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Leaker of Pentagon Papers: Trump Is an Enemy of the Constitution and Must Be Defeated

Thank you. It is so kind of you to post an example of what a Trump supporter has to say.

Perhaps all those people who think Green Party voters are Trumpers will finally note the difference. I’m really tired of getting called a Trumper by those who are to the right of me.


Susan, excellent post! I have supported the Green Party since Mr. Nader ran for POTUS, but having said that, Trump is soooo corrupt and is sooooo evil and he will probably steal the election some way if he loses… we have no choice left to vote for the LOTE. Welcome aboard.

Yes, arrested by the military as guilty of treason and of being another Benedict Arnold, who was found guilty of being an American, traitor. Trump is another American, traitor and the only difference is instead of conspiring with the British, Trump has been and is conspiring with his buddy Putin and the Russians.

No, you were being accurate when you said he was desecrating the Constitution. So you vote for the Greens, you can save yourself the trip. Integrity my foot, you’ll throw our country over to the dictatorship that Trump wants in favor or punishing Biden? That’s what many people did with Hillary. I didn’t want Hillary either, but I knew Trump would be disastrous for our country. At least I think Biden will not be dictatorial and I think he can be led. Trump badly wants to be President for life, like all his dictator buddies.