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Leaving Legacy of 'World-Altering Work' for Women, 'Godmother of Title IX' Bernice Sandler Dies at 90


Leaving Legacy of 'World-Altering Work' for Women, 'Godmother of Title IX' Bernice Sandler Dies at 90

Julia Conley, staff writer

Dr. Bernice Sandler, whose experiences of sex discrimination on a college campus in the 1960s became the basis for sweeping reforms to ensure an equitable learning environment for women, died last weekend at the age of 90.


“The road to hell …”

Perhaps it was with the best of intentions, but it’s become a calamity: sexual hysteria, the infantalisation of students, bad actors using procedure-free Title IX prosecutions (persecutions?) for witch hunts against ideas that make them “uncomfortable,” and by now these pseudo-feminists are even consuming each other as the elastic concept “sexual harassment” is being used to target one-another. This is a critical topic for our educational and campus life, which I suggest anyone must look into. You might start with Laura Kipnis’ artice in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “My Title IX Inquisition,” and her book, “Unwanted Advances.” I would also heartily recommend Daphne Patai’s books, “Heterophobia” and “Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women’s Studies.” John Fekete’s book, “Moral Panic,” is also excellent. These people are feminists, mind you, but the whole movement has become ponerized. While fainting flowers are demanding their “trigger warnings,” so they don’t have to be subject to the discussion of such topics as rape law in law classes, the whole movement to sanitize the university is metastacizing into concepts of “hate speech” which are now being used to shut down debate on Israel and BDS. Could this not have been foreseen?? The whole thing has become very dangerous.