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Led By Bannon, Right-Wing Power Grab Gaining Steam in Executive Branch


Led By Bannon, Right-Wing Power Grab Gaining Steam in Executive Branch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump, chief strategist Steve Bannon, senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, and a select few others are consolidating significant power in the White House, observers warn—setting the stage for what some describe as a coup d'état.


" There is zero room for dissenting opinion."

If the Trump administration is not stopped in its tracks now! It may be too late once the dictator-in-chief consolidates his political power.


Needless to say, this is all being orchestrated by Vladimir Putin. :angry:


Just because it is true that there has been a propaganda campaign against Putin, starting long before Trump, doesn't mean that one should dismiss the dangerous developments detailed in this article.

You seem to be engaging in poor logic.


I wasn't dismissing the article at all. Have you ever heard of sarcasm?


For those on the left, who still don't get the dangerous history unfolding before our eyes, wake the hell up already.

It is time that we lay aside some differences held between Stein, Sanders, and yes Clinton supporters and unite against this raging tide of fascism.

I'm speaking to myself here as well.


What about Trump being better on "trade?" Or him wanting to negotiate drug prices? Those were some of the compelling reasons progressives noted for having Trump assume power over that dastardly neolib Clinton. Can we admit our massive case of projection yet? After all, this just happened:

And this just a couple days ago:

And Steve Bannon's religious war may be on the docket:

We need Congress in 2018. Bad. Sanders ain't going to win in my district, but a business-owning Democrat nearly did a few years back. I'll be walking for him this time if I need to.


If you engage in sarcasm in any social sphere where not every member of such sphere would by familiarity know where sarcasm is coming from, you should expect someone might not get that sarcasm.

You don't understand the nature and potential pitfalls of the use of sarcasm yet?

All you had to do was simply point out that you were being sarcastic.

You might have missed the fact that I accounted for a possible misunderstanding of your intent by my use of the English words constructed phrase "you seem to".


A more diabolical, demented duet has never occupied the White House in our history. And their puppet masters (Putin and Nethanyahu) are thrilled at the prospect of a wide open, unrestricted access to any and all territories they covet. Tillerson will facilitate their empire-building as long as he and ExxonMobil profit greatly from it. Meanwhile the Saudis (and Bibi) are waiting in the wings for T-dump to level Iran (Arabs vs Persians) so they can pick through the rubble and take in the spoils.

Welcome to Hell!


So what you are saying is that the Shadow Government has changed and those from the former Shadow Government are being shut out? There is going to be a new ignorant, racist, in your face power struggle.

I for one and sick and tired of all the shadow power players pulling the strings of politicians and Presidents.

So it a coup against former power and new power brokers neither who worked for we the people. Just saying!


Well said. This is a big deal.


Wow. I am humbled and embarrassed by your razor sharp criticism. Thanks for straightening me out.

BTW, I have observed cases when sarcasm was either inappropriately or just plain badly employed, leading to confused and angry responses to the complete opposite point that the poster was trying to make. No such responses to me yet though. Just sayin'


I think it has bee n rational to conclude for some time that a Deep State has been fractured, some interested in continuing a public State of inverted totalitarianism, and another faction interested in full on out in the open Fascism, utilizing in the near term all of the elements thus aligned for an operational totalitarian State.

For those on the left that think this might be advantageous to their cause, well we shall find out after multiple assaults on our freedoms have been levied.

A very big crack down on freedoms may well be in store, and in fairly short order.

I don't think it is at all rational to fear this might come to pass.

Will their be massive resistance? Yes.

Is it time to lay aside greivances and unite against this dangerous tide? Hell yes!


Oh go cluck yourself.


Enough you two. What a stupid thing to take up your time.


Nah, Russia is too busy killing people in Ukraine right now. They already have their man in the WH.


Goodness gracious me!


The government has been quietly passing laws for years that take away at the constitutional rights of the citizens of the US (NDAA.) Given the actions during and since the "election"-- fraud that took place during the Democratic primary.. the allegations of fraud during the presidential election.. the refusal of the government to do a recount... fake news... the absolute chaos since Trump was elected and sworn in.

Was it all leading up to this? Are we finally witnessing the End Game?


As you pointed out in a previous post, Psy-Chick, we need to "lay aside some differences" and unite to fight the ginger chimp's contempt for all others, his criminal manipulations and outright fascism - it seems to me an artificial and unnecessary argument between you and @ArchStanton - we do have bigger fish to fry than squabbling among ourselves, when we are much more than not united in common purpose........just sayin.


This is nazism rising. It is that simple.

Across all western democracies right-leaning governments have spent the last 15 years passing legislation that bit by bit has removed civil liberties, copying actions in the USA, all in order to "fight terrorism". In most countries very few people have tried to stop this. Now the extreme right has come to power in the USA and is quite obviously brushing aside civll institutions in support of a junta centred on Herr Twittler. The USA is now getting what it has enforced in the past on countries such as Chile.

There are now numerous extreme right/nazi groups sprouting in most western democracies, encouraged by the USAian example.

One can only hope that the USAian tradition of bloody-mindedness against a former "tyrant" comes to the fore, but without bloodshed this time.