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Lebron to That "Bum" Trump: "Going to W.H. Was Great Honor Until You Showed Up!"


Lebron to That "Bum" Trump: "Going to W.H. Was Great Honor Until You Showed Up!"

Common Dreams staff

U.S. territory Puerto Rico is in utter ruins, with nearly the entire island without power and a failing dam threatening tens of thousands of people, on Saturday.

High-stake tensions as international worries continue about North Korea's testing of nuclear weapons and the U.S. military's provocative show of force with South Korea.


Thank you Lebron James Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Curry for your service and true patriotism!


And for your fine example to young people everywhere, with your dignity in the face of racism and division!


Lebron James sounds so much more articulate and insightful than the President- which is funny, considering Lebron didn’t go to college! Maybe it’s not a fair comparison, since Lebron has been a king for at least a decade and Trump is still relatively “new at this.”

(Dubs rule - Trump drools! ;-))


LeBron just dunked that Bum!


Lebron, is the King, and Trump is the Court Jester, make that Fool.


Time for Trump to distract everyone from this confrontation. What crazy statement that the press has to react to will he come up with. Wait for the tweets.


More likely an action…Venezuela, anyone?

Kudos to these superb athletes, especially Lebron’s no-mincing of words. When a goodly number of them speak out against Trump’s bigotry, more people will begin to listen.


These folks have my respect. Too bad the Rockettes were too intimidated except for one who quit to refuse Trump’s invitation.


The idiot-in-chief and his racist pretend “patriotism” that’s actually neo-fascism draped in his pathetic ego and malignant narcissism…actually all of him is pathetic and malignant.

The image of the contrast between the “SOB’s” and trumps “fine people” is brilliant - thanks for including it CD staff!

McCoys comments are accurate…trump is an asshole!

I can see the headlines now - “Warriors don’t kowtow to pretend president”!


I was a citizen activist for the end of the hunger & the worst aspects of poverty for a quarter-century w/www.results.org. In that capacity, I was on Capitol Hill at least once a year to lobby for low-cost, proven high-impact solutions. I made more Senate & HORepresentative visits than I can remember. When citizens are knowledgeable & speak out, the morally upright MOCongress sometimes do the right thing.

Often, I have despaired of friends who are “just not interested in politics.” EVERYTHING is politics! That’s why these athletes & other celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel make my heart so glad that it sings every time they speak out for equality, justice, right livelihood & voting rights.

I left a VM on Senator Lindsey Graham’s DC office phone, saying to him, "I am ashamed to have to live in a state that YOU represent w/your murderous so-called “health reform bill.” OTOH, I am proud to say I am an American when people like those I mentioned above, act with moral clarity. I will be in Europe for a month starting soon; I hope to meet many new friends; I hope they will understand that not all Americans are sociopaths–just all Republicans & Trump.


Bravo to the Warriors, true Peace Warriors, and every person who is part of the Resistance: Keep On!
Together We are Strong!


The office of Preident hAd already lost it’s stature and dignity it once held before Trump was elected, it really to hit the toilet beginning with the Nixon/Ford administration.
And today Trump has put it on bottom of cesspool.
The Highest office holder is supposed to represent to world the highest ideals of that nations founding; but in truthTrump does that and by the response, or rather lack of, we the NATION seem to agree with him.
WHAT really causes me dismay is that those playersactions are skipped over by the sports fans and even fellow millionaire teamates, fans don’t seem to give a damn, all they want is the vicarious thrills and party time atmosphere; in their minds they paged for tickets to see action.
Why bother to use their crotch level minds, it’s is day/night off , pass them their team logo pacifiers.


Perhaps someday soon Trump will insult the wrong person or head of state with disastrous results, for him, that can’t be undone. One can only hope for the day as long as it doesn’t touch off a series of events that lead us all down a dark dangerous path. Although he has already insulted quite a few heads of state, the latest being Iran and N Korea, he seems to be encased in Teflon that his gorilla like base refuses to see.(The real man) We’re certainly in dark times with an out of control military and 3 losing generals in trumps cabinet. Not one of them can claim an overwhelming win in Iraq or Afghanistan. Time the shift the gears and concentrate in the matters at hand and start taking care of regular folks, ya know the ones that actually pay their fair share of taxes.


And, both Iraq and Afghanistan are asking Russia to step in, which is sure to fray some U.S. military egos.


Trump is only a puppet doing the bidding of his deep state handlers, bankers and warmongers with chief controllers being the state of Israel. His only accomplishments will be more wars, less freedom at home and more misery for the common American people.


I don’t believe that. Trumps character and morals were set long before he even knew what the term deep state meant.


Trump keeps building his White Nationalist Army. His approach is first to divide, then isolate, the people ( of color mostly ) to start the framing of " the other " who aren’t real Americans ( read white ).
Athletes have increasingly become rentals in all professional team sports. They’re being asked to assume the role of mercenaries or paladins. Loyalty, worship of historical franchises and regional honor
and its fans, are now always treading in waters where your old enemy suddenly becomes your team’s best new star. This makes for a perfect swamp in creating heroes and villains, out of a script more in tune with the WWF’s public relations handbook than with true athletic drama around " the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat ". And, Trump’s base are pretty familiar with his penchant to act more like a tacky self-promoter/blowhard than a POTUS. Trump’s love of worship and loyalty, over even the country or the Constitution, shows where his heads at, in this scandalous tacky stuff.
The Land of King Trump has no room for dissenters and traitors. His stupid proclamations and edicts are the rules, the only ones that count. He’s a TV show and a media creation, going for controversy and picking his audience. His zealots/troops, believers of all things, including way over-priced hats, of The U.S.'s Team Trump. You’re either on the team or you’re not. Learn your place, ok.:wink::wink::grinning:
As a white supremacist, powerful national figure and entertainment super star, this all makes sense for a person who’s never been held accountable for anything. Break the law; hey, I’m rich white guy! He’s just another white collar criminal with a Get Out of Jail Free Card. So White & So True Blue USAin.


Alright you sanctimonious Owners

Say it ain’t so…Prove It… Show us you’re not Dirtbags

Colin, the Man, needs a slot

Who is gonna Step Up Now

Or it is true, You’re …


Millions of us should fail to stand for the National Anthem until power is restored to the regular American citizen.