and pull his firearm, just in case. The cop’s body language, instead, is that of a polite, reasonable inquiry, checking license and registration. The officer appears completely surprised by the punch to his face and the door flying open.

This leads me to believe, that the “butt of a gun” story is a fiction concocted by the cop since he lost his cool and shot him in the back and killed him as he was running away.

Don’t worry about killing an unarmed civilian, “We’ll get you through it” (since we cops investigate ourselves.)

The United Police States:
Wall to wall dishonest police departments.

The last time I analyzed a video like this, a cop named Kyle came on CD saying I was imagining things and the video was altered, omitting the frame that you could only see “frame by frame” that showed a chrome gun being shot into the corpse at close range by a second black cop to presumably get a gunpowder burn on the victim, making it look like a close confrontation to fit the White shooter’s story.

Police Departments cannot be in charge of dashboard or body cams. A random citizen board must do that, giving meaningful oversight to this huge, centralized, militarized Gestopo which is part of a training culture of “shoot first and ask questions later”.


A badge shouldn’t be a license to kill.


One killer cop manages to get caught and end up on the national news about every day, so I can only imagine how often it really goes on.
That doesn’t take into account the citizens who survive encounters with terroristic cops every day in the USA and get physically assaulted, wrongly arrested, given bogus tickets with bogus fines, have their vehicles vandalized by cops, have their homes broken into without a warrant, have their vehicles forcibly gone through without a warrant, are followed, spied on, stalked,sexually harassed, raped, (as was my cousin) have property illegally confiscated, have cops refuse to help them when they’re a victim of a serious crime like domestic violence, and are forced to move to another town because the harassment is so terrible.
Catching them on tape and turning to international organizations when local, state, and federal officials in the USA try to protect them-seem like very good steps in the right direction.