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Leaker of Pentagon Papers: Trump Is an Enemy of the Constitution and Must Be Defeated

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/13/leaker-pentagon-papers-trump-enemy-constitution-and-must-be-defeated


Dear Mr. Ellsberg,

When you talk about “my country” and “democracy,” I wonder where you live.

The Biden administration will be the third GW Bush administration.

Yes, Trump is the worst of the lousy, toxic presidents yet, but there is nothing but the use of deceitful

and disingenuous misrepresentations which have been employed to make Biden appear as if he

is a different man than his history shows him to be.

Biden and Obama have done their share of pissing on the constitution and both corporate owned

parties would throw you in prison (and worse) if you did today what you did in the 70’s.

What a shame that you would fall so low and try to promote one fraud over another.

I am truly sorry to see this day.


How very disappointing, coming from someone who has had first hand experience with Joe Biden’s world. Joe biden is in large part why you were in court for Assange. Joe Biden helped to push the US into war on a poor country slaughtering millions of innocent people based on a lie. A lie that led to torture, rendition flights, and a massive domestic spying program. Joe biden supported the war in syria again based on lies, libya again based on lies and of course the war on Yemen. These empire building wars were not enough though, he was behind so many coups Not to mention the arrest of whistle blowers. So I do not understand why anyone should vote for biden or Trump


“Trump Is an Enemy of the Constitution and Must Be” … ARRESTED !!


Indeed Mr. Ellsberg, Trump must be defeated.

However, We the People cannot stop there.

After his defeat he must be made an example of. Never again can any one man be enabled to abuse the powers of the office of the presidency as he has.

Him and those who enabled his abuses must be held accountable, or reckoned with in another manner.


Man, there is a bumper crop of “newbie trolls” appearing what seems like every single day here on Common Dreams.

Running scared with one purpose. To divide and confuse.


Considering what we did in Libya I think it would be an excellent idea to repeat that carnage on the cretin in the Orangubrat Enclosure.


Another big thanks to Daniel Ellsberg, though not particularly for the article. He’s correct enough about Trump; leaving Biden out scotches any benefit.

I can’t get away without saying it, and I am not half joking: Daniel, hanging out with those Beltway boys is going to get you in trouble.


Joe Biden calls Jullian Assange a “hi-tech terrorist”


There plenty to attack Donald Trump on. There no reason whatsoever that anyone concerned about the Constitution and the law should promote Joe Biden. The Patriot act, the mass surveillance of US Citizens during the Obama Administration , multiple wars unauthorized by Congress were all violations of the Constitution as was Obama’s mass deportations and breakup of the Occupy movement.

Other violations include but are not limited to operation “fast and furious” , the arming of ISIS Militants in Syria , the illegal phone tapping of Journalists , signing into law indefinite detention of US Citizens, extra judicial executions of US Citizens ,making recess appointments when Congress not in recess , ordering you tube and twitter to take down videos and or tweets that were critical of him and so on.

So if one took an oath as a marine to defend the Constitution is that oath against just Republican Presidents that do so or is it against any President that does so?

If it the former then the oath worth nothing.


You are correct on one thing you said.

Just as in 2016, the overwhelming message of the democrats is that they need the voters to be

“Running scared” into the same neo-conservative corporatized, privatizing toxicity which led to the rise

of Trump. All that Biden is offering is the fear of Trump and more of the same predatory, militarized

corporate corruption and pollution. He and Trump are insidious liars.

Biden, like the Clintons, Obama, and the majority of democrat officeholders, is an ally of Trump.

They believe in the same inequalities and warmongering as Trump, but they lie with more skill.

There is a widespread perversity (which Obama blatantly promoted) which leads people in the USA to

believe that they are some capitalist god’s “exceptional” people.

Clearly, a majority of those who identify as being “americans”(sic) are violently insecure and they are

willing to destroy each other and the only habitable planet we know of

for their private bank accounts.


preventing the destruction of our Constitution as a functional document and averting irreversible damage to human civilization in the next four years.

The problem with this particular vein of endorsing Joe-failing brain-Biden, is that it presupposes Biden is not equally as destructive. The term being parroted is “false equivalency.”

Biden, as an individual, is nothing more than putty. That is why he has been thrust in our face using tactics that make a mockery out of the word democracy. The danger he, as an instrument of the devious people behind him, presents, is even worse than Donald Trump.

Ellisberg’s opinion lacks this critical insight, as does every other apologist for the disaster capitalist security state that is pursuing its usual murderous agenda by subverting democracy and installing the pathologically lying puppet, Joe Biden.


Divide and confuse,

hmmm, that’s sounds familiar: That is THE modus operandi of the unDemocratic party itself.

It torpedoed a progressive movement, desperately calculating that it would be worth it to split itself into two factions: one, made up of smart, motivated, truly democratic people, who naively believed in democracy, and another, made up of manipulating, super-delegate, unprincipled, neo-liberals and their obsequious party loyalists who agree with Dick Cheney that principles mean nothing if you lose.

Of course, that division would be offset by just letting all those passionate, democracy devoted chumps go, and getting new friends, the lovely, war-criminal, Bush era Republicans. They would be invited to come to the victory party and give long speeches while throwing those silly socialists under the bus. But supposedly, when the fraudulent, unDemocratic party candidate is successfully imposed upon the idiot masses, the suffocating veil of confusion will be ripped away like a surgical mask, and we will all be able to come together again and breathe freely!

No confusion, just a couple easy, two-dimensional, kindergarten, simpleton concepts to have to consider: where are those goddamned feet and how do we grab them and hold them to a figurative fire when the only feet actually getting held to anything are our own, being pulled down by gravity to a PLANET that is literally burning.

