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Leaking Clasified Info Not Such a Big Deal (Except When Whistleblowers Do It)


Leaking Clasified Info Not Such a Big Deal (Except When Whistleblowers Do It)

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In what some are calling another example of a two-tiered justice system, the Pentagon said Friday that it would not demote Retired General David Petraeus, who was convicted in 2015 of leaking classified information to his biographer and mistress.


Breaking the Federal Law.....
1. Obama administration's aggressive crackdown on whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Jeffrey Sterling, and John Kiriakou.

  1. Hillary Clinton & Her Emails/Top-Secret Docs.....Violations..... No Penalties.
  2. Ash Carter/..also used non-secure Email Server for Top Secret Files...No penalties..
  3. Top Banks violate banking laws....no one goes to prison.....

Which Team are you on?
Team-Empire .....or Team-Citizenry?


Don't forget Obama getting the Swedish Prime Minister to press bogus charges against Julian Assange so Sweden could land Assange in Obama's whistleblower gulag.

Correction: Top banks didn't violate banking laws, they paid the best Congress money can buy to change the laws, legalizing their fraudulant business models.


Yes, but he did it for the most nobelist of reasons, so he could cheat on his wife.


Remember the Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd film "Trading Places"?

I'd love to see Saturday Night Live due a satire where Edward Snowden changes places with General Petraeus.

If I were to write the script, I'd contrast the Puritan Attitude of so many good Christians that makes more of a fuss over an empowered man's sexual indiscretions than over the BODIES left to BLEED entire landscapes.

Another way to treat the subject, again, by changing the two individuals' places would be to show how power covers its mistakes and that's treated as honorable and worthy of approbation; but any individual who exposes the graft, corruption, and illegality of an entity's operations is treated as the one guilty of the crime itself.

Humor can illuminate subjects that are difficult to face head-on otherwise.


strong textPlease, please do not forget Richard Armitage & Scooter Libby walking free, while Chelsea & others rot.

I really don't let people get away with using the phrase "Rule of Law" in front of me any more.

The Rule of Law is nothing but a sick joke.

Veterans For Peace


Chelsea (Bradley) Manning is a private in the US Army not a lieutenant.


RULE OF LAW: The Powers that Be use this "Law" to their Advantage.

EARTH JUSTICE-....Here the Planet Earth will exact Justice via its "Rule of Law"...and humanity will pay the price for violating it.
We are already seeing the escalating effects of Violating this Law....Sow the Seeds, Reap the Consequences or Rewards.
As we decimate our Ecological Support Systems and Pillage the Earth's natural resources (not humanity's), we violate Earth's Rule of Law....and we humans and our civilization will pay the price, be forced to realign our position on this planet. For we are only guests living upon this planet...and our host, the Earth will determine our worthiness....


Justice in the courts or justice in the streets!
That is America's future.


What's odd is that Petraeus was fired over what he evidently thought was one of the perks of his job, i.e. sharing classified data with whoever he chose. My guess is that he inadvertently disturbed some of the more powerful spooks. Maybe some key CIA people were upset when Paula Broadwell used classified info from Petraeus and said that the real target at Benghazi was the secret CIA black site at the consulate. Their love affair was revealed by the FBI right after she made this claim and that seems to be more than a coincidence.

Interesting, too, that his successor John Brennan suffered no penalty when it was revealed a few months ago that he was storing classified docs on a gmail account which was hacked by what seems to have been a couple of kids. That story vanished in a day or two even tho the docs were actually published on the Internet, a more serious breach than that involving Petraeus.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This picture is very revealing on many levels....One aspect is the guilt that shines from both of their faces.
They know they have done something wrong from violating marriage fidelities to violating classified document laws.
The Empire protects its own....everyone else is on their own.


There's definitely a two-tier system of justice in America. In government it involves the agencies and individuals involved in "national security" issues; in the domestic civilian realm justice boils down to who you know and how much cash you control.

In July 1947 Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act. This act of Congress reorganized the U.S. armed forces into what has become the Department of Defense. It also established the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, created the framework for what has become the NSA, and a detailed outline for national mobilization in times of emergency.

Included in all that is the infamous authorization to classify information on the grounds of national security and exempt that information from laws that require disclosure of government activities.

This was the event that marked the end of the American republic. From that time forward, the military industrial complex and national intelligence agencies have been in charge of doing the bidding of those who developed the plans and talked Truman into believing all this was necessary to "keep America safe."

g.w. bush referred to the motivating factors used to convince Truman when he played spokesman for the Department of Homeland security: "We now need similar dramatic reforms to secure our people at home."

I guess Stalin said something similar when he announced the erection of the Berlin Wall.


And Petraeus receives between $100,000 and $150,000 for a speaker's fee plus he is on salary of $200,000 with CUNY for intermittent seminars he may be asked to oversee. He is listed with the Washington Speaker's Bureau with his pals, Rove, Cheney, GWB, Clinton (WJC and HRC). WJC gets $195,000 and up while HRC now gets $200,000 (guess she is considered more relevant/current than Bill right now). The judge only "punished" the general with a fine of 75% of one speaker's fee (less than it cost for dinners and wine for his mistress). I would not walk across the street to see him or any of his buddies.

Justice only applies to the people who can afford it.