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Learning the Downsides of Candidates Is a Big Upside of Modern Media


Learning the Downsides of Candidates Is a Big Upside of Modern Media

Jim Naureckas

You’ve probably noticed that we live in a society where some people have a great deal of power, and most people have very little. And that this works out well for the few and not so well for the many.

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Wish I could concur with the author, but hell naw.

Digital communication has followed down the path of the communication that preceded it: Filled with ‘truthiness,’ and preaching to the respective choirs. There’s nothing new under the digital sun.



“A funny thing happened in the 21st century: The development of digital technologies made it much cheaper to create and distribute information, via email, blogs, podcasts and social media. Though these technologies were largely developed by for-profit corporations for their own profit-seeking ends, they also enabled horizontal communication on a scale never before possible.”

More importantly perhaps, these digital technologies made Direct Liquid Democracy possible:




If George Carlin were still around we could revisit the “Hippy Dippy Weatherman.” Great fake news for fun.



Early in his career, not many people remember that skit, good one.



I would comment all about how picking nominees based on who can best serve the interests of voters rather than donors is not realistic and explain how citizens demanding small donor candidates instead of small contribution candidates that pretend to be small donor candidates is the best way to make sure the donors that the candidates serve the interests of are ordinary citizens instead of the big money interests, but that would be longer than the article.

But anyone that would like to see an article that covers this issue can contact CommonDreams and tell them to publish the article I submitted titled “Are You Supporting a Small Donor Candidate or a Small Contribution Candidate?”.

It would be nice if once in a while CommonDreams would look outside their bubble and the usual suspects and publish some more substantial articles than ones like this that don’t really provide much more than the same old empty platitudes and no real action that citizens can take.

It’s a shame that those with the ability to present ideas and issues that have been left out of the public discourse don’t take advantage of their ability to do so.



It should be pointed out that CommonDreams does allow ideas and perspectives to get into these comments and is one of the places where you can comment without being on Fbook, but the ideas and perspectives don’t seem to carry as much weight with people as when they are in an article.