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Leaving Paris for All The Wrong Reason


Leaving Paris for All The Wrong Reason

Sara Mersha, Carol Schachet

The announcement by Donald Trump that that United States intends to ignore the non-binding Paris Climate Agreement, with the intention to renegotiate it to foist his America First policy on the rest of the world, should come as no surprise to anyone.


Clearly when Trump says one thing, he is conning people while he does something else. He simply reiterates his boast of being able to get away with anything or be believed by his base whenever he says something. It is like a puzzle where the goal is finding the truth behind the con artist's promotion!

"America first!" Trump says claiming more fossil fuels are what we need going into the future! Yet everyone sees that the future lies with renewables which are cheaper and bring with them millions of jobs and investments in new infrastructure. That is the real future while retaining fossil fuel use is retarding growth and innovation and in fact leaves America with outmoded infrastructure and drastically fewer new jobs and private investments. Call it Trump's 'America last' fossil fuel retention initiative. He says 'America First' but only to cloak the reality of his making America anything but first. He makes us lag behind the rest of the world and in effect, makes us 'America last'!

So when Trump says anything, look behind his con artist's characterizations and see the truth. Trump will say one thing when actually he intends the opposite!


The authors seem to have a very biased view of the international climate negotiations, heaping all kinds of criticism on the US and nothing on any other country. The climate negotiations have been very difficult as trying to get almost 200 countries to agree on anything is a challenge. The main problem for the US going back a couple of decades is that developing countries refused to participate in any agreement that required them to reduce emissions since they thought this was unfair given the needed to catch up. The US Congress did not ratify the Kyoto agreement because China and India would did not agree to be included in emissions reduction. In Copenhagen when everything was falling apart Obama was able to get the developed countries to make voluntary commitments and these commitments played a central role for a number of years. Then, in what was quite an accomplishment, in the Paris agreement he actually got the developing countries to make voluntary agreements to reduce emissions. This was a major breakthrough. He had to take legally binding commitments off the table because they would not have been ratified in the Senate were a two-thirds vote was required. The view put forth here that the US government has continually undermined the climate talks to please big business does not at all fit the facts.


Utter Stupidity on top of our previous position of Hipocracy.