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'Least I Could Do': As Sinclair Clamors for Merger, TV Producer Resigns Over Forced Scripts


'Least I Could Do': As Sinclair Clamors for Merger, TV Producer Resigns Over Forced Scripts

Jon Queally, staff writer, Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Sinclair continues to face criticism after a viral video showing local news anchors reciting scripts pre-packaged by the right-wing broadcasting behemoth, one TV producer announced Wednesday that the forced propaganda drove him to resign in protest.

"I didn't go into news to give people biased information," said Justin Simmons of Sinclair-owned KHGI-TV in Nebrasksa.


Good to see a person of integrity do this. Others need to follow in his path. Children raised with American values should not grow up to take jobs that require them to ignore their values and simply follow orders from above. Employees need to take a stand and say enough is enough. If Justin Simmons realized it many others must realize it also. There should be line of resigning employees heading to the exit door. To be a pawn in an attempted extreme right wing take over of the country is not what these employees signed up for.


NEWS FLASH***NEWS FLASH********Today Media scruples were reported found in Nebraska.Media scruples have been on the endangered list for a decade and thought to have become extinct. Much excitement was generated with this welcome news. Imported scruples just haven’t caught on.


Good to see someone willing to stand up for their convictions. Hire that man.


“Resigning seemed like the least I could do”
Since you were resigning, I wish you would have gone on air and explain to you’re viewers that you’re crew is forced to lie to the public.


First they abolished the Fairness Doctrine. Then they enacted the Telecommunications Act of 1996. They eliminated the requirement of Net Neutrality. And now this, the final nail in the coffin of US democracy.

It was a long term plan. But that’s the way Fascists work.


The merger and buyouts by Sinclair is just a reminder that the right wing have a plan to control all or most the media throughout the country while the Democrats and progressives just stand there like deer in the headlights. Face it folks, the right is organized from ALEC to Sinclair to voter suppression to court packing they’re executing a complete and total strategy to take over this country. What’s your plan lefties?


This threat is as big as Citizens United and must be stopped along with Pruitt and all republicans .


Is it time to ask for an advertiser boycott of Sinclair stations? This behemoth threatens our democracy!


Recover the Democratic Party and develop candidates that will work for the best for the workers and fair fiscal policy. Remove the ability to privately finance political campaigns.