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Leaving 143 Million Americans Out to Dry, Trump CFPB Backs Off Equifax Probe


Leaving 143 Million Americans Out to Dry, Trump CFPB Backs Off Equifax Probe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In yet another indication that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) under the leadership of Trump budget chief Mick Mulvaney is no longer devoted to protecting the public from corporate wrongdoing, the agency has reportedly placed its investigation of Equifax "on ice"—a move that says "you're out of luck


Same ol same ol. Enough said!


How is this asshole head of the CFPB in the first place? Isn’t his appointment a volatile of the law?


Yeah, this is not a shocking news story. Completely predictable. And it would have been just as predictable under a Democratic President, FYI.


Until we fix our system of legalized bribery—er, campaign financing—nothing will change.


Yeah, except the fake opposition party would sugar coat it, to make it look more palatable.


Bingo. I can’t remember who said this, but he/she called the Democratic Party the “more effective evil.” Quite the spot-on description of their purpose.


That was Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report, speaking of Barack Obama.


Turbo capitalism at its finest. Mix that with unadulterated fascist ideology and the nightmare has caught up with you…


American exceptionalism is fascism that can’t even run trains on time or even keep them on the tracks if recent events are any indication…

At least the European fascists of the 30s kept the trains running on time.

Next stop for the US is neofeudalism, whereby the 1% own everything, the 99% own nothing.


Why does a creep like that have a sign that labels himself as honorable?


Mulvaney is another one running corruption central. A corporate f*** who needs to go. What a shameful man.


Are those 143 million Americans going to show up at the ballot boxes in 2020 and vote against Trump going for a second term in the White House? Are they going to show up at the ballot boxes in 2018 to vote these Republicans out of being the majority in congress?


I am mad as hell that Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn that, due to negligence by Equifax, I could loose everything I have worked for and be left with nothing.at age 75.


I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt as to whether it was mere negligence, but that 6-week period between their discovery and the public acknowledgement of it, during which insiders sold off their stock while it was still worth something, has RICO written all over it.