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Leaker, Speaker, Soldier, Spy


Leaker, Speaker, Soldier, Spy

Nick Turse

I ran into David Petraeus the other night. Or rather, I ran after him.


This is how Mars Rules takes hold in a would-be Democratic Nation based on laws:

"Petraeus produced a wall of words explaining how busy he is. In the process, he shed light on just what it means to be a retired celebrity general from America’s winless wars. “I’ve got a day job with KKR. I teach once a week at the City University of New York – Honors College. I do a week per semester at USC [University of Southern California]. I do several days at Harvard. I’m on the speaking circuit. I do pro bono stuff like this. I’m the co-chairman of the Wilson Institute’s Global Advisory Council, the senior vice president of RUSI [Royal United Services Institute, a research institution focused on military issues]. I’m on three other think tank boards,” he said. "

When the military and those who took its blood oaths and proved inured to the killing fields are given such plum jobs at universities and think tanks, the ways of war as societal norm become firmly rooted into the fabric of culture, academe, and of course the business world where War AS product has become an unquestioned staple.

What galls me most is how the Religious Elite just provide (falsified) moral back-up for this inversion of the teachings of Christ (and other Masters).


There appears to be some kind of brain or time warp at Tom Dispatch that virtually EVERY one of its writers asks this same rhetorical question in one form or another:

“I was curious, for instance, about his take on why the winning of wars isn’t a prerequisite for cashing in on one’s leadership in them, and why the personal and professional costs of scandal are so incredibly selective.”

Nick, you’re a very smart guy and I admire a lot of your research. But let’s face it–the answer is axiomatic: if the wars were actually won, the MIC would have nothing to do, no weapons to keep producing hot off the arms’ dealers presses, and the loss of an enemy (due to winning the conflict) would lead to massive financial losses to all of these tick-like agencies that FEAST on the BLOOD of warfare and its countless thousands of victims.

It is the chief dis-ease that makes genuine (national, or otherwise) security IMPOSSIBLE. It has become the evil it purports to stamp out.

And aging warriors like Petraeus–who possesses the moral backbone of an ameba grant it (the MIC) the imprimatur of legitimacy. They relish owning others’ secrets but if they should expose any, they believe themselves deserving of absolute impunity.

Curiously, Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, and Joseph McCarthy were (or are) all Scorpios. Stinging others IS their business, and business model.


The first thing the armed forces do, when they get ahold of you, is to break down your sense of self and make you become an unthinking cog in their machine.
That any of these drones are looked to for "advice " or “guidance” is absurd.


Excellent article! Thank you, Nick!


Does any really intelligent person choose to make his/her living killing people or directing others to kill people?


that is the key element of the question. turse probably knows the “axiomatic” answer…

“Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, and Joseph McCarthy were (or are) all Scorpios.”

seriously?!? bringing up astrology really undermines anything else you may have to say…


Hey…I’m a Scorpio and am VERY compassionate!! (SARC)


To make the upcoming (s)election interesting and entertaining: Petraeus as one of the VP candidates…