Remember, vote for the guy who wasn’t in the top of his class in law school, cares so much about POC he wrote the crime bill, represents integrity by making deals with Ukrainian mobsters, can’t even express a coherent thought USING a teleprompter, and will save the planet by NOT BANNING FRACKING.



Gosh, isn’t DT also an enemy of civilization? His niece Mary continues to wonder why no one is stopping him.

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As do many millions of us.

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His niece Mary continues to wonder why no one is stopping him.

I don’t wonder. With #resistorwhatevs friends in congress who increase the military budget and use a disaster like a pandemic to transfer 5 trillion dollars of magic money to the banksters that are shoving Joe-dementia down our throat, who needs enemies? Donald Trump is the perfect foil.

The logic we MUST stop Trump so we can simultaneously secure the executive branch for the administrators of the empire who will, just to list a few,

conduct war around the globe on countries with resources they want to control (read fossil fuel), terrorize entire populations, monetarily support terrorists, institute coups, extort entire nations, impose economic blockades, plan and initiate cyber attacks world-wide, incite neo-McCarthyism, rape the planet for monetary gain,etc.

is rationally and morally bankrupt.

Joe Biden is the empty shell through which ALL of those things will continue and increase, and the cabal BEHIND creepy Joe is what is more dangerous than Donald Trump.

Why is no one stopping THEM? THAT is the question.

I sincerely believe the narcissist who is DT is more likely to be a hurdle to at least some of these things, if only to appease his ego, than the guy who has made his 47 year career being a greasy cog in their machine.


To me, the other question is just who or what is going to do such stopping?

The only answer I can muster, since our entire political system is a sham, is us, and how we spend our money. I’m pretty sure that’s why congress is contemplating making some particular boycotts illegal. But they take courage, commitment, principles and more effort than just marching and holding up a sign or burning down and looting someone else’s property. So we’re probably just shit out of luck.

That being said. I don’t buy from Amazon and I pulled all my retirement money from out of the hands of the money managing crooks using it to finance their giant, legal, pyramid schemes. I wish everyone else would, but the system is set up to harshly penalize anyone deciding to do just that, and the vast majority of people can’t afford to commit to that kind of effort.

So we’ll just have to keep clicking the icons on the corporate owned and operated black boxes that we don’t trust to count our votes for candidates we didn’t get to choose in the first place who don’t represent us and hope it will all turn out for the less worse.

Maybe someday a candidate will come along to electrify people and inspire them to have hope that we can change things. Ahh, who am I kidding? The super-delegate powers-that-be would never let that kind of thing happen.

So vote for the unDemocratic party, where your voice is always heard (but only for marketing purposes).



Really? And given that we have only those 2 choices, what would you have us do??
– Vote Trump back in, since you insist he is just a liar?
– Or stay home & do nothing while we become officially Authoritarian at the hands of that deadly liar & all his despicable comrades in various positions of federal employment?

We will have NO CHANCE to change a damn thing if Trump stays in! The Rethug maneuvers going on currently to defraud this election in every way should tell you that!
We have faced many threats in this Country, but NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, the likes of this son-of-a- bitch! We will not recover if we don’t stop it NOW! And some may argue it’s too late already, with the abuse of power, stacking of all federal courts, total corruption at head of DOJ, & so much more already happened. Too much has been allowed to go on without the other side fighting back as it is. This is 1 last chance (maybe) to save our own selves from total destruction that’s been coming.

And what about the rest of the world? Think they will just sit by & quietly tolerate more Trump years? The world too, is giving us 1 last chance to fix what we let get so f*cked up. The world has NO obligation to sit by while we be stupid & allow our gov’t to destroy the planet.
You have no better option than Biden to offer & voting is already happening as we speak. DO NOT suggest not voting for Biden (who I am no fan of!) when he is all we have in order to buy us time, save this Country from death & perhaps offer up some breathing room & a chance ~ a chance for some non-violence, non-racism, some leadership, some calm & semblance of normalcy & maybe a leader who IS NOT IN IT JUST FOR HIS OWN DAMN SELF!
You either must hate America, or maybe well spoken troll…?!?

Mr Ellsberg if this is the writer of the same name I am sorry to hear you speak about our president in such terms.as our country races towards a socialist end and China has its dirty hands in our software and computers hacking our secrets, and wishes that we will annihalate ourselves
Or biden their chosen stooge will get elected . If biden is elected China will have a paid stooge in office and will be controlling our nation towards their interests and the words IN GOD WE TRUST will become irrevalant. You claim your for our constitution yet you want a nation where in God we don’t trust, the abortions, the teaching of gender decision to children, where a nation of godless acts are being taught to our children, where if your white your taught you are guilty of every act under the sun instead of celebrating our great ancestors we tear their statues down and burn our cities .Mr Ellsberg come to NYC and I will show you what Democrats have done store after store empty ,criminals act out without the fear of reprisal by the law since bail has been abolished they walk back out of the system.how a infinite number of bad shootings by law enforcement has become the systemic racism of our police forces. All done by Democrats backed by Democrats cities looted and robbed by BLM ANTIFA Democrats protect this as small business owners suffer and lose their life savings. You are so wrong and want a socialist nation it seems I am very sad to hear you talk about our president as you do. I hope to God he is re- elected or war will come to this nation foreign or civil that’s the democratic future.
I will have to say I think your a great mind and read your books
But we will have to agree to disagree Mr Ellsberg. As I do enjoy your writing.