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Learning from the Standing Rock Sioux


Learning from the Standing Rock Sioux

Emelyn Lybarger

Heartbreaking, inspiring, and galvanizing images and voices are coming from the Standing Rock Reservation. These are more than five minute clips on social media or a quick skim of an article on the internet. Our native brothers and sisters have something to teach us – white people of European descent. Don’t turn away.


I like this article.
As one minister said (mine), we have death and destruction on the one hand, and sustainability and life on the other.
Which do you pick?
The question Albert Camus said was the most important in life was whether to commit suicide or not...everything then flows from there..


This one of the better articles I have read on the protectors at Standing Rock. Well done Emelyn and I hope to see more by you in the future.

Adding this link as there little coverage on it.

This is a HUGE leak down in Alabama.


"Only uncivil people require law to coerce them into moral action."

There are correlates to this with identifiable consequences. "Culture" in the "enlightenment" context is not a living sustainable source of wisdom but rather a politics of 'being owned' instead of LIVING a coherent identity. My blood ran cold when, in the 90s the phrase "own it" emerged as a cultural meme in media and conversation. In place of being responsible for one's actions, it implies the perverse notion of the derivative, to wit - never let a crisis go to waste, rather, double down on what is WRONG and TAKE whatever can be taken; shape further distortion of 'policy' etc.

There is also prevailing today a profoundly disturbing practice of criminality being projected onto any entity perceived as threat to the ponzi schemes of ill gotten powers. When you hear a politician or any conflicted entity charging another with undocumented accusations, note carefully the nature of the accusation. More often than not, with increasing frequency, the accuser reveals the nature of their own criminality and/or perversion of practice. EG: Amy Goodman being charged with 'trespassing' while exercising the right to freedom of information as a journalist. The fact that the corporation was illegally bulldozing is also a metaphor for the entire series of abuses of record against the Sioux leading up to the attempt to 'bulldoze' the evidence of the burial grounds by projecting its criminality onto the most convenient targets. Likewise, the barbaric use of a company of hired thugs being paid to use attack dogs against people who RIGHTFULLY DEMAND that they not be further subjected to bearing the extremely high risk of poisoning by failure of the pipeline installation, ethnocide, impoverishment and the ultimate exclusion by perpetuation of genocide. This of course being inextricable from the recognition of being integral to Mother Earth. One need only look around the planet to see the evidence.


The Alabama gasoline spill really deserves more attention - it will probably end at around a million gallons. Once again a huge area is being told not to drink the water.

Perhaps everyone would do better if there was a leak in a water pipeline and we were all told not to consume any gasoline!



I have a brand new book: INDEH, 2016, a 'graphic book', by Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth, about Cochise, Geronimo et al and the Apache Wars, ca 1862 to now, apparently. If you have seen the movie "Geronimo, An American Legend", you will get the gist of this very powerful graphic book "Indeh".

" An Apache Forward", which introduces the book, is by Douglas Miles Sr., an actual Apache !

Point One:

I note especially that Douglas Miles says in this introduction that most western films and portrayals of the Indians are stereotypical, and depict the Indians in a false and unseemly light.

Point Two:

And I note that the two authors of this article now under discussion also invoke stereotypes many times in their article - i.e., the white man as rapacious destroyer of the planet etc...

Yet both portrayals are false - in that they are only partially true - both the Apache Douglas Myles depiction and the picture painted by this articles two authors.

"Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman; Dances with Wolves" with Kevin Costner, "Geronimo: An American Legend", with Matt Damon and Wes Studi - all go to great lengths to depict a much more accurate portrait of the times than typical stereotypes - there are good and bad on both sides, as it were.

It must be remembered that entirely native Americans in the guise of the Aztecs, the Maya, the Incas - created empires with sun-gods etc and rapacious regimes which compare in their insanity to the white-Europeans of more recent vintage.

Carl Sagan, Jacques Cousteau, David Attenborough and many many others, most scientists in fact, could easily be awarded the "hero" award of Defenders of the Environment", after the Greek word 'hero' which actually means 'protector'.

And as hunter gatherers, the Out of Africa crowd, we were all as close to nature as is possible, and still destroyed the megafauna everywhere we migrated to, from Australia to Europe and North and South America.

Of course many of the stone-age tribes not infected with empires lived close to the land, here in North Dakota and elsewhere.

But I am tired of these so called writers telling only half the story.

In fact there have probably always been defenders of the environment, from the Out of Africa group to the present day - and yet always the darker angels of our nature seem to have prevailed.

Why this is so I do not know.

Mikhail Gorbachev is one of those who came to believed in democracy and introduced the Soviet Union to 'perestroika' and 'glasnost', yet modern Russia has taken a big step back to authoritarian rule.

In the current issue of "Foreign Affairs", Martin Dempsy, retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff" figures prominently - and war is still his and America's modus operandi, as was the modus operandi of the native American tribes for ten plus thousand years, all the while living in intimate contact with the natural world.

No - enough of fuzzy thinking.

We are some of us good, some of us bad, and most of us somewhere in between, and pretending some group has the answer is false - false- false.

As a mountaineer I can tell you definitely that fuzzy thinking leads only to an early death in the natural world - and it will in this modern world as well.

There are elements in charge of things right now - the same elements who have always been around in society.

We, the human race, are simply too successful at whatever we do, be it hunting or making nuclear weapons.

The outcome of all this is fifty-fifty our possible extinction as a failed experiment.

Let's get rid of the fuzzy thinking on all sides if we can - if we are up to that.

Manysummits - a great admirer of some of the ways of the Apaches, whom I came to know in the Dragoon Mountains and Cochise Stronghold many moons ago.


Interfaith Statement of Support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


Great to see that the Appeals Court in Washington D.C. ruled in favor of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to halt all work on the pipeline within 20 miles of the lake Oahu while their full appeal is being heard. Recall the Federal Government halted all work right at the lake while they reviewed the case and asked the pipeline company to voluntarily halt construction within 20 miles. Then the company refused to do that so the Standing Rock tribe asked the appeals court to step in. Yesterday they did.


Read the article. .Are you stating there was no leak and no State of emergency declared? Please cite your sources.

Please stop trying to spread misinfomation on behalf of the Oil and gas companies. It is these types of spills the Standing Rock Sioux are concernd about and their cause not served by voices such as yours suggesting that if a leak stopped no spill occurred. It now estimated at 336000 gallaons and given the track history of under reporting such incidents is likely higher.

Oh you are the same guy that insisted there no arrest warrant issued for Amy Goodman! More misinformation. What is your agenda?


WTF are you on about. You are batshit crazy. No where in the article does it say millions and millions of gallons spilled. The article states that the amount spilled is 30 percent greater (and growing) than what the Oil companies reported.

Stop trying to cover up for the Oil and gas industry by retending this a minot incdient and that you r beloved Colonial has it all under control.

When a people are trying to stop an oil pipeline because pipelines leak and it might destroy their water, it hardly distraction to point out an example of a pipeline that is severed and leaked gasoline. Are you just that stupid you think poeple will fall for your "this leak is nothing" nonsense?


Responding to the constant reference of "white people". For example I liked this section of the article,

Why did you say "White people" instead of just "people" I wanted to forward this on to my friends because I support the North Dakota protest against the pipeline but I won't because of the negative race tone. By the way, many people today are blended.

There is a fundraiser this weekend here in Indianapolis trying to raise money for the protesters.
"Supply & Fundraising Event to help support the NoDakotaAccessIndy group! Come unite with others in a very special event of live music and interactive art, while supporting a great cause!

Live Music from 7:00pm-11:00pm "

We are not defined by race color but by our character.