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Leaping Beyond the Prison Walls


Leaping Beyond the Prison Walls

Rachel Boccio

In the first week of February, thirteen students—all incarcerated adolescents serving time in an adult correctional facility—gather to think through a provocative question posed to them by Naomi Klein, one of the authors of the Leap Manifesto: “Is there anything in this broad vision of a justice-based transition off of fossil fuels that you would see as a solution to keeping more people out of jail?”


Thank you, Rachel Boccio for this inspiring message, and thank you for your 29 years of work with those who society generally ignores. People such as yourself, Naomi Klein, the other colleagues
mentioned in this piece and especially the "Leapers", give me hope for a better world! I wish for you much success and many blessings.


Yes, an excellent article. I too greatly admire Naomi Klein and her courage.